Poem: The Road Less Traveled On

The-Road-Less-Traveled-On (post)

Written By Joawen Ho, Singapore

Bright and shiny, He promised so,
Onward on the narrow road.
I did not know what lay ahead,
But still I pushed forth through the dawn
On the road less traveled on.

A little nagging voice whispered, scorned,
“Aye, there is no one here you know.”
Cringing, shivering, I toed along
On the endless path of no return.
“What if there is no light ahead?”
Oh, wondering and wandering,
Joy dimming, hope waning,
On the road less traveled on.

Heavy-laden, still trudging on,
No shoulders here to lean upon.
“Who is here to journey along, and
Why do others walk this road no more?”
I limp on because He beckons so,
“Oh, have faith and trust Me so!”
The strengthened knees continue
On the road less traveled on.

Worn and torn, tired and sore,
But the battle’s won!
The dark journey’s gone!
Now He calls me into Heaven’s home
At the end of the road less traveled on.

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