POEM: What is Life?


Written By Reuben Teo, Singapore

What is life but
Strolling, trotting, jogging, racing,
Talking, laughing, sighing, crying,
Schooling, working, loving, bearing,
Caring, tearing, daring, sharing,

Seeing, playing, gaming, singing,
Listening, speaking, giving, receiving,
Reading, watching, leading, solving,
Calling, following, fighting, serving,
But life is dying in the end.

But life is full of seeking, searching,
For truth that ever is evading,
And few are they that can clearly gaze
On how Truth can cause life to change.

For them, what is life but
Walking, talking, caring, sharing,
Being there for laughing and crying.
Schooling, working, loving, bearing,
Following what they call a higher calling.

Singing, speaking, reading, gaming,
Always giving rather than receiving,
Serving till life is seeping,
Slowly leaving, dying…
But such lives do not end with death.

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