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Keeping Stress in Check!

We’ve all seen load-limit signs on highways, bridges, and elevators. Knowing that too much strain can cause severe damage or complete collapse, engineers determine the exact amount of stress various materials and manufactured items can safely endure. Posted warnings tell us not to exceed the maximum load. Human beings also have their load limits, which […]

Jesse L: My Journey to Faith

“I’m lost. I’m in need of help. I can’t do this on my own.” – Those are the words of Jesse’s first prayer to the Lord. Watch and listen to Jesse’s story, as he shares how God transformed him after a crushing set of news and how he journeyed with God to faith.

Hate waiting?

Hate waiting? Share with us why you feel this way! Is it the heat, the nerves or the plain ol’ annoyance? We’d like to hear about it! ]