Poem: Confessions of a Video Gamer


Written By Reuben Teo, Singapore

It seemed to be an obvious choice,
Better than all the other juvenile toys.
Satisfaction came quick, as excitement did
And so it planted a little seed.

But what began in innocence
Became fruits that only poisoned me.

Just another level to play,
Just another retry to save the day.
Just another mission to run
Because everyday has to end with fun.

Just another battle to fight
Cos this ain’t the right time to die.
Respawns take time that you won’t find
Therefore, look sharp, keep foes, not friends, in sight.

Just another multiplayer free-for-all
Don’t focus on the time, just give it your all
Don’t listen to the sermon, it was boring anyway, so just play,
So that at the end of the game, only you stand tall.

Just another game to play
Just another game of saving the day
Just another game–it’s not about fun
It’s about playing until the dawning of the sun.

So what begins in innocence
Becomes trees that leech the life from me.

It really was an obvious choice
Yes, better than all juvenile toys.
But no satisfaction comes from it now, only desire
To plant other small and deadly seeds.

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