US Election Results: Letter to All American Christian Voters

️Photo by : Blake Wisz
Written By Jenna Wiley, USA

Dear Fellow American Christian Voter:

I’ve never liked division.

Wanting to put my dislike of math to the test, I recently watched a short video on the basics of long division. The warm feeling of elementary school nostalgia quickly turned to horror as the second step of the equation approached, dropping down numbers from random places and adding in some zeros with no rationale (this may be my interpretation).

I stopped the video at 1 minute and 59 seconds.

Division separates the bigger number into smaller parts.

Division slices the pizza into 8 pieces, obliging you to share.

Division splits the possessions of two people who decide to go their separate ways when they find their marriage isn’t working out.

Division cuts food down into serving sizes, reducing the enjoyment of eating greatly.

I don’t like division.

Unfortunately, over the past year, slicing up pizza into too-small serving sizes have been the least of my worries when it comes to division.

I have watched the American people break apart into smaller, weaker, angrier units. Many of us have pulled away from each other and into our own corners, dukes up, ready to fight.

Over controversial issues. Over political parties. Over Presidential candidates.

The division that has broken my heart most of all, however, is the division within the Christian community over this election.

I have read of battles between family members carried out on social media, and of words exchanged that I would never repeat. Jesus followers have accused and called each other names, and relationships have been broken over this election.

It has been messy.

So now, the election is over. Trump won and you could be experiencing a variety of emotions. Maybe you’re overjoyed because your candidate is now the President of the United States. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with anger and fear, believing that we are in what you would call a “nightmare” situation. Or maybe you’re a little like me—wondering how we even got to this point in the first place.

The brokenness of the world shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but as believers, there needs to come a time when we choose to rise above it and refuse to allow the world to divide us any longer.

Many of us have spent the past year trying to point others to the candidate of our choosing. We have been sharing articles, debating, and researching, in an effort to convince others why our opinion is the right one. We have tried to point people to our view of the “right” way for the past few months.

But now that the decision is made, the only person we should be pointing others to is Jesus.

For He is the only one who can fix us, mend us, and make us stand united as brothers and sisters in Christ.

He is in control and He is sovereign, and as His people we need to put aside our differences on the issues that divide us and the opinions that segregate us.

This is not to say we have to agree on everything. We never will.

But we can choose to love one another the way Jesus loves us. We can choose to trust Him in the midst of fear and in times of uncertainty. We can choose to join hands with people who share differing opinions, yet share the greatest common denominator of all: a place in the family of Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we can cling to the One who is faithful and keeps every promise to His children. We can cling to each other instead of pushing each other away.

We are in this together. We can allow division to break us down into smaller, separate pieces, or we can allow our Savior to unite us in spite of our differences.

Dear Fellow Christian Democrat, Republican, Libertarian . . . we have the next four years—and until the day Jesus comes back—to use our lives to point others to Christ.

Let’s link hands and walk forward together. Let’s live in love, show grace, and be a light to a world in darkness.

Let’s fight against division and show the world what unity in Christ looks like.

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  1. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    You’re ignoring that Christians actively endorsed a candidate on a platform built of hate in order to gain political power- and it worked. Christians who voted for trump have hurt the American churches witness to the vulnerable communities that their candidate attacked.

    • J
      J says:

      Or, perhaps many Christians felt the other candidate was even worse, and they did not vote at all, or they voted for this one with as much fear as not voting? We are not cookie cutter people. Please don’t lump us together. We are individuals with our own reasons for everything we do.

    • Woke
      Woke says:

      Come on every political party and the Us government has always neglected the marginalized. How about instead of accusing and I during your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (as if your judge and jury) you encourage, bring about healing and forgive others. I’m not even sure they need to be forgiven but holding resentment toward one another does nothing but hardened your own hear and make its harder for you to love your fellow man! Stay woke

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Amen! I watched as Christian brothers and Christ argued and pointed fingers at each other over this election. I watched as people tried to defend what they thought was better and more right for the fate of our country. My question is…Would Jesus be smiling at us for our actions? Was this pointing fingers behavior pleasing to Jesus? Did it glorify Him or enhance our testimony of Him outward to others? The answer is No to all of those questions, and infact is a very bad model of how Christians should be behaving. I agree whole-heartily with this article our mission should be sharing the light of Jesus, regardless of what political party we belong to or not.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    Without division, there will be no life!
    Cells divide to grow and to heal.
    Division is always a part of creation.
    It is part of the fundamental laws of the universe.
    His laws.
    Don’t be myopic!

  4. kelly VanKley
    kelly VanKley says:

    Jenna, you have expressed what needs to be expressed. We have all been in the place of being disappointed and happy with election results. That is so short term, the feelings won’t last long. We DO need to unite to do things that are important in this world, to show the love of Jesus….to everyone, not just those we agree with.

  5. Mrs P
    Mrs P says:

    Thank you for expressing what should and needs to be said. This is exactly why when the crowds wanted to make Jesus King, he fled. His example was one of neutrality, not of taking sides. His actions matched his words, thus the reason the only kingdom(government) he ever spoke of, taught, supported, and encouraged others to do the same was: God’s kingdom. He was well aware that had Adam and Eve not disobeyed there would be no division, no ra is, no competition, no voting, no death. We would all be living under God’s rule just the way he intended. Satan was the reason for causing division and doubt, planting seeds of doubt in their minds, telling them independence from God was much better. Well, look where it’s gotten us. Jer. 10:23 candidly tells us man is not created with the power to direct our steps. If we really believe that God’s kingdom is the only solution to earth’s affairs, shouldn’t we be supporting that one? Are we making him compete for what’s already his?

  6. Ray
    Ray says:

    there are many divisive issues that need resolving and there are just as many divisive resolutions. we need to admit that the resolutions we support and the political candidates we support are what is right for us not what is right. i know it is hard to be objective when discussing inflammatory issues such as gay rights (wrongs) or putting up a wall to keep illegal immigrants and drugs out. these issues make us feel uncomfortable and threatened. but the truth is it not about us its about God and His righteous plan for humanity. God’s plan will be fulfilled regardless of whose in the white house.


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