Why I Gravitated Towards BTS’s Music

Screenshot taken from BTS ‘IDOL’ Official Video

Written By Sharon Lee, Malaysia, originally in Simplified Chinese

My favorite K-pop boyband BTS has just released a new album. I was really excited to hear that they’ve set another record with the music video of their latest single, “Idol”. The video racked up over 50 million views within a day of its release—the highest hits for any YouTube video over a 24-hour period!

BTS’s latest record-breaking feat led me to ponder on the reasons behind their success. Why are so many people—including myself—drawn towards their music? After much thought, I concluded that BTS means so much to me because I identify with the issues their music addresses—especially the feelings of insecurity and uncertainty in our yearning for love and significance. Their songs remind me of a time when I was grappling with these emotions.

When I was younger, I was often troubled by issues relating to relationships and the future. When the time came for me to pursue a university education, I left the comfort of home for a foreign land and enrolled in a course of study that did not suit me. I also encountered conflicts in my friendships and experienced an emotional breakdown for the first time.

At that time, the future looked bleak and there seemed to be no way out of my struggles. I couldn’t understand what I was doing. Moreover, my mother had fallen ill and I was really worried about her condition. When I was alone at night, I would often think about everything that had gone wrong in my life and it brought me a lot of pain.

In an attempt to seek security and approval from others, I often frequented bars and night clubs, and had casual flings, just so I could numb the emptiness within. I also desired to live a life of significance—but my life showed no signs of moving in that direction. As a result, I drowned my insecurities and helplessness with these distractions.

However, my attempts to escape my feelings of emptiness and loneliness were futile. Instead, I felt emptier and lonelier within.

Just as I was about to hit my breaking point, God found me. One of my seniors at university shared the Gospel with me and brought me to church. At that time, I thought that church was dull and felt annoyed by my senior’s constant attempts to get me to attend church. But instead of avoiding her, I somehow found myself accepting her invitations and even started sharing my struggles with her.

I attended church and cell group regularly for two years, but nothing in my life changed. Looking back, I can see now that God has His perfect timing—but at that time, I grew even more frustrated with my life.

One day, my senior invited me to watch an Easter musical in church. Little did I know that God would change my life through this musical.

The musical was about a girl who tried to run away from God and became entangled in sin. But in spite of all that, God never stopped pursuing her and showing her how much He loves her. I felt extremely touched and couldn’t stop crying as I watched the different scenes unfold.

Somehow, the realization hit me that all these while, God knew my deepest emotions—my grievances, struggles, insecurities, sadness, and self-loathing—and understood them completely. Every line and song resonated with me deeply as my heart began to experience rest. My eyes were finally opened to the way out of my sorrows and predicament—Jesus Christ.

After I came to know Christ, I often wondered what would have happened if I had not turned to Him—would I still be attempting to escape and numb my feelings? What would my life be like if God had not found me and turned it around?

There is no doubt that BTS’s songs are empowering and inspiring, but nothing compares to the perfect love which only God can give. I had looked to so many things to fill the void in my heart, but all of them paled in comparison to that moment when His love awakened and overwhelmed me during the musical. That was what motivated me to leave my old ways behind and start my life afresh with the hope I now have.

Life is a crossroad, with many possible options that may lead us into unknown destinations. But I know that the God who loves me is walking with me. There will be times when I will be afraid, insecure and feel like giving up, but I can persevere and keep going because He is with me. Wherever life’s circumstances may lead me, God is the lamp onto my feet and the light onto my path (Psalm 119:105). I am not alone, and I will never have to face any struggles in life on my own again.

Every time I feel down and lonely, and reach out to BTS’s songs to draw strength, I remind myself to first turn to God’s Word and hear what He has to say to me. If you are facing similar struggles, and have been looking to the things of this world—whether it’s music, TV shows, or alcohol—for comfort, will you consider giving God a chance to speak into your life?

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  1. Stella Lu
    Stella Lu says:

    Wow this is so encouraging, I struggle with this too. My parents don’t like me listening to kpop because my father(who is a chinese pastor) doesn’t like the way BTS wears makeup. Everyday I’m trying to think up ways to convince him that kpop isn’t a bad thing, BTS isn’t just “music kids listen to these days.” I hope that before I try to find comfort in my friends or BTS I turn to God first.

  2. Lala
    Lala says:

    Hey guys! I am looking to start a prayer group focusing on people who love kpop and our kpop stars. Of course this group is not exclusive; anyone can join whether you like kpop or not because we all need the benefit of prayers, but my hope for this prayer group is for us kpop fans who struggle with depression, temptations, knowing God’s will, and how our love for kpop can serve his purpose. The motive is to have a core group to keep each other encouraged in Christ and to seek Him in the midst of our love for kpop (how can it serve His purpose). I am a fan of BTS too, and I struggle with prioritizing my faith many times because their music is great and I am tempted to make them my anchor. They are amazing, and my desire is for them to be used by God in his purpose. I would love to reach out to you. Please email me at laland3333333@gmail.com, and we will get in touch. Be blessed, be encouraged and know that Christ loves you!

  3. Mera
    Mera says:

    in many of their MV I saw many conspiracy messages and symbolism like eye of horus,666 symbol,ambigram texts holding secret messages and I also saw RM wearing “human control system” jacket that have hermaphroditic images on it as u know he is atheist ..am really confused what do u think about zis? Please let me know

  4. Maria
    Maria says:

    It’s ok to like BTS but make sure God is always your first because when you die you will be judge by God and not by BTS .


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