Letter To My Younger Self

We’re all on a quest to discover who we are. It’s a journey that has taken us to new places and given us new experiences. But have we found the answers we need?

This month’s Theme: Journey to Self-discovery

Topics to explore: Purpose, Identity, Leisure, Work, problems (emotional: insecurities, mental: anxiety/OCD/depression, physical, psychological), goals, dreams, uncertainty/worry about the future (among millennials in developed countries), temptations, fleshly lusts, self-branding/self-esteem, finances, pressures, failed jobs, approval, loss, suffering, pain, hope for future, responding to tragedies, living out identity as Christians, value of self, getting validation from social media, societal pressure to do well, child of God, exercise/health

Next month’s Theme: Ask The Why. Know Your Purpose

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