Can I Be A Christian K-Pop Fan?

Written By Lee Soo Yi, Malaysia, originally in Simplified Chinese

In 2007, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of K-Pop and it changed my life—I was in my third year in high school then. I bought into everything about K-Pop: the dashing good looks of the stars, their trendy dress sense, amazing vocals, and smooth dance moves. Just like that, I became a K-Pop fan.

I was obsessed with the hip-hop boyband, Big Bang. Besides spending a lot of money on their albums, merchandise, and concerts, I could go on and on with my friends on how good-looking they were. In university, I even spent almost 7000 NT (which is equivalent to approximately 216 USD) to watch their performance. I still remember that night vividly: the mood was exuberant, spirits were exceptionally high and everyone was singing and screaming to their hearts’ content. It was as though we didn’t have a care in the world. From that point onwards, I fell deeper and deeper into my obsession with K-Pop, or Big Bang, in specific.

I could not go on for a day without checking my phone for updates on Big Bang. I was constantly listening to their songs and regularly surfing their fan forums for the latest details about their lives. I was even called the “K-Pop Encyclopedia” because I knew every nitty gritty detail about K-Pop. And that went on till my second year in university, when I made a commitment to re-dedicate my life to God.   

Initially, I was extremely passionate about my faith. I cut down my contact with anything pertaining to K-Pop because I wanted to focus wholeheartedly on the person of Christ. But it didn’t last long. Gradually, my zeal started to subside and before I knew it, K-Pop took over my life again.

But this time, I struggled. In a bid to reconcile my faith with my interest, I decided to approach my church leaders with this question, “Can Christians be K-Pop fans?” They explained to me that it was fine to appreciate the beauty of Korean culture. However, we must be careful not to blindly idolize the Korean superstars such that they replace God’s place in my heart. While their statements made sense, I had no idea what it meant in the practical sense. To what extent then could I admire them? Could I still buy their albums, attend their concerts or fan meets? If their lives and actions were contrary to God’s Word, could I still like their songs?

So I continued to struggle whenever it involved a choice between God and Big Bang, such as, whether to attend church or their concert if it was held on a Sunday. I also found myself struggling to set aside time to read God’s Word and pray when what I really wanted to do was to watch their latest music video.

Deep down, I knew that Big Bang had slowly replaced God’s place in my heart and this could not carry on for any longer. While I knew what the right thing to do was, I struggled immensely. It was during this time that I decided to take these actions:


1. Pray to God.

I was trapped by my addiction to K-Pop and try as I might, I was unable to control myself and I did not know how to get out of it. That’s when I decided to turn to God in prayer and entrust all my concerns and struggles to Him. I asked Him to free me from my addiction to K-Pop and help me find true satisfaction in Him. I also prayed for wisdom to discern what I should and should not do as a K-Pop fan.


2. Acknowledge that K-Pop stars are just like each one of us.

It is alright for Christians to have hobbies, likes and dislikes. We tend to admire, like or notice those who are better than us or who are exceptionally talented. But the Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that God created man in His image—this applies to K-Pop stars too. They are created in God’s image and like us, are normal human beings (the sole difference being that they are public figures) and have failings. Once I acknowledged this truth, I was able to view them with the right perspective and not overly exalt them. It is not right to elevate any person or object to the status of God, unwittingly or not. As Exodus 20:3 tells us, God alone is worthy of the highest place in our hearts. He is the only one worthy of our wholehearted devotion and the only One who can satisfy our hearts like no other.


3. Make my interest count for God.

Initially, I tried to go cold turkey on everything that had the slightest association to K-Pop. I treated it as though it were a heinous sin. However, doing so only brought me great anguish and despair. One day, I had a sudden thought to pray to God and ask Him to give me wisdom to use this interest in a way that could serve Him. The thing is, I’m not exactly a relational person, much less one who would approach a stranger to share the gospel with him or her. But I was tasked by my church leaders to be involved in youth work and that required me to go out of my comfort zone.

Initially, I had no idea how to start. But when I realized that a lot of young people like K-Pop, this interest of mine turned out to be a great conversation starter and bridge for me to establish rapport, and eventually share the gospel with them. This led me to the important realization that anything can be used for God’s work—even K-Pop. But here’s a caveat: I’m not saying that everything about K-Pop is permissible in light of the gospel. We still need to bear in mind 1 Corinthians 10:23 which says, “‘I have the right to do anything,’ you say—but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’—but not everything is constructive.” It was only when I depended on God that I was finally able to see my K-Pop interest from God’s perspective.


4. Deliberately set aside time to spend with God.

Aside from asking for God’s help to curb our obsession, we can take other practical steps to guard our hearts. One way is to limit the usage of our mobile devices and instead, to spend time outdoors to admire His creation, reflect on His Word and on our lives. Let’s heed the call from James 4:8, “Come near to God and He will come near to you.” I came to realize that drawing near to God brings unparalleled joy and peace to my heart, which I will never experience—no matter how many concerts I attend. It is only when we grow in intimacy with God that we will learn to be less anxious and less tempted by the things of the world.


5. Pray for your favorite K-Pop star.

Like I mentioned earlier, K-Pop stars are humans too. They are weak and they need God as much as we do. So let’s pray earnestly and fervently for them that they too would come to know our great God so that they can be a light shining for Him. In the earlier days, I remember being very encouraged by Big Bang’s member, Tae Yang, who would publicly profess his Christian faith at his shows. And I’m sure I was not the only fan to feel that way. In light of this, let’s pray for the stars we like, that they would come to know God, reflect His beauty and goodness in and through their lives so that others would see and come to know God personally.


I’m thankful to God for knowing my difficulties and struggles and for drawing me out of my obsession to K-Pop. While I’m still very much a fan of K-Pop, especially Big Bang, I no longer obsess over them like I used to or feel uneasy if I don’t watch their music videos every day. Instead, what causes me uneasiness is when I don’t read God’s Word or spend time with Him.

Deep down, I know for a fact that God alone is the Lord of my life and nothing can take His place.  

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  1. Ope O
    Ope O says:

    This is so trur and relatable. Thank you so much for sharing. Love how you have practical help which I believe can not only be applications to K-Pop but other addictions as well.

  2. Perdi
    Perdi says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! I used to be an obsessed kpop fan myself but when I re-dedicated my life to God, I fell even more in love with Him than any kpop idol. Will share this 🙂

    • Denisha
      Denisha says:

      I am really glad to see these much people came back to God..but wat my point is that we shouldnt think about ourselves and be happy for relieving from sin but then we should definitly pray for everyone of them who are addicted like us how we were before..Because God really wants us to do that..when u pray daily for the addicted fans and idols i really hope that atleast one soul in the world will realize their sins and find a way to come back to me if u do so Our Father will definitly be proud of u and will always be with u.
      Hope u all will pray for them daily without fail!!!

  3. Kezia
    Kezia says:

    Hi and thanks for sharing! I used to like KPop a whole lot, but then that died down. But now I’m currently reading a lot of manga, or japanese comics, and somehow it’s kind of like an addiction. Is there perhaps a way to be a Christian manga reader? It’s quite different in some ways than this because they’re not real. If you could make an article about it, that would be great, thanks!

    • Zig
      Zig says:

      I would really recommend Manga Messiah! And the rest of them, six in total. It’s made by New Life Ministries, who is a Bible production company, and who does amazing work throughout the world in closed countries. And every page of the Manga books has references to the Bible, so it’s possible to check everything! Amazing books!

  4. Myra
    Myra says:

    Wow, i’ve been purposefully searching for this. I had this thought for about 3 years. I would never reveal this is person and even now, I’m embarrassed to type this…I came into college giving my life to Christ and I’ve enjoyed being a born again Christian. I learned the challenges and resistance and ignorance I had in those times. I had my sisters to support me in my walk as a Christian. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a SNSD and 2PM, Cabi Song that I clicked on another Youtube video and it led to another and things spiraled down from there. I was hooked to Kpop. The idols just looked so pretty and perfect. I didn’t even really like their singing at first as I was used to soulful, powerhouse, signature voices of America. But I still watched SNSD videos because of the aesthetics and slowly got hooked to Kpop’s style of light, high-pitched, cheery voices. Now, I feel like I’m in a more dangerous place because there seems to be more talent than ever before at this time in KPOP. I found myself spiraling from group to group to group. I still remember it. It was SNSD, then 2PM, then MBLAQ, then B2ST, then Big Bang, then a never ending string of bands I got hooked to because of variety shows or Tumblr: 2NE1, KARA, Sistar, BAP, Block B, BTS, Got7 then back to BTS and BlackPink. Now I’m at a point where I wish to be skinny like the idols (I used to think Yoona was way too skinny and now I think she is the embodiment of perfection). I’m even inventing ideas in my head on what life would be like if I were an idol in their world. I know this isn’t what God wants for me because I’m even making up fantasies of my bias, Park Jimin (and other biases I had before him). I’m lusting…The scary part is how real and detailed they can be. I’ve read fanfic of my biases to spend time and could spend hours watching Bangtan Bomb videos, Crack videos and FMVs. I’m ashamed because I know that people won’t see God in the things I do. My heart is idolizing other humans. My heart is wanting pretty things and I feel empty because I know I can’t have or be near the pretty things I see. Then at times, I think I felt self-hatred because I wasn’t born asian (this is the sad part because I should love the life God gave me. I hope you understand I know that it’s crazy to think or feel this way). It’s horrible. I see the unhealthy side of this to the extreme. I am left feeling depressed and empty after watching videos of BTS having a great time or having fun. I tried thinking that they are humans who can still be dissatisfied with their Kpop idol life. I had a craving to be a part of their world. I felt as though I could relate or connect with them more. Even writing this all down, I feel ashamed because I stopped going to church as I would complain about not sleeping enough the night before or just wanting to curl in bed and watch Kpop videos. My close friend knew I was into KPOP. But then I made it seem to her that I got over it by not listening to it out loud or mentioning it, period. All because i felt like I was obsessing over them at this point. I love Kpop so much…to the point that I wish it didn’t exist so that I wouldn’t be so obsessed. My standards of beauty are more in the belief of Kpop beauty standards than God’s beauty standards. I feel as though I am wasting my time away. Like i could be out there studying hard for college finals rather than gushing over Jimin in videos. Or like I could be volunteering at a shelter and discovering a new side of me rather than reading fanfics. Or developing a better person in God rather than lusting after Jimin in the middle of the night. I really want to let go. I guess I have to slowly delete my accounts (I even wrote a fanfic that became popular. I realize I am leading other ASTRAY). I will definitely follow the steps you took. If possible, i hope you pray for me. I do want God to say “well done” at the end of my life. Thank you again for this.

    • Ruth
      Ruth says:

      Hey Myra,
      I totally understand. My bias is jimin too, and I’ve also gotten really into k dramas.

      The one thing that you should start with is reading the Bible. I got the youversion app on my phone and Im doing the Bible in a year plan. At first you just rush and read the verses and devotionals but then you start to realize how much your thoughts have changed. I also added a few Christian songs in my phone amongst the Korean ones that I really like. One’s a Christmas song lol (Mary did you know by cee lo green) and the others are from playlists I found somewhere (hillsongs zion album is reaaally good and I also like needtobreath’s new music). I hope this helped <3 and sorry for the poor grammar (I'm on my phone and cba to go back through and change it) x

    • R
      R says:

      Hello, Myra! First of all I would like to apologize in advance for my poor grammar since english is not my primary language. So, you know I am very much like everyone who commented here. I spent so much time watching their videos, listening to their songs, tweeting about them, I could even go a day without taking a bath and just watching them. Until one day I attended their concert but since I’m poor, I can only afford an Upperbox ticket and so I wasn’t able to see Jimin clearly. I was left so heartbroken that day and I came up with a plan.. to save money and attend any fanmeet, music show or fansign in korea to see Jimin up close. But since I’m poor, when I got a huge amount of money from my work, I hesitated. I really want to see Jimin, but in my early Christian days, when I am still so in love with the Lord, I don’t save. I never save money. God will always reveal to me to give it away. And so when I receive my pay for my work, I really hesitated to save it for Jimin. I mean, I could help my poor family a lot with it. so i decided to just give it away to my family for our needs rather than save it for Jimin. I decided to give my dream (an earthly one yes, to see an artist. but you know, as I pray and seek God I have realized that God doesn’t despise earthly desires. BUT WE HAVE TO DELIGHT IN HIM. Delight in doing the will of God and let Him be the one to give it to us.) when I gave it to God I realized that I prayed more and more to Him since He’s the only One able to give my dream to me. But as I do so, God also used this dream of mine to make me closer to Him again. I cannot go on a day without His word or presence. I feel more desire towards praying to God and reading his word than spazzing about BTS. Now, although I still pray to God about wanting to see JIMIN in person, I had a change of heart in a sense that I realized that it is more satisfying to see GOD rather than him fulfilling this dream of mine. I dont know how to say it but I think my dream became of God. I can now go a day without watching them and listening to their music or spazzing about them. I no longer lust after them. I still want to see them, out of pure admiration and curiosity. But I no longer sin because of them. I realized that when we give our dreams to God, our desires to God, our passions to God, He gives us HIS BEST. Now I sometimes feel sad, because God may fulfill my dream when it is no longer my dream. I mean God may allow me to see Jimin when I don’t stan them anymore, or He may allow me to see Jimin while I’m still their fan, but one thing’s for sure, God will give His best if you give it all to God and that our FATHER GOD’s HEART is so good and can be trusted. ♥
      So to make it short, I think we should give it all to God. Not try to overcome it on our own strength, trying and trying but always failing. We should come to GOD as we are and let him do the changing. we should pray and cry for help because we don’t have the power to change ourselves and save ourselves. It is HIM alone who can do it. We should seek who GOD really is.. because when we see God as He is, the Good God He is, the LOVE he lavishes on us regardless of our sins, we become more and more satisfied in Him. Pray that the Lord open your eyes to who He really is. How delighting it is to be in His presence, how fulfilling His love is. BUT I ALSO WANT YOU TO KNOW BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE, YOU ARE FORGIVEN AND RIGHTEOUS IN GOD’S EYES BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST. YOU HAVE TO THROW THAT CONDEMNATION AWAY AND REPEAT THIS “FACT” (because this is the truth and not what you feel) UNTIL YOUR HEART BELIEVES IT.
      REPEAT THE TRUTH THAT YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST. HE LOVES YOU. HE FORGAVE YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL. YOUR SINS OF THE PAST AND THE FUTURE. NOTHING CAN CUT YOU OFF FROM GOD’S FAMILY. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. When you realize that God isn’t mad at you. That He delights in you and cares about EVERYTHING about you, you will come to Him, just as you are. And when you see Him as He REALLY is, this is what will bring about a change of heart.

      Let’s pray:

      Father God, my sister in Christ is under the enemy’s many lies to keep her away from you rather than run to you. Let us see You in Your true goodness and your love that you lavishes upon us, so that we may be glad in all of our days. Open our eyes to see how forgiven we are and to see what You have overcome for us to give us YOUR BEST. Thank you for you everlasting love and forgiveness. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

      PS. you can send me an email thru if you want someone to talk to. I would like to be friends with you my sister in Christ! ♥

    • R
      R says:

      Do you have kakao? Please do contact me and maybe we can talk about Christ and share our burdens.. ♥
      thats my kakao ID 🙂

    • Cutie
      Cutie says:

      Hello Myra! I am a BTS fan and I am so obssesed with them and I realky want them to see them in Heaven and so that we can add some more people to know God and I think God will be happy to see that BTS know him and I really want you guys pray for them too. I am so supportive to them and Bit by bit I am roking myself going back to Christ and I wish that BTS….to see them in heaven to be friends with them……..can you guys help me out and pray for them too? I would like it to be appreciated

      My story:
      It all started that i watched all of their MV’s I saw them on my friends phone and I watched them then I really watched already all of their videos and even made an acc and Yes my Bias is Jimin and Then a half of a Year later I felt empty and like soemone id pushing me to BTS and I really want them but I know its bad to Idolize them so I just pray for them to Know God so that I could see them in heaven too..Isn’t it good to see someone you prayed and they know God and you are do happy but I wish that works so please pray for them and work with me praying for them And I cried because I dont know what to do I really love them and I know I have to get back to Christ so I made a plan that i would just treat BTS like a Human too and Make them be a Follower of Jesus and see them in Heaven and that would be awesome and I am also working bit by bit to get far away from them and I know i reallt cant get away from them until now I watch their videos but I know that my obsession to them will also fade away If I prayed to God so I am working on it and my Plan is to make them a Follower so I hope that may work and make that plan Acconplished but I cant do it alone I want you also guys to pray for them too..And I would really appreciate that if that plan works. And we might not know they are already worshipping God!. pray for them Guys

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      I can relate to everything you said(well not typically said but typed) especially when you said you wished you were skinny like them
      I thought it would be better if I would cut myself totally from it but that didn’t help
      I used to be obsessed just like you.
      But through praying and reading I realized I can get through it (even though I still am working on my weakness of spending hours thinking about them BTS)
      Thank you for sharing your experience that way I can feel more encouraged to help others.

    • Summer
      Summer says:

      Hi Myra,
      I hope this message finds you well. I understand what you are going through completely. Lusting, and reading fanfics, obsessing over their mvs and their looks, to the point where they take God’s place in my heart, and I start to push Him away. I have gone through exactly that. First, watch this video by Michael Chriswell, this message really opened my eyes and showed me things I did not know before:

      I see you deeply regret and recognize that these are sins. That is the first step. What you truly need to do, is stop living in sin, and have Faith in God. what you are doing is living in sin, you are relishing in it. You are frustrated, angry, and disappointed with yourself because of this sin. If you are still like this, even after you “gave your life to Christ” and “born again”, you never were born again. The Spirit of Jesus Christ was never in you. John 14:23-24 says, “Jesus answered him, ‘If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. Whoever does not love me does not keep my words…”

      Living in this sin, in our case, obsessing and lusting over kpop, is not keeping God’s words. The Spirit of God is not in you. If His Spirit is in you, you will not live in sin. To truly be born again, humble yourself before God and cry out to him, ask HIM to save you, understand that YOU cannot save yourself, YOU cannot earn salvation, that is an evil thought. Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a relationship built on Faith. Only through the blood of Jesus, the sacrifice that he made in taking the wrath of God for our sins in our place, can you be saved. Acts 2:21 “And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Call on His name, repent and ask for forgiveness. Know that God WANTS to save you, God wants to forgive you, and God wants to love you. Humble yourself, and accept him. Have FAITH in God, have faith that he has saved you. This is so important.

      Forgiving yourself is also important. Withholding forgiveness of yourself, is just as evil as not forgiving other people. Pray to God, read his word, forgive yourself with His help, and ask Him to save you from the life of sin.
      Living a life without sin does not mean you cannot sin occationally. You will still slip up and sin occationally, but when you do, if you are born again, you will feel horrible and repent and stop doing it. You will learn to become more diserning and more sensitive, and you will sin less because you hate sin. If you continue doing it without repenting, you are not born again, and you will therefore go to Hell.

      I am in the same boat as you, I still have much to learn and grow in my walk with Christ, but these are the first steps into knowing if you are truly born again; to free yourself from a life of sin. I pray you are doing well and I hope this helps anyone who comes across this comment. God bless you!

    • V
      V says:

      Hi everyone!
      First of all, I would just like to say that you cannot ‘plan’ changing one’s religion. I’m not a Christian, but I study at a Christian school and I respect every religion. Planning to make BTS followers of your religion just so you can Meet them in heaven is crazy. They come from a different side of the world. Their beliefs aren’t like us, like you, and we should except that diversity. Second, humans cannot be equivalent to God. If you idiolize them, that just means you like Their music and the way they look and act. But let me tell you one Thing, it’s all marketed. The Korean entertainment industry works that way. They are designed to make you feel attracted, and there is nothing wrong with that. I read your comments and I felt that you were Saying being a Korean music fan is a sin or unexpectable when it’s not. It’s just music, and they’re just singers/musicians. I respect their culture, your culture and mine too. I’m a Korean music fan because I find their language very calming. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I hope you think thoroughly about where you were Wrong. Thank you

    • V
      V says:

      Hi everyone!
      I read most of the comments and I think that most of you are just confused. Listening to music isn’t a sin, liking a particular group that comes from a different country isn’t a sin. It has nothing to do with God, who is always there with you. So if you think Not listening or reacting to their content will make you more Christian, I wouldn’t say yes. Sure, many may have fought their obsession that way, but it sounds wrong in my opinion. I like BTS becaue they spread positive message. They ask their fans to love themselves and be happy, and I find it very comforting. Again I say- IT IS NOT WRONG TO LIKE SOMEONE. God will always support you. After all, he is the one who made you face Them. I believe my god is happy for me, that such music makes me happy. It is a concern when I spend more time on them instead of my studies or social life, but I do thank god for letting me know of BTS’ existence. It may sound strange, but I’m in a better place now. I hope you all think about what I said. Bless you

  5. valerie
    valerie says:

    Myra, I can relate so freaking much. BTS is practically my life now. I used to have such a strong relationship with God but now, He is basically nothing to me. I know I need to follow what you’ve encouraged and turn back to Christ but secretly, I don’t want to…
    Thanks Ruth for some advice

    • Myra
      Myra says:

      Hello, funny I find myself here again…(If you read under where I first posted, you will understand). It is still a work in progress. So far I deleted my Youtube account with BTS crack videos I made. Then I deleted my fake Instagram account. I AM ashamed to say that I have a separate one dedicated to liking BTS pictures from my actual social account. The next step is to delete my Tumblr full of fanfic smut (yes, that sadly) and my asianfanfic account where I have 2 series of Jimin fanfics. Just recently did I go through and delete every Jimin fanmade video I bookmarked as well as fanfics I saved from my browser. Next baby steps are too limit my BTS watching (this is dangerous because my day just GOES BY so easily) and slowly reduce it to zero time with BTS. I know I have a few screenshots of Jungkook saved in my phone. Mostly recent ones when they were on their way to Las Vegas for the BBMAs. I need to delete them. I need Christ back in my life. I know others can handle limiting themselves but I realized that I can’t control it. At least not know. Thank you for relating!

    • Cutie
      Cutie says:

      Well me too I am Obssesed with BTS too but my sister asked me to pray for them to Know God too so that we can also see them in Heaven so why dont we pray together and so that they may know God too so that they can change their Heart to know God and if it works that would be so much appreciatable though.

  6. Myra
    Myra says:

    Ruth, thank you for your advice. I found myself here after I decided to delete some Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook posts. I basically had it after spending my entire Friday in front of my laptop, TIRED but unwilling to take a restful nap so that I could watch BTS videos. I even watched them play UNO. I’ve definitely gone down. I just barely read your comment and now I’m more determined to read the Word. Thank you again!

    • Mara
      Mara says:

      Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! For the last few years, I’ve been finding myself in a very similar situation. As a person who comes from a Christian family I found myself stumbling into K-pop and spiraling down a whole different path. I must say that K-pop just like basically everything can become an addiction, more or less, one that destroys our relationship with God. Indeed, being devoted to Jesus doesn’t mean you have to completely cut off on your hobbies and such. What’s important is to keep it at a healthy dose and not let it take control over your soul and heart. I’m still struggling with many addictions (one of which is K-pop sadly) and I’ve lost count of my fails. However what I know is that as long as I keep trying, Jesus will help me overcome it. Everything is possible in the Holy One! Myra and Ruth, I want to let you know that you have nothing to feel ashamed about. You are humans, we are not perfect, we make mistakes. All is possible with the help of our God. Do not give up. Whenever you fail and take a step back, get up and take a step forward (baby steps or not). Remember, Jesus came for the broken ones. Whenever we realize our sins, ask Him for forgiveness and entrust him with them, He listens and He helps. There is no cry of help and desperation that falls deaf on His ears. I myself used to write stories on asianfanfics (currently am a huge fan of BTS since 2014). I fell into lust and I started reading a lot of fics, boyxboy amongst them. I admitted my sins to my mom as well as Jesus. I am yet to be set completely free and I still struggle day and night. Do not be discouraged and treat every failure as an even stronger motivation to fight. Read the Bible for those are His own words. Whenever you feel temptation rising in you, reach for His word and pray. Also, I’ve got a KakaoTalk so if any one you would like to talk (it’s much easier when you’ve got people in a similar around you and support each other) I’m more than willing to ^^ I hope my ‘testimony’ helped someone even if just the slightest bit. Just a reminder, do not only seek help on the internet but seek help in HIM. He will never let you down. Trust him and your sins shall be washed away by Jesus’ blood ♡

    • Lala
      Lala says:

      Hi, My name is Lala. I would really like to speak with you or anyone in this chat. I am going through these things and other things I am almost suffocating. Please email me. I’d be thankful for your support and I’d like to offer support as well. What would be so wonderful is to dorm a prayer group among us all, people who have or is experiencing the same temptations and have the same interests. Please please email me at Laland3333333@gmail.con

  7. K
    K says:

    Thank you so much for this article — as well as all the encouraging posts above! I’m a university student in my fourth year right now, and while I’ve never really had an affinity for Kpop, I’ve watched way too many Kdramas for my own good and for the good of my relationship with God. Literally starting a decade ago, every summer break I would spend my summer watching Kdramas, obsessively. I wouldn’t even want talk to people, let alone spend time with the Lord, because I just happy in my own bubble of watching Kdramas. But this summer has been so difficult, since I feel like this is the first summer where I feel like it’s just wrong to be watching Kdramas, and yet I keep doing it. It’s wrong because it has taken the first place in my heart — the idolization of the romance — rather than the true love of God. I’ve been struggling because I’m lukewarm, neither hot, nor cold, one foot trying to follow God, and the other foot trying to continue enjoying my addition to Korean dramas (the world). My initial response (during my past breaks) is to just go cold turkey, but I’ve seen during the last 2 years the futility of self-imposed limits. I seem to break them every time. I verbally repent every day to the Lord, and I ask for His help to turn away, for true repentance. I try to spend time in the Word, and yet at the end of the day, I feel like I don’t have the strength to resist just indulging in Korean dramas. They’re not necessarily bad, but I feel sad/depressed knowing that the pleasures of Korean dramas have replaced my devotion to God in my heart and mind!
    I belong to a church community that is so devoted to God, but I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about this because (1) they would laugh, because no one else watches tv/movies/entertainment in my church community (it’s quite small, really) (2) I don’t think anyone else in my church struggles with this kind of thing. They’re really devout, always worshipping, sharing the Gospel, reading the Word, etc., and I want to leave because I feel like I can’t put on a facade anyone — I am broken within and without, and I need a savior. I don’t want to have this need to watch korean dramas, but that ultimately my only need and my love would be Christ.
    But I am not hopeless. I believe that one day, God will help me break free from my unhealthy appetite for kdramas. Just need to keep seeking Him, and asking for His grace to turn my eyes and my heart and my mind toward Him!

    • Kierra Richardson
      Kierra Richardson says:

      Hello, I am a Christian and I love my relationship with God… I am currently going through letting them go. With my relationship with God I know He wants me to not return to them… I’ve watched the expose videos and it’s sad because they do things that American artists do. They are more subtle and their beauty distracts us. Remember the devil was over music in heaven. The devil can use them to distract us and throw off our relationship with God. Our relationship with God and how we live others are the only things that will matter at the end of our life.
      I am making it because God’s grace. He is so patient with us. Don’t forsake the assembly of the brethren (Christians) I still feel drama to BTS even though i was into them for three or four months…. If you want to use my email and state the conversation subject we can talk.

  8. J254
    J254 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I have also been obsessing over KPOP and Kdrama. I live in Kenya and believe it or not, the Hallyu Wave can be felt all the way here. I have especially taken a liking to BTS and EXO.
    At first, I told myself I didn’t understand what they said so it couldn’t do any harm. Watching the pretty faces and the amazing dance moves was just a harmless way of entertaining myself. But the time I spend each day watching the same faces is steadily growing.
    K, it would be great if you could find someone in your community to share this with. Ask God to lead you . You could find someone in your small community who has been going through the same situation then you could help keep each other accountable. James 5:16. All the best.

    • Denisha
      Denisha says:

      Ur so much relatble to my situation..i have been really obsessed with exo and bts.
      But now i realize that they are just as we..since God created everyone of us in his own image..i am definitly going to pray for all k pop idols to know about God.

  9. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I can relate to this article and I’m glad I found it. This is a question I’ve been asking myself and I thank GOD I found the answer

  10. Myra
    Myra says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I seriously can’t thank you enough. I definitely tried the healthy dose and failed miserably countless times. So I ended up doing a fast. So far I have deleted my secret Instagram account with endless likes of BTS, deleted my Asianfanfic account (also deleted my authored smut stories), deleted any pictures I saved of BTS and banned myself from Kpop updates. I’ve decided this to focus on myself and God and those around me. I am not bitter with Kpop, in fact I still love it. I heard they released a new song. Well, actually I saw a thumbnail on Youtube labeled “BTS- Come Back Home” or something and I didn’t let myself watch the video. I knew that if I clicked, I would be miserably sucked. HOWEVER, I can still enjoy other Kpop music without going overboard or idolizing anyone. For example, I watched Blackpink’s “As If It’s Your Last” and replayed because it was my jam! It was a guilt-free time of enjoying Kpop without any lust or idolization. I watched the girls on Weekly Idol without any empty feelings too!

    All is going well and I plan to keep it that way. I find myself helping my mom more. I also am taking care of my health and mind more!

    So glad I made this decision!

    Thank you again!

    • Cutie
      Cutie says:

      Is it really okay to balance God and Kpop? I am really confused I still watch BTS since I like them but I’m not Idolizing them too much But Im a fan of them and I pray for them to know God….Is that okay to eatch their videos and just to be a Fan but not Idolizing them?.

    • Alexandra
      Alexandra says:

      Thank you for this!! I just recently got into KDramas and then Kpop during quarantine and it’s becoming harder and harder to control. I like kpop but not as much as I like the dramas. I spend hours watching them and I’ve noticed a subtle change in my relationship with God. It’s not huge, but I’m eager to nip it in the bud now. It’s embarrassing, but true. This article helped a lot in refocusing my mind on what’s truly important, but I loved how you said that we can still enjoy this type of stuff in moderation. One thing I try to do with the KDRAMAS is look for themes and Biblical parallels. I try to analyze and be discerning during each episode to make sure it’s uplifting and edifying (and with many kdramas that’s easy to do). That’s one way I try to include God in the things that I watch and it makes it a lot easier to be discerning and honest with myself about what I’m watching instead of mindlessly idolizing. It’s harder to do with the kpop stuff online so I heavily limit that, but I still enjoy a lot of the music. What I’ve found is it’s really about prioritizing God in all aspects of our lives and keeping Him at the forefront of our thoughts. Only God satisfies and Meets our needs, not Korean culture. Keep focusing on Christ and honoring Him!!

  11. Just Another Sinner
    Just Another Sinner says:

    Hi, first off I would like to thank you so much for your testimony on this topic. Actually, I didn’t randomly stumble across this, but was purposefully searching for this. I was born into a Christian family; my parents were strict in keeping your faith strong. I always thought I was in a decent place with Christ, and knew where to find Him if I ever went astray. But like you did before, I unknowingly grew this huge addiction to a k-pop band, BTS. Now, as I’m writing this, I’m still very, deeply trapped in this addiction of mine. I’m very much aware of how much time I waste for them, also how much I lust and sin. I feel it inside my heart, I know it too well, but I just can’t seem to detach myself. I pray and pray, asking God for help, yet I can’t even seem to reach for my bible. When Sundays come along and I join my Sunday School class, I feel ashamed to be there, to be answering discussion questions like I know it all, to be supporting my younger youth members knowing that once I’m out of there, I’ll be back to my BTS world. The more I like them, the more empty I feel inside my chest. When I thought I was a well devoted Christian, I become surprised by how fast I’m able to throw it all away for k-pop. I feel as if God is disappointed in me and how easily I can get swayed by such insignificant things. I would like to ask anyone who is reading this, please pray for me. Please pray that I will grow hungry for The Word of God and come back to Him. In a way, it seems funny that such a silly thing can get me so far away from God, but it’s hurting me. So please, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for me, and I will also pray for you all who have a similar situation. Thank you so much.

    • Pauline
      Pauline says:

      Hey Just Another Sinner! (If you dont wanna read my testimony its ok, some advice down at the second paragraph) I’ve been in the same boat as you for so long but now I have found true joy on the Lord and not in human idols. My idea of beauty had definitely been skewed by Kpop.Im a Taiwanese-American but I held asian beauty standards as a rule book since Im also asian. The beauty standards in Kpop is something that never did sit well with me although I followed it. I became obsessed with making my skin paler, wishing I had a skinnier nose, and thinking my legs are too fat (which was totally STUPID). This was mainly brought on by girl groups. My history with guy groups is that fandoms sexualize them like crazy through fanfics whether it be boyxboy or readerxbias. Even things like scenario blogs. i.e.. how would BTS react if…or if you were your bias’ girlfriend. I began to realize that people really did hold these idols as IDOLS and I did too. Assuming their personalities, ideal types, and love life I realize is just so wrong but I still found myself reading Kpop blogs. I went to a short-term mission trip to Nepal this summer which I am so blessed to have gone on, but when I got back I went straight to Kpop. OH MY! I hated myself so much for doing that. How could I come back from an amazing trip of doing God’s work in a 3rd world country and then resume my life back to normal? Like WAY TO GO! You just took a life changing mission trip and doing NOTHING with it.
      So Kpop became an idol and I wanted and needed to make God the only one in my life. 1) Go talk and tell a fellow brother or sister in Christ (for me a sister because imma girl) that you are struggling with Kpop and you truly want to stop it. Accountability is SO important as a Christian. I have found a accountability/discipler partner but I do talk outside of her too. I told my sisters in Christ that kpop has messed up my perception of beauty and that everything Kpop needs to slow down and stop. Your sister in Christ I hope in your case will support you like how it should be. 2) My accountability sister actually kickstarted me to read the Bible which is uber importante. She started me on Genesis and it took me 3 months to read 50 chapters BLESS and now I’m on Exodus. I thought I would lose motivation to read the Bible if I didn’t have my sister in Christ but I realized I do have a hunger for His word. This was through fervent prayer to the Lord and spending time with Him everyday. Its ok if you dont read the whole Bible in a year, go at your own pace, and also it is good to ask a more mature christian for some passages that can help you in your situation. 3) Pray!! So going back to my struggle of when I came back to Nepal but consuming my life with Kpop. I prayed to God to help me and God has answered my prayers! I finally had a time of reflection of my STM which motivated me to get out of Kpop and do God’s will. I want to make the point that this is a different situation than yours and that a STM trip will NOT fix your problems. But in a way God used my STM experience to get out of Kpop. He has also answered my same prayer but in another way (its a longer story though). I still struggle with Kpop but it has truly gotten better. So even of this sounds cliche (numbered not by importance)
      1) Accountability brother or sister in Christ 2) Reading the Bible 3) Pray
      Its also a good idea to step from trendy cool secular music and listen to some good ol’ hymns. jk but listen to some Christian music. My radio is always tuned to KLOVE (Christian radio even though they overplay some songs) and having a playlist on youtube of Christian music (Bethel,Hillsong, Phil Wickham…) and have some worship time at home or in the car. Liking Kpop is ok. Its good to have interests but remember it is part of Earth. 1 John 2;15-17 is quite well known but it always reminds me, it says 15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. 16 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. 17 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. I will definitely pray for you and all of you guys in the comment section. Being a Chrisitan + Kpop fan is so interesting I would love to continue this topic with you!

    • R
      R says:

      Hello, just another sinner! First of all I would like to apologize in advance for my poor grammar since english is not my primary language. So, you know I am very much like everyone who commented here. I spent so much time watching their videos, listening to their songs, tweeting about them, I could even go a day without taking a bath and just watching them. Until one day I attended their concert but since I’m poor, I can only afford an Upperbox ticket and so I wasn’t able to see Jimin clearly. I was left so heartbroken that day and I came up with a plan.. to save money and attend any fanmeet, music show or fansign in korea to see Jimin up close. But since I’m poor, when I got a huge amount of money from my work, I hesitated. I really want to see Jimin, but in my early Christian days, when I am still so in love with the Lord, I don’t save. I never save money. God will always reveal to me to give it away. And so when I receive my pay for my work, I really hesitated to save it for Jimin. I mean, I could help my poor family a lot with it. so i decided to just give it away to my family for our needs rather than save it for Jimin. I decided to give my dream (an earthly one yes, to see an artist. but you know, as I pray and seek God I have realized that God doesn’t despise earthly desires. BUT WE HAVE TO DELIGHT IN HIM. Delight in doing the will of God and let Him be the one to give it to us.) when I gave it to God I realized that I prayed more and more to Him since He’s the only One able to give my dream to me. But as I do so, God also used this dream of mine to make me closer to Him again. I cannot go on a day without His word or presence. I feel more desire towards praying to God and reading his word than spazzing about BTS. Now, although I still pray to God about wanting to see JIMIN in person, I had a change of heart in a sense that I realized that it is more satisfying to see GOD rather than him fulfilling this dream of mine. I dont know how to say it but I think my dream became of God. I can now go a day without watching them and listening to their music or spazzing about them. I no longer lust after them. I still want to see them, out of pure admiration and curiosity. But I no longer sin because of them. I realized that when we give our dreams to God, our desires to God, our passions to God, He gives us HIS BEST. Now I sometimes feel sad, because God may fulfill my dream when it is no longer my dream. I mean God may allow me to see Jimin when I don’t stan them anymore, or He may allow me to see Jimin while I’m still their fan, but one thing’s for sure, God will give His best if you give it all to God and that our FATHER GOD’s HEART is so good and can be trusted. ♥
      So to make it short, I think we should give it all to God. Not try to overcome it on our own strength, trying and trying but always failing. We should come to GOD as we are and let him do the changing. we should pray and cry for help because we don’t have the power to change ourselves and save ourselves. It is HIM alone who can do it. We should seek who GOD really is.. because when we see God as He is, the Good God He is, the LOVE he lavishes on us regardless of our sins, we become more and more satisfied in Him. Pray that the Lord open your eyes to who He really is. How delighting it is to be in His presence, how fulfilling His love is. BUT I ALSO WANT YOU TO KNOW BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE, YOU ARE FORGIVEN AND RIGHTEOUS IN GOD’S EYES BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST. YOU HAVE TO THROW THAT CONDEMNATION AWAY AND REPEAT THIS “FACT” (because this is the truth and not what you feel) UNTIL YOUR HEART BELIEVES IT.
      REPEAT THE TRUTH THAT YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST. HE LOVES YOU. HE FORGAVE YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL. YOUR SINS OF THE PAST AND THE FUTURE. NOTHING CAN CUT YOU OFF FROM GOD’S FAMILY. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. When you realize that God isn’t mad at you. That He delights in you and cares about EVERYTHING about you, you will come to Him, just as you are. And when you see Him as He REALLY is, this is what will bring about a change of heart.

      Let’s pray:

      Father God, my sister in Christ is under the enemy’s many lies to keep her away from you rather than run to you. Let us see You in Your true goodness and your love that you lavishes upon us, so that we may be glad in all of our days. Open our eyes to see how forgiven we are and to see what You have overcome for us to give us YOUR BEST. Thank you for you everlasting love and forgiveness. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

      PS. you can send me an email thru if you want someone to talk to. I would like to be friends with you my sister in Christ! ♥

    • Carrie
      Carrie says:

      I feel the exact same way. I starting liking BTS two months ago and I feel this guilt for watching their videos and listening to their music all the time, instead of praying or doing homework. I hope I can overcome this addiction and just enjoy their music on a simple level…

    • Fudge
      Fudge says:

      Look it’s fine… it’ll be ok. Start small, set out time and challenges. Like this rule “No Bible, No breakfast, No Scripture, No sleep”

  12. Lyricalia
    Lyricalia says:

    Hi, I am 13 years old, and I am a hardcore EXO-L. I am also a Christian. So I wanted to know what the real words of Wolf (by EXO) really meant. So I watched a English sub. I loved the song, but I still cringed because the words were, kinda sexual.. Well, last night my mom was talking about all of her old-school boybands she was into when she was a teenager, so I showed her Wolf by EXO. (Just the music video, not the sub) Then later she asked me, “Do you know what they are saying?”, I just cringed and said, “Kinda?” Then she googled them herself, and she got very upset with me. She said that the song sings about sin. I understand that, I just don’t understand why I was so comfortable with it. Now later today, she said she will share it with my dad. Now the more embarrassment will roll in. I am so afraid that they will band me from listening to EXO. I really really like EXO, and I listen to them daily. I’ve set a border, where they will never take God’s place because, Like you said, they are only human. I just don’t want to have to give them up. I fangirl over them so hard. I really need help. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to tell my dad tonight. Advice pls? I really need it. I heard rumors that most of the band members are Christian (That includes Baekhyun, my bias). But they are also adults now, so I thought it wasn’t that bad if they sang about sex. But then again, they aren’t married, so therefore that is a sin. I mean come on, they ARE a group of boys and boys only. I’m not so surprised. But then the thought came in my head, that they aren’t talking about A girl. Technically, they are not singing from experience, and they are not singing to a specific girl. That made me feel a little better, but I’m still so ashamed, because my mom always thought I had really good judgement on things that were wrong to listen to, and right. I also watch a Youtuber, name TerryTv. He’s awesome. He cusses a lot and sometimes he’ll make dirty jokes. But I still watch him anyway, because he makes me laugh. I told my mom that he cusses a lot, and now, she wants to take my phone away, because she doesn’t think she can trust me on the internet now. I’m so ashamed. I can’t believe how low I look. I really need help, so please give me some advice, ASAP!!!

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      Hello, Lyricalia. My name is Yvonne and I used to be obsessed with Kpop and Youtube videos that had curse words/dirty language/horror/etc (even beauty vlogs and anything). I was obsessed about EXO, too––to the point where I wrote fanfiction and stories about them. I would watch EXO music videos, listen to EXO songs, play EXO songs on piano, have EXO photos on my phone, and scour anything EXO or Kpop related. I also read manga, anime, and watched TV shows (like K-dramas) for hours straight.

      It had gotten to the point where I believed nothing could get me out of my addiction. I was in too deep in the Korean entertainment world that I didn’t know how to break out of it, and it was one of the reasons that I decided to abandon God because I was guilty of idolatry, lust, perversion, laziness, etc.

      I kept reading testimonies about Hell and inside my heart I would be screaming, “Please! I need help! I don’t know how to go to Heaven. Yes, I know it’s about Jesus but how do I break out of my habits?”

      God brought me back to His family recently in September 2017. I stopped what I was doing (by God’s strength) because I knew with God it was all or nothing. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped praying and sinned everyday. I know He doesn’t want us to be in the middle–-we are either hot or cold for Him.

      My prayer was this, “God, I want to change. I don’t know how but I’ll trust you.” And when I gave my life to the Lord, Jesus Christ, I left it all behind.

      There was a strong temptation today to the point where I wanted to return to my old lifestyle of kdramas, Kpop, fanfiction, etc. I found this testimony and I wanted to encourage you, my friend, because I spent hours watching every sort of video out there on Korea, Japan, etc. I spent my time daydreaming about boyfriends, but be encouraged, my dear! It is not impossible to break our habits. Only Jesus can do it! I thought I had to clean myself up before I became a “Christian” Christian, but it is Jesus who cleans us up.

      There is a man on YouTube called “Todd White.” He has a movie called “Lifestyle Christianity” and I’d really love for you to watch it! Also, “The Last Reformation” on YouTube has a good movie/documentary on what the power of God can do. My email is!

    • jiii
      jiii says:

      Hi Lyricalia, I see that these comment was from 2017. I hope you are doing well now 🙂 And have a deeper relationship with God but also enjoying your interests 🙂

  13. Francis
    Francis says:

    God is good
    My sister She’s addicted in k. Pop and any group of kpop like bts and others etc etc…i can’t how to away from kpop group all of time has gone because that kpop help me

  14. Kissysushi
    Kissysushi says:

    Yes! you can be Christian kpop fan. God says to love everyone because everyone is a sinner and not perfect. If you worship the kpop artist more than God then that might be a problem. In the Bible, it says you can’t have another God(s) other than Him or worship other things.
    I think it’s wonderful that you’re to make sure you wouldn’t fall from your faith in Christ.<3
    I just found out one of my favorite artists is non-religious and one is an atheist. My heart is broken but I still love them no matter what because God said to love. All I can do is love them from afar and pray that they will come to know the Lord because 2.1M of the world is Christians.
    Sorry for the error because English is my second language 🙂

  15. Jeslyn
    Jeslyn says:

    Thank you so much for this! I, like everyone here is very much a avid multifandom kpop fan and was very encouraged by the support of people & how real everyone is in facing the problem that i personally thought only i had. Since i was a born-christian, i knew the moment it was wrong to idolise people of the earth. So when i got into kpop, i kept telling myself its for dance & music on its own since i’ve always loved dancing. However, with no doubt, i got trapped into it. Did everything you all mentioned here, escaping the fact that i was indeed obsessed. Even my non-believer friend couldnt believe how crazy i went when i talked about the idols in our conversations. I definitely felt like i wasnt portraying a God-like image to her and i was so ashamed of it. Ashamed till the point where i never admitted (even till this day) to my church friends, not even at the altar call, that i was trapped into the kpop world and that i was so wrong, and that i could shamelessly proclaim my love for these idols infront of my church friends because of how close we are. I personally have a sister whom i respect alot because of how fervent she is as a believer even with the things she went through. She went through all 17 years with me and saw me grow. Saw my falls and always tried to help & understand me. Im thankful because she saw that i was addicted to Kpop, and being a strict sister she always has been, i was more surprised at how she never once scolded me for loving kpop too much but instead, used it to help me serve God. Since teens nowadays love kpop as well, it also became a way i could connect with my youths & with God’s grace, i was given a opportunity to start a kpop dance interest group where i can interact with people, get to know them through the same interest & one day, lead them to God. I just started it a month ago, and im so glad God gave me a way to serve him, despite me running away from him.

    Coming back to these testimonies i just read here, i will try to put everything into action & serve God through my interests. Im even more excited to go through this knowing its possible & i am so glad for a community that i can also pray for here with similar problems 🙂
    Amen to everything i read! 🙂

  16. Franny
    Franny says:

    Hi! I’m so glad I found this thread because I’ve been struggling recently with it too :(. I too am a Christian who accepted Christ in my early teen years. During high school it wasn’t that bad, I’d listen Super Junior, Bigbang, SNSD, Wonder Girls, SHINee, etc and I enjoyed their music neutrally. Even right now as a young adult, I continue to listen to it but only to some moderation. It was during the release of the show called Produce 101 Season 2 where I sort of got hooked again. I had a hiatus with k-pop for about 4 years but I suddenly drifted fast and hard. 🙁

    I can’t help myself but to constantly check on Wanna One in social media (Instagram, Twitter) and like every post. I know I’d get all smiley, giddy and ecstatic everytime I watch them but it’s so obvious that this kind of happiness I get from k-pop groups won’t last.. I know deep in my heart, the more I spend time watching on their variety shows, downloading videos, photos and what not, I am placing them in my heart before God.. 🙁 Sometimes I even prioritize practicing their choreography and songs instead of doing other responsibilities. And from there on with my obsession of Wanna One, I drifted to BTS because one of the members mentioned them as a model.

    Now here comes my unique and immense appreciation for BTS. I admire and respect them as a group for their individuality and music. I love their lyrics, I love their video and photo concepts. I believe they are a one of a kind k-pop group ever since their Forever Young album, they have created more meaningful music. But here’s a thing, none of them are Christians and Namjoon identifies himself as an atheist (this can be apparent becasuse of his high IQ). Because I googled them too much, I end up seeing unnecessary topics. Because right now I can’t help but be a shipper and stan of these pairings and everytime I see posts of fans objectifying them (e.g. their abs, Jimin’s jibooty, Jungkook’s thighs, Taehyung’s tongue etc), I am conforming with the world instead of avoiding such.. Gradually I ended up shipping a lot of pairs and I am well aware this is far worse already because of the sexual jokes on the pairings and what not. From idolatry it then drifted down on sexual impurity.. And what’s worse is my biases have a lot of these posts (especially on the maknae line)..

    I agree so much and relate to what Lee Soo Yi wrote “Initially, I tried to go cold turkey on everything that had the slightest association to K-Pop. I treated it as though it were a heinous sin. However, doing so only brought me great anguish and despair.” To be honest that’s what I’m feeling right now. It’s as if I can’t let go if it when I’m very aware that it’s not pleasing God but at the same time I feel hurt.

    This struggle of mine really makes me cry because you can never serve God and another on the same pedestal. But I believe in God’s power, that one day and by His grace and wisdom I can overcome this struggle.

    God bless everyone! To all struggling with the same, pray for breakthroughs with God. He can use this as an area in your life to bless others instead. hehe

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      Hello, Franny. My name is Yvonne and I used to be obsessed with Kpop. I was obsessed about EXO, BTS, SHINee, etc. too––to the point where I wrote fanfiction and stories about them and devoured every sort of romantic story. I would watch their music videos, listen to their songs, play their songs on piano, have their photos on my phone, and scour anything Kpop/Korea/Korean related. I also read manga, anime, and watched TV shows (like K-dramas) for hours straight.

      It had gotten to the point where I believed nothing could get me out of my addiction. I was in too deep in the Korean entertainment world that I didn’t know how to break out of it, and it was one of the reasons that I decided to abandon God because I was guilty of idolatry, lust, perversion, laziness, etc.

      I kept reading testimonies about Hell and inside my heart I would be screaming, “Please! I need help! I don’t know how to go to Heaven. Yes, I know it’s about Jesus but how do I break out of my habits?”

      God brought me back to His family recently in September 2017. I stopped what I was doing (by God’s strength) because I knew with God it was all or nothing. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped praying and sinned everyday. I know He doesn’t want us to be in the middle–-we are either hot or cold for Him.

      My prayer was this, “God, I want to change. I don’t know how but I’ll trust you.” And when I gave my life to the Lord, Jesus Christ, I left it all behind.

      There was a strong temptation today to the point where I wanted to return to my old lifestyle of kdramas, Kpop, fanfiction, etc. I found this testimony and I wanted to encourage you, my friend, because I spent hours watching every sort of video out there on Korea, Japan, etc. I spent my time daydreaming about boyfriends, but be encouraged, my dear! It is not impossible to break our habits. Only Jesus can do it! I thought I had to clean myself up before I became a “Christian” Christian, but it is Jesus who cleans us up.

      There is a man on YouTube called “Todd White.” He has a movie called “Lifestyle Christianity” and I’d really love for you to watch it! Also, “The Last Reformation” on YouTube has a good movie/documentary on what the power of God can do. My email is!

      I know what you mean. I had a hiatus with Kpop fanfiction too, but you can only go cold turkey on bad habits when you finally understand that it is Jesus who helps you go cold turkey. I thought I could do it by my own strength, but rely on the strength of the Lord, my friend! I was addicted to secular music and sexual posts, but my dear it is possible. There is hope.

      You can pray to God this right now and He will hear your sincerity.

      “God, I don’t know how to break out of my Kpop/entertainment addiction but I want to. I know, God, you said we either serve you or the Devil and what I’m doing is not pleasing to you. But is anything too hard for you? You can sever my desire for this just as you can turn an alcoholic sober, and a heroin addict into a God-fearing man. Papa, please hear my cry! Jesus, have it Your Way and not my own! Amen.”

    • Liz
      Liz says:

      This identified all of my concerns with BTS in the right words and helped me understand what I need to do to overcome my struggles. Thank you so much!

    • hruaitluangi
      hruaitluangi says:

      oh my goodness you just define me! I too end up shipping taekook with so much guilt. They’re really addictive right? I’m glad I decide to stop and turn to God

  17. Ellisa
    Ellisa says:

    I’m glad I found this post.. I was really searching about this topic. I remembered way back in 2009 when I start obsessing with KPOP groups like SNSD, SHINee, SJ, KARA, Infinite, & EXO. But God made me realize that I was so wrong all along. I found myself dedicating most of my time to KPOP. Like listening to all their music, watching all their shows, watching fanmade/collected videos, collecting all pictures whether official or fantaken, buying albums & photobooks, checking out their fashion, researching very detailed data of every member of the group, searching for the latest news of them, their schedule, participating in every forum, and even to the point of celebrating their birthdays by my own. God found me and made me realize I was so lost and I’m so guilty like I devoted my life to them. Thank God He lightened up my world. I abandoned Kpop like deleting all kpop photos & videos & some music in my laptop. After years, I found myself again into Kpop (BTS, Red Velvet) but with control of myself compared before. I don’t save tons of photos & videos anymore. I was like listening to the music was enough and watching some videos. But then came a time where I was so depressed and it’s like Kpop invaded my life again to the point I sleep every night around 1pm just because of searching kpop (iKON, Black Pink..). God told me again that I must wake up and leave this kind of life! Right now, I deleted most of kpop songs in my phone that seem evil and learned to stop watching KPOP videos that promote homosexuality (like OTPs & crossdressing) and with dark theme. I am also devoting my time in other things like drawing, design, my pets, and other stuff. I read the bible everyday and think of God everyday and how to prepare my way to Heaven with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is very strong I can feel whenever I am about to sin. Please pray for me guys!

  18. genesis
    genesis says:

    Hi guys, I been struggling too. Thank God i find this thread. I almost relate in every confession and messages here. I came from a Christian family, active in the ministry. I known k-pop since 2008 or 2009 way back in 2nd year high school. I stan 2nd generation groups (superjunior,shinee,bigbang, 2ne1,f(x),snsd,tvxq,ukiss,2pm, etc) super junior the most. back then, we have no wifi, I can occasionally watched kpop in some of our cable channel, or go to the computer shops, to watched their MV and my bias in SJ is ryeowook. The thing is im Not too obsessed in the past I dont memorized all sj members and i dont watched their variety shows, just their MV and some of their famous songs. after I graduate(2011) im in hiatus for k-pop, I may know some songs but k-pop is not my thing when i entered college.

    But this November 2017, I came back to K-pop, and I just realized i became addicted. Its all because of Super Junior comeback. It is seems i have missed them for 6yrs and im not updated to everything regarding the members lives, their songs, etc. so I searched everything about them to get back to that fandom feels. I got hooked. From Nov – Dec I watched everything from MVs, Crack vids, Variety shows, i searched infos, download their songs, I became very active at youtube, twitter and instagram just to know them more and have daily updates. I never imagine myself being so fan girl, but now Im a huge fan girl. Also i find myself sleeping late because of binge watching their variety shows and etc. I dream about them everyday, day dream about them and imagining things(but i dont go overboard). I was so hype by their comeback and even thinking attending their concerts or buying their merch, so I saved my christmas pay. (but, I only bought their lightstick which cost me P2000plus) and for the record I never bought something that expensive, so I hide it from my parents.

    Then in my Christmas vacation, I feel so down and depressed, I don’t feel pretty, i was being grumpy, eager to save money, I want to work in S.K, because i want to see them badly, I feel different,not me. Then I realized I lost interest with my relationship to God. I got so much time tweeting, following their lives in social media yet less time to talk and spend time to God. I felt like it wasn’t me anymore, though I was still involved in church ministry, but my heart is out of it. I tried talking to my Christian friends about my depression but I forgot to mention about my kpop obsession, they may not understand that. I dont know what to do, it feels like super junior is my stress reliever, there are times I cant go on a day without watching their videos.
    I really like them, I even pray all of them to be save and someday I can see them face to face, but also I don’t want them to distract my relationship with God. 🙁

    Please pray for me.. 🙁

    • Franny
      Franny says:

      Hi Genesis! Will uplift you in prayer and I totally relate especially with the part of you being depressed about it because I’ve been there too (fellow Filipino here BTW hehe). My name is Franny BTW and you can contact me here You’re not alone, but we thank God for His power is at work in us and for a head start, don’t lose hope!

      Keep praying and trusting and find an accountability partner who can pray with this for you. Tbh, coming from a Christian family, it was always hard for me to open up to them and explain my spiritual struggles especially when it came to addiction. I shared this addiction of mine first to our Victory Group leader and she related because she too was once a victim of being addicted by Hallyu influence.

      I was so glad with her constant watching over my “k-popness”, I am gradually able to overcome little by little with it. Like what you do, I also pray for these groups especially for their salvation. What’s nice with Suju is they have one member who’s proud of his faith and is presently a missionary – Choi Siwon. I am also praying that God will use him mightily in the idol industry as he would get to share the Gospel.

      Here’s my prayer for you: “Father, we thank you that even before our backsliding will recur, you still love us and see beyond our sins. Lord, I wanna lift up to you this K-pop addiction of mine and lay it down on your feet for good. I pray Father that you cancel as well the works of the enemy trying to distract me through K-pop and help me instead look at them through Your lens.

      Lord nothing is impossible with you and we declare that one day we will get to overcome such addiction because greater are You than this world. This we ask in Christ’s most powerful name, Amen! “

  19. Tania
    Tania says:

    What a great article, very beneficial! Romans 8:28 “He works all things out for our good”, I praise Him for doing that with your situation!

  20. Mei-Lianny Rios
    Mei-Lianny Rios says:

    Hi i need help because my mom thinks that bts isnt good for me . but bts is only a hobby for me like listening and reading about them

    • blue
      blue says:

      Hi well i have that kind of problem too.

      I think its okay to like something, but not to the point were it leads us far from God. Im a stan of Super Junior and I been there. My daily reality is hard and I kept on clinging to SJ for that sense of relief and happiness. But now though im still a fan, I manage to put that aside. Making God as my comforter would be the best.

      its okay to be a fan as long as you dont treat them as God. also check if they are still worth stanning for, like their acts, songs and etc. that might become a treat with your relationship with God.

  21. Franny
    Franny says:

    Hi ladies, I’m Franny! I’m sure some here have read my previous comment and even replies to other comments. I ended up finding this thread just last year when I was into deep in my addiction and as for now I would just like to share my testimony because I’ve been reading the comments lately and would like to continue to at least make this as a “support group” in a way that one day and in Jesus’ name, we will get to lay down this addiction of ours and look at K-pop through the lens of Christ, that is; when I look at this through God’s lens, it is strong impression on me how I should continue to pray for not the K-pop groups only but for peace between S. Korea and N. Korea and for the two countries as a whole 🙂

    One thing I did notice is that, this thread and the comments ARE NOT A MEANS to justify we continue on entertaining this sins of ours. While it is nice to know that you are not alone in struggling with your kpop addiction and other ladies here empathize with what you’ve done and what you’ve been through, please don’t forget that the ultimate One who can truly save us from this addiction is Christ. I hope and pray that as you read the other comments, it won’t mislead you to falsehood but instead will lead you to God’s truth- His Word, the Bible; NOT the person who replied to your comment, NOT any spiritual book or video/documentary (I’m not saying this is bad but there’s nothing better than first-hand reading of the Bible) and NOT even ourselves.

    What exactly are the sins being promoted by K-pop if you’re gradually hooked with it? (This is the case for those who are really addicted guys, I don’t mean to include as well the neutral listeners or mere appreciators of K-pop music) Well firstly: idolatry. Idolatry does not necessarily pertain to the false gods or even the statues people worship; idolatry entails ANYTHING that takes up too much of your time that distracts you from spending time with God. From the word itself and even how they are called idols. What’s sad is non-Christian fans treat their idols to the point in calling them god and that’s just shocking. There are so many biblical passages about idolatry (Zec. 10:12, Ezra 36:25; 44:10, 1 Jn. 15:2 etc) and while I delved on verses and chapters about idolatry I was enlightened with God’s truth no matter how painful the truth was. I used to download so many photos of my biases and wreckers and I would stare at them for minutes; I constantly updated myself about them in every social media; used to binge-watch on Youtube or V-live and live like trash. Sometimes it also came to the point that was the only thing I talked about with my friends and it affected my social health.

    Second, it promotes impurity, sexual immorality and sensuality. You all know what I’m talking about guys, I don’t have to write the details here. Well it can’t be helped because K-pop comes from the world and not from God. More or less this is evidently seen in some of their lyrics, choreographies and even the way they dress. Yes, they are good looking but they say second glances is adultery of the heart. Remember Matthew 5:28? The verse does not necessarily apply to married couples, it is also for singles. So the more you feed your eyes of these images, videos and what not, the more you feed the flesh and as Christians, we do not live by the flesh but by the Spirit (Gal. 5:19-26). Again I’m not trying to generalize here, there are good k-pop songs and there are bad k-pop songs; my point is that we should be able to discern and accept what is pleasing to God and not our own.

    Thirdly, it distorts our view of love. It saddens me that a lot of ladies are deeply and madly in love with k-pop idols who don’t know they even exist to the point that they freak out and lay down their lives for them (Typical fangirl hysteria, yes, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). How can God lead us to the right man when we are too preoccupied looking at another who can’t really be with us in the first place? God is the Author of our lives and that includes our love life. Call me cheesy, but hey, God wants us to also have the best love life because we are His children :). I’m sure some of us invested a lot of emotions into K-pop idols that we end up getting hurt because we already know deep down God will not give them to us as our boyfriends/spouses because He has someone better for us and what’s nice about this, He prepares us a man who will lead us to God no matter what the season.

    Lastly, it distracts us from honoring God and honoring our parents. If you are a student like me (well I’m a graduate school student so I’m not really young haha) and you have been investing too much time, money, effort and emotions and k-pop.. you not only stop honoring God by doing such but even your parents. Your parents send you to school because they want you to finish and get a job; they don’t send you to school and you end up using your allowance for merchandise, concerts or what not. Again, I’m not saying that it’s bad to go to concerts or buy merchandise but at the end of the day it all boils down to priorities. Why not be inspired to finish school at once so you can have a job, earn for that merchandise or ticket concert you so badly wanted. That’s even better because you used your own money, not your parents’.

    In addition, aside from what the author wrote on her article, let us make it a habit to have an accountability partner. At least one or even more who knows this addiction of yours. As I mentioned in one of my replies, I started opening this up to our bible study leader and as much as guilt-stricken and shame-caught I am during the times she would correct me on it, I feel blessed and happy because at least someone checks it up on me, not just one, twice BUT CONSTANTLY or whenever they see me being too crazed on K-pop again. I also shared this to my family, so my parents and brother also check me from time to time asking “How’s school? How’s your walk with God? I hope K-pop hasn’t been stealing too much of your time with God. :)”; something like that.

    And lastly, dear ladies, let us make 1 Corinthians 10:23 as our guiding verse for this struggle and allow me to rephrase it like this: We are entitled to our own prerogratives (in listening to k-pop, being a k-pop fan, etc) but not all of our prerogratives would be honoring to God. Like what other ladies have posted here, it’s okay to be a fan but when you’re at the point that K-pop is consuming you in every area of your life, even spiritually, then run back to God. Run back to His Word. He will always be there with arms wide open :). We are all God’s work in progress after all and I am excited that He will get to use You mightily through your breakthroughs and testimonies!!


    If you want to email me regarding this comment of mine (please no hate lol) or if you want to share more biblical views as we grown in Christ, you can reach me at God bless y’all and Shalom! 🙂

    • Betty
      Betty says:

      Thank you so much for this Franny!! This is the truth. We do not validate sin, we examine, submit ourselves to God and repent, asking that the Holy Spirit, together with our effort, will help us draw closer to God.

    • Zig
      Zig says:

      Wow wow thank you so so much!!! Its was really encouraging hearing how you managed to take a step back and return to Jesus. I want to do that to. God bless you!

  22. WW18
    WW18 says:

    This almost made me cry, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt this way. I am addicted to BTS, i have dreamt my crazy fan dreaming of meeting them in many ways, even using God’s Plan as an excuse..
    Now, I was so crazy with them to the point I placed God under, but he reminded me. I was about to use the money given by my grandma to buy an album but God told me then, I have always planned to give offering for Christmas in my Church, but last time I wanted to buy an album, so he told me, “Where am I in this?”
    I was so shocked, really, and I couldn’t fight back, so I gave the money to the church with all my heart, realizing I’ve been putting God under. I start to realize I’ve been talking about BTS all the time, lessening my praying times, yet still praying for them, that is why i start to lessen my obsession, I start praying more, I started to put God on top again, and I start to let go of BTS. There was a time I wanted to go to BTS’ concert so much, and I was so stubborn to go on my own with my friend, but we were too young. My parents didn’t allow but they wanted me to be happy. They said that they’d pray to God about it. I realized God was telling me no, but I didn’t want to listen. I didn’t go at the end, I realized, I’ve been putting God so far away.. I’m so glad I got over the obsession, I still like them, I won’t lie, but i will start to lessen it more and more! Thank you for everybody here for sharing their stories! God bless you!

  23. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    I’m sure I’m several years older than all of you, but let me give you some encouragement: We’re all susceptible to idolizing. That’s why it’s the first commandment that we give our entire self to God because otherwise, we’ll worship elsewhere. I’ve idolized people my entire life, going from one amazing person to another. You all know what I mean if you’ve been a fan of anything. Reading the Word is the only way I can set my mind free. I will always have the tendency to idolize people. I know it’s not ever going to be easy to avoid. But Christ has claimed me as his, and he keeps setting me free. Some practical tips: Find your Bible and sit down with paper and pencil. Study. Don’t use a Bible app because notifications will distract you and the light can be over stimulating. Find some new Christian friends IRL who aren’t fangirls and work on making those relationships deeper and stronger. Stop online relationships with KPop fans. Close your social media accounts where you’re devoting all your time to your idols. Try to have more variety in your life, some hobbies not related to Korea! You’ll be free from your idolizing before you even miss it, I promise. Within a couple of days, you’ll wonder why you were so crazy.

  24. Ally
    Ally says:

    Hey everyone,
    I know I’m late, but I feel compelled to write this.
    I purposefully searched for a post of this type because lately, I’ve been questioning my relationship to kpop and more specifically, BTS. I’ve been an ARMY for about a year now, and have gone through a similar phase with anime in the past. I watch a lot of youtube videos and listen to their music while doing homework, but have never been so obsessive as to write fanfic or rewatch things over and over. For a while, I had stopped listening to their music, but with their Love Yourself comeback, I found myself spending a lot of time online watching videos (crackvids, compilations, interviews). I’ve always been very aware of how I need to hold myself back, or else I’ll waste a bunch of my time. And I’m relatively successful. Like I said, I don’t have typically obsessive behavior. I don’t generally stay up late watching BTS stuff, I never spend money on merch or concerts, I don’t fantasize about the members (honestly, most of the time, I see them as my “kids”, haha! Like I’m really proud of their accomplishments and find them really sweet and dorky. Jhope is my favourite member because he’s such a ball of sunshine, I admire him so much and actually find myself imitating his positive attitude). I honestly don’t think I’m obsessed, because I know that God is number one.

    However, I think I have a problem with guilt. Whenever I watch BTS videos or spend time online instead of doing homework, I feel really bad about it. Even if it isn’t bringing my grades down or anything. Like, last week, I had no homework for the first time in FOREVER, and to celebrate, I spent a couple hours binge watching BTS vids. It wasn’t necessarily wrong, but I still felt kind of bad about being “unproductive”. Even though I had finished all my work! I’m a very high achiever and I’ve been told I’m too hard on myself. I don’t want to have to feel guilty about my love for BTS. Things have gotten better lately, since I discovered my friends are ARMYs too, so that brings me out of my isolation a bit. We talk about all the inside jokes and which songs we like, it’s great. I also have been trying to reduce my time online for Lent. I’ve been more or less successful, but I have been able to stay away from BTS binge-ing for the most part. The trouble is that it stresses me out. It’s like I’m unhappy because I’m purposefully avoiding things I enjoy and am anxious about breaking my fast.

    I think my problem is that I’m struggling to find a balance between discipline and showing myself grace. I don’t want to completely let go of the guilt, for fear of being consumed by this hobby. But I also don’t want to be beating myself up over something that isn’t necessarily wrong. Does anyone have ideas for specific boundaries I can set for myself? I’m trying to seek God’s will in all this, but it’s hard when my self-deprecating emotions get in the way (btw guys, don’t worry, I know that I am a deeply beloved child of God who has been totally forgiven, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to remember that). I pray that I’ll be able to learn self-control, but also grace. Right now, I think I just need help distinguishing between what’s REALLY unhealthy and what the Devil is telling me to feel guilty about.

    Thank you to everyone who’s shared about their struggles in this thread! I’m thankful to God for protecting my heart from such intense addiction. But I’m also aware that I need to stay very vigilant in this.

    • Maddie
      Maddie says:

      As a 14 year old, I am going through the EXACT same problem. I gave up BTS and Kpop for Lent and sometimes, temptation got the best of me. I got better at it but after Lent, I fell back to obsession. I felt really bad over the willful sin and was scared I lost my salvation. I asked God to forgive me at least 10 times because I just kept obsessing over them. I realized that I needed to stop and keep the seven boys as a hobby. Not an idol. And now if I watch too much for a period of time, I will feel a little guilty and stop. I would try setting an alarm or stopwatch for how long you should spend time with Jesus and how much with BTS. And if you do feel unworthy and that He won’t forgive you for obsessing, He WILL forgive you. Ask for forgiveness and repent from the obsession. Also, instead of listening to BTS getting ready for school (if you still do go to school and listen to BTS in the morning) listen to a sermon preaching (I recommend Steven Furtick). It will be a good start for the day. And on the ride home as an award for doing good in school, listen to BTS on the bus or in the car. Try to read more of your Bible at night and make time SPECIFICALLY FOR JESUS. Put your phone and electronics in a drawer on the other side of your room and just read. Let the Holy Spirit flood you with the Word. Keep 2 journals, one for Sermon Notes, and one for Bible notes. You can watch BTS videos but I would try to stay away from the cracks and meme videos (those tend to have a lot of bad words in them). Also, if you want to grow your relationship with Christ, I would recommend listening to sermons by Steven Furtick and watching youtube channels like Lion of Judah (they have SUPER motivational videos. I would recommend watching Failure) and also watching The Beat By Allen Parr. I pray for healing in your heart and that your relationship will grow bigger and God would help you FIGHT any doubts and worries. Blessings, Maddie.

  25. Anya
    Anya says:

    Thank you for sharing this, this is the first website I found that really talk about this struggle, and I’m so glad that I’m not alone.

    I began to like Kpop when I was in Elementary School, I’m a Shawol and there’s no single day that I didn’t watch a korea video or SHINee MVs, and I even stay up late night to watch some korean show, I start to forget about read the Bible and my family really against me with all this idolize thing. Everytime my family pray together, my mom would pray more about my addicting habit, about how I cry if my mom told me not to watch korea videos. The addicting become more and more. On my Junior High School final examination I don’t study, but I watch bunch of kpop videos that made my final score really bad.

    When I go to Senior High School, I decided that this is not the right thing to do, I’ve been lost for so long that I feel so sinful for doing all this thing. I start to delete all of my korean videos that actually a loooot, I choose to not open my twitter to avoid the interaction with other fangirls, but it was so hard to do that it make me frustate. Then I realize that all I need to do is given all my life to Him, let Him work in my life, all I need to do is realize that He will love me no matter what, and also give all my love to Him and not anything else.

    I’ve been stop addicting for about 3 years, but then recently Jonghyun passed away. As a shawol my heart break hearing the news, as a Christian I know that what Jonghyun did is wrong, but the very first week I feel really mad that why God not stop him to do that because I know that when you ended your own life you will go to hell. I also mad to myself that maybe if I didn’t stop being a fangirl I could share the gospel to him or any other fangirl. I also gaining more information about SHINee again and others kpop stuff because I miss how happy I am when I watch korea videos. The habit back again, and this time I feel like I can stop this whole thing again.

    One time I come to the church and the pastor preach about someone who ended his own life, its said that it because he felt that he doesn’t have any hope anymore in life. Then I realize that I will find hope in God, that I can stop all this habit if keep closer to Him, if I love Him, I don’t need anything in this world, because I will walk in His way and He already decide everything for me so I should not be afraid. I still sad about Jonghyun but now its getting better, I learn to accept that everything happens has a purpose from God

    I was searching about kpop star testimony that I happen to be found this website, I’m still struggling to not watch bunch of kpop videos on youtube but now its going way more better, and thanks to this website I feel more confident to stop this addicting thing. Please pray for me and for other kpop fans that maybe still struggle with this habit:) God Bless You all!

    • YMI
      YMI says:

      Wow, thanks Anya, we’re so encouraged that this article has spoken to you! And we’d be praying for you in your journey as you struggle with this.

  26. Cutie
    Cutie says:

    I am a BTS fan and I really like them I watch all of their Videos and I decided to pray for them to Know God too since my Sister told me to pray for them. I really like BTS and I feel empty inside too and I am now stuck into that worls so all I did is I took my Bibke Journal and start doing it again ( Im still working on iy right now) And I asked my Sister if I could balance watching BTS and God and she said that bit by bit I will get over out of BTS. But I really like them and I changed my mind too just be a fan and not making them My Idol but also to serve God too….So is it really okay to watch their videos (BTS) and just be a Fan supporting them and praying for them? But not making them as my Idol and still serve God?

    • Cutie
      Cutie says:

      Email me

      P.S I really like them because they are handsome and talented is it really ok? I am really a BTS fan in here and they also make me happy and laugh please answer 🙂
      Is it really ok?

    • Cutie
      Cutie says:

      I am really stuck and like it became my habit but I know that my obsession with them (not that much obssesed) will be gone( I am working on it).

  27. Emma
    Emma says:

    What is the definition of idolising someone? I know that an idol is to adore something or someone. I adore kpop especially BTS. I look to Bts for entertainment, variety content and songs. I also am at the edge of my seat while waiting two minutes before their next mv is released. I also watch their content everyday when im free. I have their posters on my wall, almost all their songs on my phone and i follow many fan accounts on insta. Only now i realise how much i ignored God. I do my nightly prayers with no sincerity. I pray for the sake of praying. I read that you started getting over kpop obsession when u were in university. Im in high school now and i want to get rid of my obsession because i know that God is more important than anything. But i honestly can’t live a day without watching at least one BTS video (fan made or official) because they simply bring me happiness. I desperately want to get rid of this obsession. At university age, i guess its easier to control obsession cuz of the maturity level. Im only 15 and i don’t know how to start. Also, is what I am currently doing as a fan idolising them? (I do adore bts. I watch their videos purely for entertainment and happiness) If not, what am I doing wrong? How can I start (not idolising them)?

    • Ally
      Ally says:

      Hey Emma,

      This is a very late reply but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this. I too struggled with borderline addiction to BTS when I was in high school. And honestly, it only gets better with time if you make an effort to change. Lots of girls are still just as immature in university. So I would say check in with your heart. See if God is really first for you. If he is, make sure you spend time with him and with his family, other Christians. Don’t isolate yourself and share your love of BTS with others. Not everyone will understand, but it is worth it.

      If you really think that you are still struggling with idolatry (meaning BTS are more important to you than God, ex: they take up more of your thoughts, time, energy), then here are some practical steps that helped me:
      1. Take a break. Even if it’s just for a day, put away your devices and stay off k-pop related content. Then try a few more days or a week. It may be hard, but I promise it gives you some perspective and room to breathe.
      2. Talk to people about it. Honestly, the hardest part of being a kpop fan is feeling like it’s socially isolating. But it is so freeing to just be yourself and let people know what you like, as well as how you are doing with your addiction. Find a good Christian friend or family member to confide in. It is worth it.
      3. Keep God involved. Above all, this is the most important one. Talk to God about your passions. When you watch videos, remind yourself that God is in this too. He delights in our joy and laughter! Find ways to bring your faith and your passion together, instead of compartmentalizing.

      Remember that you are so loved and that God in no way wants you to feel ashamed. Surrender yourself to him, and don’t try to rely on your own strength to overcome this (it doesn’t work, I’ve tried lol). Jesus has got your back, my friend.

  28. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Unnie… this is what I’m going through now and I’m obsessed with kpop and I’m praying for my favourite idol that he should preach about God so that most of his fans will spend time with God.. I’m so glad to see this post.. this is exactly what I’m going through now.. thank you so much for sharing this article sister.. God bless you

  29. mariae
    mariae says:

    We guys do really have the same struggle! I just fell in love with BTS iabout 2 weeks ago and now I kept on asking if stanning them is okay. But deep down in my heart it says that it is not okay if I am devoting all of my time watching their videos and not being able to reflect on God’s word. That really made me guilty at some point. So i pray that God will transform me in His word and grow deeper in Him

  30. Maria
    Maria says:

    Please pray for me because I have same situation with EXO and BTS and others .I whant to worship God and pray and read Bible but all time ,each free second I spend with some videos and story’s about artists. Thank you all for your stories and God bless you all.

  31. Keiarra
    Keiarra says:

    This article has really touched me and blessed me because I always thought I was the only one going through that. I’m a Christian and always have been I was into K-pop at a very young age but then when BTS came I was really into them. I was a little obsessed, but not to the point where I wanted to be their girlfriend or something it was more of wanting to get to know them personally I had also prayed to God to be able to meet them. But with that, I ended up going to God for everything he really showed me how to be on fire for him. I still like BTS but not as much as I use to like them. I try finding old videos of them because the new videos are way too much they are a little bit sexual and I don’t like that at all. God has really worked on me and I’m so grateful to know an awesome God like him and I always pray that God will show himself to BTS and any other kpop idol out there or any famous person for that matter. God made us all in his image and we should love one another and pray for each other. BTS and all the other people are just normal people just like us all they have is a different job title. My pastor talked about this one day. No one should ever be higher than God.

    I pray that BTS and all the others will see the beautiful works of God. Because without God they wouldn’t have any of the talents they have. God is love and he always will be and I love that I know him and I thank him for every single thing he has done in my life and I don’t regret anything I’ve been through. I like the life lessons that God has put me through it has helped me to truly mature in my walk with him and my walk in love.

    • Hanz
      Hanz says:

      Yes! I’m so glad to find others who pray for them also. I pray for them and some other group’s people. That’s been the silver lining about being a k-pop fan of such groups with members who need salvation, I feel more driven by my passion to pray for the lost。

  32. Niamh Macneil
    Niamh Macneil says:

    I really like K-pop but once my Christian parents found out they banned me from listening or watching it. This really confused me as I thought as Christians they would be understanding towards me. They told me I can’t watch it because they look like girls and they are promoting homosexuality. Please can someone clear this up for as I am very confused because in my eyes they don’t look like girls. Also, the band they specifically banned me from watching is BTS.

    • Ally
      Ally says:


      This reply is very late, but I wanted to let you know that it is perfectly normal to find Korean masculinity attractive. I too love BTS and appreciate how Korean culture accepts more “cute” and “feminine” versions of masculinity. In our culture of male chauvinism, lots of people have trouble with the idea of men being sensitive, affectionate creatures just like women. Korean culture is far more accepting of this and in no way sees it as “gay.” Respectfully, I think your parents misunderstand the cultural differences at play here. In Korea, fraternal skinship, care for physical appearance (fashion and makeup) and greater manifestation of emotion than what we are used to are just normal parts of being a man. Physical affection between men and use of makeup objectively have nothing to do with homosexuality. It is our culture that gives us narrow and frankly toxic views of masculinity. To sum up, know that there’s nothing wrong with liking BTS. And try researching about toxic masculinity and how k-pop fights against it, so you can explain to others what they might misunderstand!

  33. Hanz
    Hanz says:

    I’m honestly relieved to find this!!
    I’ll detour a bit but it will make sense later.

    Both of my parents have studied Japanese and speak it fairly well, not to mention that they worked there for 5 years and for crying out loud met there too!

    Both of my brothers are even better at Japanese especially one who has lived and worked there for 3 years and has a Japanese wife. (He’s gone away from God but he’s in my daily prayer list- please pray for him if you can) The other brother is serving as a film missionary in Japan but has also worked on other projects such as an MV for a Japanese boyband who often cover – of all things – Kpop

    We also have hosted international (usually Japanese) homestays (without fail, at least once a year).
    our family even take our shoes off inside as the Japanese do, throw Japanese words into sentences, use it to discuss private matters in public and make Japanese-English dad jokes.
    My brother would put on private techno disco parties for me as a kid in his bedroom and most of the songs were Japanese (especially Perfume: my favourite as a kid) The other would blast Japanese rock (my favourite was B’z) and of course we loved Japanese games such as Pokemon, Zelda, Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy etc.

    I never really got into Anime/manga for some reason but I bought a kids Doraemon manga for study… speaking of study, right now I’m in Japan, about to begin an intensive Japanese language course for just 3 months.

    You know where this is heading, right?
    Japan is right next to Korea, so naturally, they would share some cultural similarities, words, food (Korean-Japanese fusion food like yakiniku and kimchi onabe is my favorite) and phenomena.

    My mother also used to host a lifegroup which used to consist of mainly Koreans (also where I met my best friend of 7 years strong, she’s from Hong Kong!!)

    My missionary brother casually liked Big Bang (before it was cool, he’s cooler than any hipsters) because a Japanese friend introduced it to him.
    I was like 8 at the time so I just listened to it in the car and we pumped the bass. I also stole his iPod (with probably 70% Japanese songs) and for some reason I loved listening to My Girl (Taeyang solo) from the first big bang album (Taeyang is still my bias)
    I thought their fashion was funky and liked their music,
    but thankfully I was too obsessed with dogs to care at all.
    Speaking of obsessions, not a year would go by in which I didn’t have an obsession of some sort.
    It was a tradition I held so tightly to the point that I felt empty without it .
    I could be obsessed with anything from Cars to Google to Pokemon…
    When I was about 4 or 5 I actually had an obsession with Jesus
    and had dreams about him, but of course, that didn’t last for long.
    Obsessions were nothing new to me… but kpop wasn’t on my radar to become an obsession.
    It just came naturally to my life dipped in Asian culture…
    Here’s where it all went downhill…
    When I was 14, a Japanese homestay showed me SHINee and SNSD and I thought they were super cool!! I put all their songs in my playlist and enjoyed watching them perform.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    I was obsessed with Japan anyway but there wasn’t much good new j-pop at the time and it was tremendously hard to find any Japanese songs on Spotify, so I stuffed my playlist with k-pop instead because it was the closest thing. ( I was trying to beat my missionary brother who had like 1,500 songs on his playlist and now I have about 10,000- whoops!)

    I also thought k-pop was far safer than Western music and that they did not display sexual messages but just presented sweet romance songs and any dark concepts just represented their emotions.

    I found a lot of groups that I liked such as EXO and Red Velvet and put their songs on my playlist, but I was still not obsessed.

    Anyway, fast-forward 1 year and my bias group was still SHINee and I thought nobody else in the grade liked k-pop, but one day I heard this girl (let’s call her fettuccine because she’s Italian) singing Lucifer by SHINee and I got really excited that somebody else ACTUALLY KNEW SHINee!?! I told her of my excitement and forgot… Then I switched maths classes from Math B to Math A and fettuccine was in this class. Fettuccine also did music the same time I did drama and the music and drama room was adjacent to eachother. One fine day of September 18, 2015, our teachers were both late or something, so she sat me down, pulled out her iPad and said “You’re gonna love this!”

    Fettuccine dealt me some Dope…by BTS
    Who could resist flashy lights, a bright red room, a member with hair as red as the room and all that “energy, energy, energy”?

    I did as always, Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V, the whole darn discography on Spotify into my playlist…
    ooop! I found about 5 songs with the F-word in it (which was ironically something I escaped from in K-pop), their… brainiac leader was also an athiest like one of my brothers and condoned sins (especially sexual and dishonesty) that I would balk at in a blink ( not to mention his mixtape was utterly infested with F-bombs). The warning signs were there but I justified or made loopholes. If I just didn’t listen to those F-bomb songs and don’t condone those sins myself…I’d be fine, right?

    I didn’t really want to become obsessed but then again I’d always been socially awkward and thus wanted something to talk about with others and I knew Fettuccine loved this group and was also in my maths class. Suddenly, we’d watch a bunch of their videos in the back of maths and the teacher didn’t give a diddlydoodarn… She got me onto their V-Lives to…I’ve never been one to enjoy sitting down and watching one long thing for an extended period of time but I kind of did it for her sake and out of sheer curiosity…
    They didn’t have the best vocal tecnique and they didn’t write all of their own songs like people said they did and certainly didn’t choreograph it themselves. They were good, but not technically the best. So what was it that drew me deeper and deeper, curiouser and curiouser specifically into this group?

    I mean these guys sounded fun and genuine… Fettuccine introduced me to fan theories of deeply interwoven plots through symbolism between the music videos which intrigued me further. They made me feel strange emotions I’d never felt before… Intrigue, discomfort, giddiness, affection, connection all rolled into one. They felt like soulmates, old friends, neighbours unto which distance and language barriers had barred me direct access from, but strangely enough thousands if not millions had felt this same connection.

    It was a bizaare paradox which only intrigued me further.
    All of this was surely the result of precisely engineered marketing towards a target audience- a world searching for a friend, a confidante, perhaps someone far enough not to see all of their flaws , but close enough just to see some… and feel validated by them, just like the stuffed toys we loved, named and cherished as children, but in hindsight with no real connection, just an image of them printed by their own imaginations…

    Nevertheless, I knew it was no good for me. I hid it from my family for at least a year and called it my guilty pleasure. That’s why I almost fell out of the chair reading the lyrics in their song Pied Piper.

    My grades had dropped a bit since k-pop, but it was like the bus in Speed, if I stopped then a whole network of friendships built on the love of kpop would possibly crash and burn… or I’d be back to that empty space of feeling dull, numb and boring, having to face myself and reality. Every time I attempted to leave, the promise of good relationships with friends or another comeback always eventually wooed me… I pushed myself to be a crazy emotional fangirl. I made myself… a larger than life character for their sake… to fit the role of the friends… I’d even nicknamed my friends loosely based on group member’s names… one of them, Yoongarina, nicknamed me back Hanjoon and thus, the feeling of a soultie with these group members was also reinforced.

    I wanted to leave but then I couldn’t.

    I longed for the time before knowing that group, sometimes wishing they didn’t ever exist… But I couldn’t leave

    Then finally, on August the 12th I was baptised in water.
    Some things about me began to change- namely, my hair became more well behaved.
    But the real change came on the 24th, after I visited Yoongarina’s house. The day of the comeback- of course!
    I still had my heart set on going to their Japan concert but they didn’t start selling tickets yet (so I was saved from that).

    My mum came early to pick me up, so I was in the car when the comeback dropped.
    But when I watched “IDOL” …

    I was repulsed by it… despite the fact it did not contain any obcenities.
    Especially the part where brainiac leader has a kitten filter, shakes his head, says “I know what I am” (as if he’s some sorta pet or product owned by somebody) and then shakes his head and turns into that creepy moustache and sunglasses dude and says “I know what I want” (as if he’s in the mafia or something…)
    also the part where they say “there are many of me inside myself” and has many fake looking faces of them and they’re trapped inside of their fake faces. Also the part where they’re dancing in a box like puppets for the big fake versions of themselves. It all looked so fake and egotistic that it just about nauseated me and gave me the SHIVERS.

    I was so scared that I remembered when Jonghyun died and how Tae also named his dog after the thing that killed him 3 HOURS BEFORE!

    After this explosion of revelation, I was desperate to find the truth, so I ended up on a forum which went on for page after page for 320 pages or so about Satanic influence in K-Pop and went through every single page. That became an addiction for me straight after I left K-pop and I would stay up all night just to read it. This went on for about a week. There was a separate thread for the same thing, but deticated solely to BTS.
    It was about 720 pages.

    But I eventually left the forum as it was weighing too much on my heart, for example, people claimed that Red Velvet and especially BTS somehow sacrificed Jonghyun to the illuminati and that they were demons who couldn’t go back to God.

    Some of it however was pointing out the fandom, some suspicious activity with managers and that, even those seemingly genuine V-lives and Bangtan Bombs are scripted.
    I didn’t even bother looking at the fanfictions, from what I’d heard they sounded disgusting and apparently some companies use it as a source to FUEL those OTPs for- yep – marketing!! I accidently found a moaning audio on Youtube and that was bad enough, never again.
    Also they are in both subtle and obvious ways steeped in the bandwagon of pushing a certain prevalent sexually immoral agenda and dragging many vulnerable young people along.

    I’m so glad the Lord has been setting me free, however it’s been a bit difficult to leave obsession for kpop and especially the BTS fandom
    1.I pray for them almost daily.
    2.Google’s cookies (kookies? hahaha)
    4.Their fandom is UBIQUITOUS and there ARE some really nice and creative people in there.
    5. I may or may not have written a 10 verse song which is loosely about one of them and that’s how I’ve learned guitar over the past year and practiced.

    I don’t think I’ll go cold turkey and never listen to kpop ever again, and God has brought me a long way since I wanted to dye my hair black just because of their Euphoria era or spend my last bank money on their album or used their Twitter account as motivation to read the Bible each day.

    So I’ll just keep praying for these people and meditate more on God and his word and listen to more and more worship.

    • Mayra
      Mayra says:

      Wow, Hanz. I really liked your post. I’m here again because, after fasting from BTS for a while, I caved in once again. Why? Because they had come to America for the award shows and curiosity won me over. Talk about curiosity killing the CAT! I was back at square 1 and I think it’s worse this time. I’m hooked on fanfics of Jungkook and Jimin that only makes me hurt more.

      It destroys my self image (ironic with BTS’ love myself concept, ey), my self-esteem and self value. I find my social circle had not increased because I lost valuable time that could had been spent with God and focusing on HIS view of me. I lost valuable time that could have been used to increase my view of self worth. Then that self worth would have allowed me to confidently be more myself. I keep thinking of the person I could have been today HAD i stayed loyal to God.

      BTS are good people but I have to face the facts that I’m no more than another fan to them. They may be grateful but at the end of the day, I shouldn’t invest so much time into people I know would not be as invested in me. I know I should only like their music and just appreciate them as people and artists. But I see at this time that I can’t do that. I’m way too deep in obsession and idolization. I mean I look up reaction videos of them just sitting at KPOP concerts and reacting to other girl groups while I carefully analyze their every little reaction. I remember getting jealous at Gfriend after watching JK smirk. I even created my own fantasy where I would be an idol and get BTS’ attention. How obsessive and unhealthy is that????

      I also didn’t really like “Idol”. The only thing that impressed me was their visuals, and choreography. I remember thinking, “man, this is not the music I would jam to”. I still love BTS but I realized now that I would be ashamed if I were to have a daughter one day and then most of youth memories that I would share with her would be about me lusting, pawning, and longing for the Kpop sensational group. It would be sad to tell her that most of what i did was lounge around in my computer looking up fanfics and videos and whatnot. I guess this is a lifelong journey of discipline. I will need to learn to respect these boys. I will pray for forgiveness for using BTS as sexual objects for my fantasies and come to terms that I will not give them attention. TBH, BTS KNOWS what they are doing to girls of all ages when they stick their tongues out and lick their lips. Yes, it might not always be intentional, but I know there were times where they rudely did it on purpose. It is all marketing and for the sake of keeping a strong fan base that supports them. I almost feel sorry for them because they have the longest standing history of KPOP to continue to surpass their own achievements. I was with BTS since before they even debated and RM was posting video logs in their channel. Anyway, that pressure can really push our once-shy-Jungkook to become cocky, sexy and egotistical on stage to give the audience of fans what they want. I still love BTS, but I have to remember to see the bigger picture: One day these boys will be married to a woman and that obviously won’t be me. Maybe that’s a good thing. Being married to your bias does not constitute happiness or paradise. Who knows? Maybe with their stressed life, their wives might end up seeing the rougher, uglier side. Of course, BTS are good people. But they are humans with short tempers, insecurities, territorial or some sort of characteristic flaw that we won’t know about or we don’t see since they shower their fans with winks, hearts and cheeky, flirty smiles. I have to understand that I’m not living the way God wants me to. In fact, I’m not living, period.

      Point is, I have to focus my longing and view of happiness somewhere else. Otherwise I will remain lonely and miserable.

      This might just be a new wave where I fast for a period and then relapse. I even have a feeling that will happen.

  34. Gabrielle
    Gabrielle says:

    Hey…. I’m so glad I found this … cause honestly I’ve been struggling…
    My Bts and K-pop obesssion hasn’t lasted for a super long time but I’m grateful I’m getting over it.

    I’ve always heard of k-pop
    And over the years I’ve listened to a few songs but I never actually paid any attention to it . I have a major exam coming up ( pls do keep me in your prayers)
    So while studying I tend to take tiny breaks and watch a few videos it was then that I stumbled upon one of their videos and one thing lead to another and for some reason I was glued to it… their run episodes , their crack videos ,their American interviews ,their vines…etc..
    And usually when it comes to studying I always am able to give up things that distract me and I thought that I’d be able to do the same for BTS but then I just kept watching and getting addicted instead of studying and I would always , like some what pray and say”Lord this is the last video I’m gonna watch ” but then after an hour I would come back…
    Things we’re kinda getting out of hand.. I stopped praying that much in the morning and even when I was praying my mind kept wandering the only sincere prayers I made were for Bts ,even while I was trying to study I would day dream about them .

    Even though I knew what my priorities are I kept on binge watching…

    I realised I was not praying nor was I studying , I wasn’t doing anything right and I was just sitting hours together watching Bts .

    I decided to pray about it ..
    And I did everyday , I prayed sincerely and hard for focus …. it dint happen at once but gradually I started watching lesser videos and I felt better.. but I still did day dream a lot

    So I decided to check for other things related to k-pop.. that is the dark side of K-pop which basically showed the harsh reality of their lives and it was pretty sad to read about all the things that happen…
    But then I stumbeled upon this video which was talking about illuminati symbolism … and the part about the eye and I thought to myself , I’ve seen Bts show that kinda symbolism more than once in so many of their dances and mvs …and then I kept thinking about how addicted I got and how I just wouldn’t want to let go.
    And this addiction wasn’t only me but so so many others…. I kinda found it a little creepy … while I was on another one of my searches about Christianity and K-pop I came here and I thank God I found this site because all of us were going through the same thing… and some of us have overcome it and some of us have not . I thank all of y’all for the prayers y’all have made for all those having K-pop addictions.. I’ve started praying too not only for the fans but for K-pop idols so that they may be able to find God and be filled with his love and holy presence ….
    Not all songs are bad and we can listen to them but we should pray and ask God to give us self control , nothing can ever replace God.. and we should make a conscious effort to keep ourselves away from the things of the world …

    God’s never gonna leave our side no matter how far we drift apart all we need to do is come back to God and he’ll be waiting for us with open arms …

    I’m happy I was able to control my addiction before it grew even worse.. and I pray for all those who are unable to get themselves out and I insist you to pray as well , we may not be able to do it on our own so we need to pray for God’s help in all situations….

    I’m soooo happy I found this site .. I’ll keep y’all all in my prayers , pls do keep me in your prayers to so that I may not get distracted like that again…

    God bless all of y’all ….. I hope we all do something today that we’ll be proud of tomorrow

    • Mayra
      Mayra says:

      Hello Gabrielle!

      Glad to have read your comment too. I posted several times here myself nd have replied to a few. If you want to know about my most current update with KPOP. I just replied to Hanz, her post before yours.

      I just wanted to say that I’m gong to pray more and I really liked what your shared about praying. Please pray for me if you can. Thank you!

  35. Kesh
    Kesh says:

    Hello, I am so blessed to read your journey (as well as the journey of those who commented on this article) and how the Lord is changing you day by day. I am struggling the same thing. I felt relieved that I wasn’t alone and I felt blessed to know that many of us are seeking truth and freedom from our weaknesses in order to bring the Lord glory and honor.

    I am praying for BTS too. (I’m actually looking for other people too who have the same burden.) I also want them to be saved. I’m praying that the Lord will prepare their hearts to receive His word and when it’s God’s time, His word will bear fruit in their lives. I think everyone in the K-pop industry needs the Lord the same way we all need Him. But, the Lord also spoke to me regarding this. I should work on my spiritual walk diligently and have an encounter with Lord first. We must all experience personal revival. Only then can His spirit flow through us and through the lives of others.

    Thank you. I thank the Lord for leading me here. Let us continue to hold on to His promise that He will finish what He began in us. <3

    • Hanz
      Hanz says:

      Glad to hear your journey as well, Kesh!
      I have the same burden as well and I try to pray for them every day, along with friends, family, and other influencers. I kind of wish there was a prayer group that prays for these people also.

  36. Karra Eonnie
    Karra Eonnie says:

    Hello everyone,

    I was also a fan of kpop… I used to collect their albums and photobooks, watched VIP concert and basically spend almost all of my time into kpop. I left kpop because I realized that somehow it becomes an obsession. I encourage you to listen on youtube about digital cocaine. It’s the same thing about other addictions and it has the same effect on our brains.

    Lessening it down will not work either. It’s like we are trying to compromise and we cannot fool God. We have to ask ourselves if It’s glorifying God. In the bible it is said that meditate on the word day and night. If it’s hard for us we need to surrender everything to the Lord. I suggest prayer and fasting will help. Also, a support group at your local church. Join a small group..etc. God needs our hearts fully.. I’m not saying forget kpop.. It is good we pray for them like most of you say. We need to pray for the industry because a lot of people are getting addicted to it. We should focus on

    Matthew 22:36-40 New International Version (NIV)

    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    We should be rejoicing and singing and praising God more and not of the worldly things for we are not from here but princess of heaven.

    From my experience.. both kpop, drama and everything that limits my time to spend with God… I removed it. Compromising isn’t gonna help.
    It is like.. okay from now on I will only smoke 1 cigarette a day… believe be that doesn’t work. If you feel you are already addicted to something remove yourself completely.. We can maybe try to fool ourselves but not God.

    Also.. I know some parents or other people will not tell us in a loving way. It will hurt us and we will going to be disappointed and maybe confused. Only focus in Jesus.. respond in loving way and kindness.. and focus only to Jesus.. because people will just disappoint us … Let us pray for each and everyone who struggles and be the light… for we are the salt and light of the world. God Bless you all

  37. Ezralie
    Ezralie says:

    Yoooooo guys I am actually so shook right now!!
    I relate to this article and all the testimonies and replies below so much.
    I just wanna say that I have come out through the other side of this K-pop craze victorious in Jesus’ name. I think this can be applicable to any addiction to any band/ artist.

    I got into K-pop at secondary school at like around 12-13. That same year my friend introduced me to manga and anime and I was addicted for years. That was my first introduction to the Asian entertainment culture and how I got so interested.
    Anime/manga is a whole other kettle of fish, it was basically my pornography addiction phase. But thanks be to Jesus He broke that stronghold and I’ve been free for years. Jesus can deliver you from any and every stronghold.

    Anyway back to Kpop, my first Kpop song I listened to was SS501 Baby let me love you. Up until 2012 I went from stanning group to group, U-Kiss to Super Junior, Shinee to Exo.
    But Exo really got their hooks in me, I was like a directioner equivalent (1D). They were my first and last ultimate Stan group.
    From Mama to Overdose Era I bought every single physical album in both languages. I used to have their pictures on the wall and sometimes have imaginary conversations with them. ( that is mainly cause I’m a lowkey weirdo thou).
    I even have a few thousand viewed reaction videos on my YT I have just remembered about lol.

    In school I bonded over EXO with my closest friends and it made me really happy. I would even show off the members and the Mv’s to my family and anyone who would listen.
    I would scowler the internet of any news on them, from fan videos, to variety show, interviews and I would also investigate if they were religious or not lol .
    For the first 1-2 years, it was fine I was just living out my fan girl days.
    I actually became friends with two people who claimed (have now lost contact) that they were friends with my ultimate bias.
    You can imagine all the nonsense scenarios and my imagination running wide that got me even more invested. Ughhhh

    But things really started to turn for worst when I started to engage more with the fandom: Exo-l’s though social media.
    A massive snare was tumblr, asianfanfics, and fanfics in general.
    One of the Exo members was my ultimate bias and I was extremely drawn to him, not in a sexual way but his personality and character really really attracted me.

    I have always been quite innocent/ naive about sexual stuff, and my curiosity has lead me to bad addictions in the past (hentai anime).
    So when I first saw ‘exomemberxreader’ scenarios I was inquisitive and at first they were really cute and swoon-worthy. But I didn’t know how dirty minded the fandom could get. And I would find myself reading erotic fiction about him and myself as the reader.
    To make things worst I wanted to to see poc reader reflected in the stories so I stumbled across Ambw tags (Asian man black woman) ‍♀️ Worst mistake ever the stories were always so demeaning and derogatory towards black characters.
    I was really hooked cause at one point I really believed that I really genuinely fancied the guy (crazy right?!). And becauseI had mutual friends, apparently,(still not 100% how true that was lol) I thought it may be fate or a possibility that I’ll meet him. And that fuelled a lot of this particular interest in him.

    By my penultimate and final year in college, as I was part of a student Christian ministry I really calmed down on reading the fanfics and just read interviews and updates on the group.

    I’ve now graduated and started attending this amazing church, a few weeks back in church, the preacher gave a sermon and prophetic word on “sinful friendships”. He gave a prophetic word about how people have made hobbies, habits, indulgences out of things that are sinful and idolatrous.
    Boi was I so convicted, cause every now and then I would slip into clicking on links that pertained to that EXO member that were sexually lewd. And their recent Eve performances / choreography was extremely erotic so even if I wasn’t looking for anything, for the longest time they were always gyrating and pelvis thrusting on my Twitter, and insta feeds.

    When the preacher said that some of us have opened doors for the enemy to thrive and easily lead us to sin through the things we indulge in.
    I was convicted sooooo bad I had to cut off all idolatrous ties in my heart to Exo and Kpop. I was in no way shape or form allowing anything but Christ sit on the throne of my heart or even rival Him.

    For now I’ve minimised my social media expose to them so I unfollowed all of them and deleted social media to do a much needed cleansing.

    I still like their music and support them but as a part-time fan from a safe distance. And I make sure I have other hobbies so I don’t leave the possibility to be idle and slip up.

    I’ve recently been into MBTI personality typing and low and behold my former bias and I are ‘perfect’ matching myerbriggs types.
    That is the enemy tryna come from another avenue but it’s on lock off fr. ‍♀️ I’m not interested in allow any foothold of sin in my life tbh. ‍♀️
    On a serious note
    I was only ever able to overcome these strong addictions through prayer and discipline. Also ultimately in seeking and pursuing the fullness of joy that is in Christ Jesus.
    There is nothing outside of Christ that will ever come close to satisfying your soul’s sole desire which is to bask in His glory.
    God is the one and only Being where giving glory to Him is the most selfless thing he asks of us cause it doesn’t add to His status or and to His grandeur.
    God will still be magnificent without anyone praising Him. Glorying Him does a whole lot more good to us than to Him because that is what we were created for, to taste and see that the LORD is good because, “for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’”
    -‭‭Acts‬ ‭17:28‬‬

    It’s okay to have hobbies, but not idols(the irony).

    “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
    -‭‭Psalms‬ ‭16:11‬‬

    • Nana
      Nana says:

      I am in the same situation. EXO are my UB group(3 years and counting )
      and I do love them a lot but I want to grow my faith more. How did you cut of the ties with EXO? I still want to support them in a sense

  38. Nana
    Nana says:

    This really opened me up about Kpop in relation to my religion. I currently struggle with being in this Kpop world~ I pray all the time and read Pslams but I haven’t been able to fully devote myself to Christ and God as my love for EXO is getting in the way. EXO haven’t done anything wrong to me but I want to think about them less and focus more on my life and faith.
    I would like to talk to someone about this so my email is
    God Bless you all x

  39. Nana Appiah
    Nana Appiah says:

    Hello everyone,I am currently going through this struggle and I hope to released from this addiction.I am not as addicted as I was before but I continue to listen to new music releases as I personally find it catchy.I still want to listen to kpop but not think about it 24/7.I am a person who gets into things easily and Kpop has been one of them(almost a fan for 4 years).I am constantly surrounded by Kpop (many of my friends are fans) so I end up being dragged into it all over again.
    Is it possible to listen to Kpop out of pure interest?
    I need to talk to someone about this:(
    Please pray for to reduce my addiction and help me to become a better follower of God.

    • esther
      esther says:

      You can be interested in it but make sure you don’t love it more than you love God, and don’t spend too much time on it because what you spend your time on = what you value

  40. Grace
    Grace says:

    I honestly wish this was God’s answer to me, but it’s not. Now, this is between me and God (i.e. doesn’t apply to everyone); He’s been quite loud and clear about this subject with me: He does not want me anywhere near kpop. I tried compromising and stopped listening to Twice (my favorite which I was hardcore idolizing) and carried on with other artists that I hadn’t gotten invested in, but He just flat out said No. Times like now I roam around trying to “make sure” that I heard correctly, but the message is loud and clear. The Holy Spirit convicts me of my sin every single time.

  41. Bea
    Bea says:

    Hi. I just found this article and it was really helpful for me to realize what I should to be back closer to God. I just want to ask for an advice because I have this close kpop fan friend. She really influenced me, that when I was reducing my time onto fangirling for kpop, she was like dragging me again. But, I am scared to ignore her because she actually don’t have many friends and it concerns me if I just leave her like that. To be honest, she kinda had a bad influence on me but I don’t know what to do. Please enlighten me.

    • Liz
      Liz says:

      I have this same problem and what I learned is that you need to invest your time and efforts into people and other relationships that will challenge you in your faith and support you in your struggles, temptations, and keep you accountable in your walk with Christ. This friendship sounds like s/he is leading you into temptation and not away from it. Invest im friendships that are healthy and with people that will be a good role model for you. I myself am still, and probably will always be working on my relationship with God so investing in being around other Christians will only be one more step in the right direction. As 1 Corinthians 15:33 says “Bad company corrupts good character.”

  42. Estelle Su
    Estelle Su says:

    Hi I found this article when I was reading my Bible devotionals this morning. This means so much to me, I don’t idolize BTS but I do feel uneasy when I’m not updated on what is going on in their lives, or where they are going. I feel really jealous when I see my friends have albums and have chances to go to their concerts. Then my parents found out about my “obsession” with BTS (My father is a pastor at a Chinese church) then they said that I’m not allowed to listen to their music anymore and that I can’t watch their videos. I was really upset and mad at them for doing that to me. I started disobeying my parents and listening to BTS on Spotify. Then whenever my friends played KPOP at school, I feel guilty listening to it because I was disobeying my parents, but my pastor he told me that whenever I listen to KPOP with my friends, I shouldn’t feel guilty at all because, deep down I really know that KPOP isn’t a bad thing. I listen to KPOP because I admire Jhope’s talent to dance so well, or Suga’s talent to rap so fast yall know? But the bad things is I realized that during this time when my parents didn’t allow me to listen to BTS, I was fading away from God. I was disobeying God because I didn’t obey my parents by listening to KPOP on my Spotify. I got really scared, because all my life I have been raised a Christian and I’ve always had a good relationship with God. I still struggle with this to this day. But I really like the advise this article gave me, to pray for BTS so that one day I can see them in heaven :))

  43. Liz
    Liz says:

    Hi. So I just had a really in-depth conversation with my mom about why I like BTS and if their image and songs are actually a good role model for me. I am a young teenager and find it dfficult to get out of the sticky web that K-Pop has dragged me into. I really like BTS for their well-written/produced music that raises awareness about mental health, depression, etc. I also like how humble they are and how appreciative they are of their fans despite their global fame. They make you feel as if you know them and they are just another ordinary human. Which, is how I should see them anways, and not idolize them over God which I know I have done already even recently. Reading this article helped as I have been conflicted about whether or not I should even be a fan of BTS. It made me realize that I can like their music and praise God for bringing these people together to create such beautiful music that inspires so many people each day. I will also pray to God to help guide me and not to idolize them over him in my heart. I beat myself up every day knowing that I could be improving my relationship with God if I just spent as much time praying to him and reading the Bible as I did watching BTS music videos or browsing the internet for K-Pop merch to buy. I need to be setting aside more time for God and prioritize him in my life. I also am afraid to follow BTS because I know that their leader, RM (Kim Namjoon), has publicly proclaimed that he is an atheist. What kind of role model should that be to me? I didn’t share this tidbit with my mother because I knew she would become outraged and tell me to stop associating myself with BTS immediately. I think my solution to this will be to pray for not just RM, but all of the members of BTS and pray that God will show himself to them and that they might find Christ and give their lives to him so that they may be forgiven and enjoy their lives in heaven as well as on Earth. So my biggest question is about their music. How does it praise God. I mean their newest concepts do talk about learning to love yourself, which I can imagine is all God wants for each and every one of us, but he also wants us to not only love ourselves but also our neighbors, our families, our friends, our enemies, and most importantly Him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Bolu
      Bolu says:

      Hi, I was desperately looked for a recent comment to this article because I didn’t want to look like a creep and comment on things posted years go haha, but I’m so glad I found your comment because I can 100% relate.
      In terms of the messages in BTS’ music, apart from the worship music that I listen to I can say that BTS have the purest songs within the music that I listen to which, for me atleast is a good sign. However I still feel nervous because I don’t know if I’m doing the wrong thing by listening to them even though they have a good message in their songs? I don’t know

    • Myra
      Myra says:

      I see what you mean. It is really quite simple: can you sincerely tell God that He is number one? Is Jesus the Lord of your life? If you find that most of your day is occupied by BTS, that is a flashing warning. I know many people who can listen to BTS without fangirling. They see BTS is no more than another group band they respect and enjoy listening to. These people don’t place BTS on pedestal.
      If you find your thoughts occupied about BTS. If you find yourself fantasizing about ANYTHING about BTS, then that is a warning that you are beginning an “escapism” habit. Escapism is real. Did you know how often you “escape” life can be detrimental? I didn’t know until I noticed how depressed, resentful, lonely and sad I was gettng.

      So to answer Bolu’s question: It is not really wrong to listen to BTS if they are not IDOLS in your life. It is not wrong if they not pushing God away from you.

      I’ve fallen off the wagon for what feels like the 20th time. JUST now deleted my Tumblr and fake Youtube account. I had been fantasizing and reading endless pics. My consequence this time around was that I gained half the weight i’ve lost because I kept choosing bts over my physical health (which i heard God asking me to focus on). Email me if you want just give me your email.

    • Ruby
      Ruby says:

      Has anyone ever listened to their 2018 comeback song, “Anpanman” i have researched this “Anpanman” that they based their song in and what I have realized is, it’s a replacement Jesus. Anpanman is an old cartoon character that gives a piece of himself to the poor and the needy bc his face is made out of bread. But who is our bread of life? Jesus is our bread of life. We need to continually eating our daily bread(bible) and feeding our minds with His daily bread. Their lyrics is, “waiting for you anpanman”… Just like us christians are waiting for Jesus’second coming. In their lyrics it says, “getting covered in bruises” just like Jesus was covered in bruises for us and suffered for us. The song Anpanman composed by BTS is such a happy and upbeat song and Im sure was created so that their fans can look to them for hope. And I do think that it is sincere that they want to connect to their fans but only Jesus can save us. And also… There are more things in their lyrics, videos and dance moves that make me feel convicted to not have anything to do with them. I do think that they dont know that what they are doing is going against God. But I pray for them bc I have come to love them and their personalities.

    • Sunnii Shine
      Sunnii Shine says:

      Hi can we start a group or something. I think it would be great to share our stories and encourage each other.

    • Vanessa
      Vanessa says:

      This is so nice! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 I am also a fan of BTS, especially Kim Namjoon, but my heart broke when I found out that according to news he is an atheist, I cried, literally because I liked him too much. I asked myself should I forget about Kim Namjoon and BTS? And what I did is I prayed. For an unchurched person what we need to do for them first is to pray for them. I prayed to God that may He reveal himself to RM, and all of the BTS band to know Christ (for nothing is impossible with God) because a relationship with God is all that matters in the end. Please pray for them (I am continously praying for them), also I will pray for you that may we enjoy God’s gift but never replace God as our ultimate priority and joy in this life. Godbless you!

  44. Ruby
    Ruby says:

    Hi, thank you for writing this. I am a baby christian and I also like a big kpop band right now, BTS. And I know that I can’t put them first bc God has to be first. I do want to completely stay away though bc I am noticing that BTS’ videos, Lyrics and dance moves are “antichrist” and I know that is extreme to say. And I am not calling them “the antichrist” I dont even know if they know what they are doing. Its just the things that I notice from their performances and lyrics and dance moves that make me feel convicted. I do pray for them though. Again thank you for sharing bc this is my struggle right now. Pray for me. Please. My name is Ruby.

  45. Sunnii Shine
    Sunnii Shine says:

    Hi I’m a little late but this post is so helpful. I too was obsessed with kpop until the Lord helped me to see myself through his perspective. I decided to fully commit to him and I made a seperate time to spend with him. I gave up k-pop for a week and until now I still haven’t listened or watched anything relating to it. However, I know it’s not a sin but I’m confused whether or not I can still be a k-pop fan and still put God first. Can I still watch kpop contents or kdramas even if I limit the time I spend on it and not worship the idols? Or should I just give it up entirely because I don’t want to ve sucked up again into the hole? However, I still do have an interest and I know that it’s ok to have hobbies. I also listen to Jay Park’s which some of his songs are about sex. Should I just delete them and stop listening to them entirely? Also, if anyone can I think it would be good to have a group chat where we can talk and encourage each other. Again, thank you for this post.

    • Connie Childress
      Connie Childress says:

      Hola group & fellow believers….can you believe I am a 69 yr old American, retired ESL (English as a Second Language), Spanish speaking teacher, writer, world traveler who loves the Lord, grew up Southern Baptist, VBS, Vacation Bible School, The Beatles (Fab 4), Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Texas football, Mexican food, Hawaiian luaus, Billy Graham, the Olympics, garage sales, cross country road trips, campouts in the Rockies, Texas coast, NO air conditioning in cars, 5 Hardee’s Hamburgers for a dollar, swimming, softball, art museums, West Side Story, Crips & Bloods, jFK, MLK, Gandhi and John Lennon, Ri go Star, Paul McCartney & my favorite Beatle George Harrison. I still have my canoe and love birdwatching.

      I loved ( and still do) The Who, Hee Haw, Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Johnny Cash, Olivia Newton-John, Petula Clark, Barbara Streisand (Babs), Hollywood, Broadway, American Idol, drive-in movies, Gospel Music, The State Fair of Texas, Ozark Empire Fair, George Jones, Meryl Haggard, Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Galveston, Padre Island, AMTRAK, Branson, Andy Williams, Grease, Jazz, Louis Armstrong, Trevor Noah, horses, swimming, street tacos, food trucks Tex-Mex food and now guess what? I just discovered Kpop!!!
      Love it and am of going to my first K Pop Together Festival in Lewisville, Tx (north of Dallas ) next weekend. Chi Angel and Weki Meki! Should I be excited? I found Chi Angel but couldn’t find much about Weki Meki. Please email the names of some Christian Kpop groups. I would appreciate it. I have some background in jazz & modern dance and love the choreography in KPop!

      Really enjoyed learning more about Korean culture. I taught English as a second language for 13 years and discovered quickly that Korean Americans spoke beautiful English and only had one 8th grade student from Korea in my ESL class 20 yrs. ago. I also taught with a gal from Korea years ago & have eaten at a Korean Bar-b-Que restaurant in Dallas. Korea is on my “bucket list” of countries to visit. I have only been to 13 countries and my last big adventure was going to Israel this year in March with my church, Highland Country Fellowship in Dallas. Ever in Dallas please come & visit.

      Sad to hear of the passing of young, 25 yr old Choi Jin-ri, stage name Sulli, K pop singer, actress and activist. What little I read was that she suffered from cyber bulling which led into depression and maybe suicide. My heart goes out to her family, fans and loved ones.

      Hats off to you and your group and wanted to share one of my favorite bible verses. Proverbs 4:23 Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

      Blessings, Vaya con Dios! Go with God.
      Connie/Consuelo My nickname in Spanish means comfort/consulation ❤️⚾️‍♂️

    • Ms Me
      Ms Me says:

      Hey Sunnii Shine. Hope you are doing ok. This reply is a little late, but I’m going through the same problem. I have been struggling to find out whether or not it’s ok to continue my love of Kpop music. Earlier today, I asked God to forgive me for idolizing these mere humans, and also for lusting after some of these poor people. I had also decided to cut out music which has bad language and sexual content. I personally don’t think it’s a sin to listen to Kpop and appreciate the artists. They are called idols, probably by the definition of a person who is greatly admired. However, they very well can become the other definition of an idol to fanatics. As followers of Christ, we can not forget who our true Savior is. I feel like you need to pray really hard about it and let God guide you. I would stop listening to songs with curse words and sexual themes. God bless you and all the best to you. 🙂

    • Myra
      Myra says:

      Hello Sunnii,
      I think it takes time and prayer to discern what is the right thing to do. I have this feeling or the “holy spirit” sometimes tell me what I should let go and I don’t bc I didnt want to. For instance, I KNEW that I had to let the music go because it EVENTUALLY brings me back full circle to the idolatry of KPOP. I’ve deleted my TUmblr, Youtube and fake fan account MUTLIPLES times, only to create one all over again and spiral back into it.

      For me, it only takes a song that I can imagine a KPOP dance to “give in” or “check in” on the KPOP world before getting sucked in 100% again.

    • Myra
      Myra says:

      Also I think it’s a great idea to start some group. I’m Myra who previously posted. I come feeling like a failure because I got “sucked back in” again. I got a little over BTS but only because I’m currently obsessed with Ateez’s Yunho and Yeosang. I honestly never thought I’d see the day where I would idolize over someone else who is not BTS. I thought I’d be happy but it’s like replacing a curse with another curse.

  46. Ms Me
    Ms Me says:

    Maybe we should stop listening to them if they support such ungodly things. It’s going to be hard though. Try to find some good contemporary Christian music. Or some good old Gospel. That stuff can really nourish your soul.

  47. Priscilla
    Priscilla says:

    You know, I am going through what most of you are going through. But I felt especially depressed, frustrated, despaired today. I’m just happy I found this blog.

  48. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Hi, big bts fan here! Thank you so much for sharing! i have been struggling with this lately and it’s been hard. i used to be very obsessed but i’ve gotten better. i still get confused and wonder if i’m just being in denial.. i will keep on praying and hope God answers my prayers soon.

  49. Romans 8
    Romans 8 says:

    Wow, it is crazy to see how many of us Christians have been left astray because of Kpop idols. Thank you for sharing your testimonies. I have also got into the BTS black hole just this past year. And with their new comeback everything, it has been such a time suck, and I can feel my relationship with God slowly drain away. And I have been putting over God, who is supposed to be the Lord of my life. I know I have to repent to the Lord and cut my obsession over them.

    While going cold turkey is one way to cut off the obsession, I think that is relying a lot on one’s own strength and that is really hard. I just want to say to many of you out there who is in this battle, just like me, know that we can’t solely fight on our own strength and have to rely on the Lord in this journey. He is forgiving and merciful like a loving Father. We need to constantly seek Him in his Word and prayer.

    We also have to understand the root cause of why we crave the Kpop culture so much. Is it because we want to be loved? Is it because we want to escape from the current realities we are in? Is there something we desire or want that we see from Kpop idols? I need to truly ask what is the root cause of why I am so obsessed and be honest with myself. And once I know the cause, I can give it to God, because He is ultimately the one who satisfies those desires and can change and purify my sinful heart.

  50. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Oh wow this is crazy how we all feel this way I’m currently fantasizing about taehyung from bts thinking that in the future we will meet and that I’ll be his gf or friend to share about God with him I know crazy maybe I feel this way bc I still listen to their music and I need to let go of them i know I’m not the only one who feels this way it’s scary but I’m also more concerned of their faith with God I want them to know God idk why it’s in my heart but I’ll continue to pray for them I don’t know them personally and it’s a waste of time thinking about taehyung when he doesn’t even know I exist I’m delusional I find comfort that I’m not the only who thinks like this bc its temptation the enemy wants me to think this scenario and wants me to believe that me and taehyung will “cross paths” I know i can let go I’ll just pray for them and hopefully somewhere down in their life they can come close to God that’s my only wish i pray for God to help me get rid of these thoughts if any of you see thos please pray for me ❤

  51. Sophiaaa
    Sophiaaa says:

    Hi. I also obsessed with kpop. So I thank you. I want to pray for them. It’s really good idea. And I want to find friends in Bremen. Please write comment. I really want to have friends who love God. We are all together. Be happy)

    • jenny
      jenny says:

      i am one of the people that is a Christian and a kpop fan. If u wanna talk about it u can reach me here or better yet in IG, I go by the username: nctquack (lol)

      God bless you!

      In Christ,

  52. Mara
    Mara says:


    Thank you for writing about this. I too have been struggling with this before and actually was able to surrender it to God. That surrender and wisdom God gave me as I entrusted my kpop addiction to Him helped me a lot with my discipleship since my girls suffer from a form of idolatry too and by God’s grace, I could minister to them effectively because I went through it in the past.
    (Of course all this through the power of the Holy Spirit)

    It was not just KPOP. It was everything in the world that I thought made me the kind of person I want to be. Broadway, books, movies, songs or anything that I want myself influenced by thinking it would make me more sophisticated and more unique. But when the gospel was shared to me and I committed my life to Christ (during my 2nd year in medical school), this was one of many things he had to sanctify me from.

    I was over it by God’s grace but then COVID happened and isolation was getting difficult as the months passed. I felt lost and alone. My quiet time seemed meaningless. I am in a lot of stress because despite the pandemic, our board exam schedule for Physicians remains as it is (which is on September). I was in despair. So I went back to KPOP just to relieve my stress. And for two weeks straight I started acting like my old self. Needed to be constantly updated, obsessing on new music videos, obsessing over the physical appearance of my bias.

    The happiness it gave me was temporary. I felt more lost than I was before. And the beauty with having a relationship with God is that He will not allow you to keep on sinning. As he has said in his Word in Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

    I was already convicted to stop. And stopping was not easy. It really wasnt. Just the thought of stopping produced a physical pain in my chest. That’s how knee deep my idolatry was in just two weeks. One morning I said this has to stop. I am not anymore honoring God. Even if it is painful, if I gain Christ back then so be the pain. I deleted everything from my phone. Unfollowed accounts on instagram. Made myself accountable to other women who will have compassion on me and help me by leading me to Christ in those times I would feel weak and mourn again what was painful to lose or mourn all the more for exchanging my worship to God for a mere man. Though I did all these things, I still knew that in my heart I desired it. Even as I did not watch anymore, my head would recount all those favorite videos I’ve watched and my heart still longed for it. This made me mourn all the more. My heart was deceitful.

    Then one day I cried and prayed hard for freedom from this sin of idolatry. And God led me to the life of King Solomon. He had all the wisdom in the world and was prosperous because he walked in the statures of the Lord but he, who had great wisdom and knowledge and can fathom many things especially the spiritual things, committed idolatry. His joy for God was lost. Everything he did under the sun became meaningless (Ecclesiastes). And that made my heart grieve for I did not want to fall into the same faith as Solomon did. I did not want to lose my fellowship with Jesus. Just the thought of losing Christ broke my heart.

    Though I was in tears as I surrendered, I prayed and asked for forgiveness. God is a forgiving Father. In the story of the prodigal son, the Father was waiting for the son to come back and when he saw him from the distance, the Father ran to meet him and the Father was joyful in seeing him come back. The Lord waits for us to come back to him and he is more than ready to forgive. As He has said in His word in 1John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”

    We praise God for his gift of love, grace and mercy. We praise God for the gift of faith and we praise Him for giving Jesus who died for our sins so that we may have fellowship once again with the Father who longs to give us a full and meaningful life.

    I’m really grateful for your testimony. I hope we could be friends. Truly friends. I am blessed by what you shared and this testimony of yours are God’s way of liberating those who have the same suffering.

    Thank you

  53. M
    M says:

    Hey, I like the dancing of k-pop, I wouldn’t say im obsessed but the christian dance scene is lacking severely, is it is sin to want to be good at dancing/singing??? 🙂 how can one use dance as a form of ministry/evangelism???

  54. Mahima
    Mahima says:

    I also got into kpop world unknowingly.Everything felt beautiful.Even though I myself argue it’s okay I am not in lust,neither I am watching any vulgar content but I got addicted.My spiritual life seemed like it was dead but by God’s grace those were my spiritual awakening days and now I got rid of unhealthy entertainments from life.

  55. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful reflection. My friends say I am in denial of obsessing over Kpop right now well maybe I am because they have proven it by my actions. I am a Christian and I always thank God for my kpop idol’s lives because they are a blessing for many people and an inspiration and I always pray for my Idols that they may find God to believe in because relationship with God is very important. May God use them to speak His gospel because after this life nothing else will matter, only God does.
    I thank the Lord for seeing this content, now I will adjust my fan girling routine, balance and prioritize what should be on top and use this positive platform to make Jesus known. Godbless you all!

  56. R
    R says:

    I just got into bts about 2 weeks ago. I feel confused about it because I want to dedicate my life to God but I feel like a hypocrite for listening to Bts. I’m not a obsessed fan but I do have admiration for these men. I feel dirty on the inside yet I feel conflicted because I still want to listen to their music. I feel sad because I’m giving this up when deep down I don’t want to. I hope someone can help me because I feel guilty about it.

  57. Val
    Val says:

    I feel the need to share my own story, just in case it helps someone out. Reading all of these personal experiences is helping me out so much and helping me identify certain behaviours I’ve been doing. Also, I felt that I was the only one dealing with a Kpop obsession and didn’t know what to do about it. It’s good to realise I’m not alone. This is rather honest and I’m really not proud of the stuff I’ve done, but I hope it can help at least someone. If you’re going through the same thing, you can definitely come out on the other side of it.

    My initiation into Kpop was back in 2018, when I heard a snippet of ‘Baby don’t stop’ by Ten and Taeyong of NCT. I really liked the song and my curiosity of Kpop finally came to fruition. Prior to this, I had heard of Kpop as a genre and overhead fellow church goers talking about BTS, when they became a worldwide sensation in 2016/17. However, back then I was sceptical of Kpop and wasn’t curious enough to listen. I’d also heard of Khip- hop, via Dean, but had only heard of one song by him. So that was the only experience I’d had by then.

    Gradually, I slipped down the rabbit hole of Kpop and particularly began to look into BTS, as they were the group who I’d heard of most. As many in the fandom will tell you, I will too; It started rather innocently. I watched a video to understand the basics of BTS- their names. Then, hours later, I was immersed in crack videos and memes of BTS. This went on for a short period of time, since I was on holiday from school and wanted to occupy my time. After that, I kind of fell off my curiosity with BTS and continued with my life. Though, that quick look into BTS caused my life at that time to be influenced by other aspects of Kpop- other groups, as well as k-dramas, anime and manga. Soon after, BTS would attend award shows and perform concerts in America and my timeline would be flooded with coverage and memes and my curiosity would start up all over again. As bad as this sounds, I can now finally admit I felt somewhat jealous of BTS. Outwardly, I would deny caring so much about BTS, but deep inside I knew I cared and I practically wanted to be them. They were doing big things. They knew what they were supposed to do in life and I had no clue. They had all eyes on them and were very talented. I feel like Kpop/BTS served indirectly as fuel for my own insecurities. One of which being my lack of purpose. I didn’t feel like I was blessed with any talents that would make an impact or amaze anybody. Or have an ‘important enough’ calling to carry out.

    Unfortunately, it got to the point where I endorsed the lust for BTS. I would read a lot of BTS fan fiction. Whether it would be BTSxReader, boyXboy, etc. My library was filled with these stories and I would stay up reading them. Even if I had school in the morning, and would get less than 3 hours of sleep, I still did so.

    Even worse, I found BTS/Kpop fanfiction more applicable to me. As one of the earlier testimonies mentioned, I too came across a tag called ‘AMBW’ (asian man black woman). As aforementioned, the stories degrade black characters and only validate them as a fetish.
    Long story short, I internalised this and ended up reducing myself to only being worthy because of my body. Or, that I was supposed to be a fetish. This affected how I interacted with people, or how I was treated by certain people and I allowed it. Also, I would often seek validation from those online videos where they ask if they like a certain ethnicity/race etc. It was a downward spiral of cumulative insecurities. In hindsight, this was really messed up and I wish I could go back and dismantle this mindset l had.

    As of this year, during quarantine, I found myself getting back into them once again, because I had time to occupy. I started watching the crack videos, any sort of content surrounding them, etc. I think the reason for this, was because I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. I wanted to understand the inside jokes, or have the streaming parties, or buy their albums, know their songs, etc. I knew a big theme of theirs was ‘love yourself’ and I saw so many people talking about how BTS had helped them love themselves. And to be honest I don’t love myself. So I thought turning to BTS could help. But, I realised that realistically, for me, BTS couldn’t really help me love myself. I also found myself questioning the idea of elevating them as ‘idols’, since it didn’t sit right with me.

    As of most recent, I’ve developed a bad habit. I constantly imagine myself in a position where I’m in BTS’ life, or I imagine I’m somebody else, which i know is childish, but a sort of escape from a bleak reality (came to realise from the other posts, this is known as escapism), I.e- a musician, or someone important enough to be at these awards, or I’m friends with them, or friends with someone associated with them, or they notice me, etc. Basically a fanfiction in my daydream. All hypothetical, wishful thinking, as I am well aware it would never happen. But, the problem with this is I’m not living my own life for me. Everything I do is revolved around me imagining BTS is watching me or I’m someone else or whatever. It’s false hope. I’m missing out on my true calling and my own life, because I’m concentrating so much on BTS/ being someone else. I guess a lot more people can relate to the feeling of not being good enough or feeling they’re not relevant, etc. These times I feel like I’m putting them above God and it’s definitely wrong.

    It’s also unfair to them. I realised that the lusting I was doing over them was wrong. So, I deleted all the fanfics in my library and haven’t read any since. This was also confirmed for me, when I read a post where Taehyung had responded to him being shipped with another member and was upset about it. That’s what also made me re-realise: BTS are human, just like you and me believe it or not. That’s what I’m trying to internalise, so I don’t put them on a pedestal.

    As of now, I’m trying to start prioritising my relationship with God. There’s a lot within me that needs working on. And all this time, I’ve been trying to fulfill it with BTS and many other worldly things. I’m trying to follow the tips under this post to finally live my own life and stop imagining my life as someone else or ‘living’ for someone else. So far it has been going well. I’m in the process of detaching myself from BTS, Kpop, etc. I’ve stopped listening to Kpop, watching anything related, deleted the photos, etc. I’ve also stopped reading all fanfictions and I’m getting rid of the mindset that I’m only worthy for my body, or that I’m supposed to fulfill a fetish. Really, I’m still working on fulfilling the part of me that feels inadequate and feels the need to indulge in escapism. This may seem radical and may not be the extent to which you have to go in terms of your relation with Kpop. But for me, it’s an unhealthy obsession that’s taken over my life for 2 years. So, I have to come away from it and live my life. But hopefully this gives hope to someone that you can curb an obsession you may have with Kpop, or recognise problematic behaviours that you need to reduce and set boundaries on. It will take time and perseverance, especially when you want to go back to the obsession, but with God’s help, you can do it. Good luck and God bless you all.

    • Haha nope
      Haha nope says:


      I am glad, not just to you, but everyone else in the comments thread that I am not alone.
      At the moment I am a huge BTS Quarantine Fan, so I am just getting started. While I don’t read fanfics (and I pray that I don’t go down that lane- despite some exposure in the comment parts of videos), I do binge a lot of their content and songs. They are all very magnetic personalities: my biases are J-Hope and RM.
      And its easy to see why we are all attracted to them- they offer something or an idea that we love to have in someone. I don’t “lust” in the way of “I wanna have your babies” kind of way (as how I used to with other celebs back in high school), but I do imagine growing a relationship with them personally before getting married to them. Sex is absent- mostly cuddles and hanging out (eg: dancing and singing l, trolling them, and songwriting with them)
      But, like you, I am also in danger of putting them above God. I don’t crack open the Bible as much, and I sometimes find myself justifying some of their songs, which may not be aligned to God’s plan. Also, consuming their content makes me very one-dimensional, and may even distance me from real relationships that are waiting to grow right in front of me.

      Also, I agree- it’s not fair to see them as just this glamorous image, but as a reminder of how wonderfully made they are made by God, and yet how fallen and human they are. I pray that we love them as how we are called to by Jesus, but not to the extent of putting them above The Lord.

      Yes, I am not leaving the Kpop fandom- I don’t think The Lord wants me to enjoy music, as He gifted it to man. But I praise Him for this wake-up call to return to Him, and being in good company of other christians in the same boat as me. As for being a fan of a group and having biases, I would like to pray about that with The Lord. I’d probably pray for them the most – they come to let The Lord into their lives. I want to Love them the way Christ does, and appreciate their talents and gifts. So its more of maturing how I react and treat and perceive my biases.

      Please help me pray for them (all our favourite Kpop celebs and bands) all to get to know God- May The Lord do miracles and bless them, and help them turn to Him instead. I hope that BTS, or whatever and whoever you’re stabbing, can find the missing gap and hole in their lives being fulfilled by The Lord.

      And please pray for each other that we can all support and encourage each other. Please pray for me too- help me also return my focus to The Lord.

  58. The lady African
    The lady African says:

    Hello. I was searching for answers to this fandom etc as well. I am a Christian, and I am researching on why we so get obsessed with the artists , kpop included. I recently discovered the BTS group and had such a pull on me. I was a bit confused considering am a Christian why this sudden zeal for boy bands as them and I got angry with myself. It’s all over the media though. So I liked your blog very much. I also loved the others contribution and sharing their struggles. We are really not alone in this.

  59. Joshua's and Jesus's #1 Fan
    Joshua's and Jesus's #1 Fan says:

    Good day, fellow disciple. I, too, am a devoted Christian who struggles with her intense addiction to K-Pop, specifically Seventeen. I mean, have you seen Joshua’s cute little button nose? And his jawline – oh, you KNOW he’s got a jawline as sharp as a knife. I am 100% a Joshua soft stan (I have proof, I took an online quiz about it). Anyways, what you’re saying really speaks to me. On one hand, I want to devote myself entirely to the word of God. After all, I was born on my homie Jesus’s birthday. But on the other hand, I can never get Joshua’s beady little eyes out of my head. I will try following your advice and I’ll let you know if it works out! God bless, ramen. #blessed

  60. bbinbbin
    bbinbbin says:

    This is a lot! Thank you for this!

    Im also a bigbang fan, like a die hard YG stan during my uni days. I always remember how I convince other friends to like kpop too, i even let thwm hear and see kpop videos always almost everytime I see something good. I’m really feeling condemned these days because it feels like I dont have the same eagerness in sharing the gospel like how I share my kpop stuff. Now that I feel closer to God more than ever, I pray that I’ll also be as intentional in sharing the gospel just as how I intentional I was in sharing kpop stuff.

  61. grace
    grace says:

    yes thanks im a chrisian and am lost in this world full of kpop i was intruduced to kpop in 3rd grade so its hard to get rid of it hopefully this will help others cuase it helped me thanks alot:)

  62. leo
    leo says:

    Thaks for reminding me that kpop is just human too because if I didnt read this immediately I would be very very possessed to kpop and almost praise them as much as I praise God. Thos message should be shared to many people so they’ll be able to over possessed to kpop or any different pop inthe world.

  63. leo
    leo says:

    Sorry for my previous comment

    The last part is supposed to be
    This message should be shared to many people so they’ll be able to not over possessed to kpop or any different pop in the world.

  64. Alkar
    Alkar says:

    Hi there. My mum just talked to me about how the end times are near and that because Christ will come soon that the devil is trying any and everything to corrupt us. I am an Army I like BTS. I am a hard stan ajd my bias is Jungkook. The concert was over the weekend here and the performances for filter by Jimin and my time by Jungkook were so amazing. I was gushing over and still am over Jungkook today. My best friend bias I Jimin and we both vent out to each other. Like I remember yesterday when I was texting her I said something like “I died because of Jungkook and his chest and how sexy he looks” etc. I am in love with Jungkook ….. Last year before I started liking them I was reading wattpad and came across smut and that kind of stuff. I had promised myself that I would stop reading wattpad but when I became army in October last year, I started back reading a lot of jk fanfics which definetly aren’t PG…..Since mummy just talked to me about how salvation is more important than ever right now, I’m just thinking on what I should do. I love BTS ..they’re new album BE comes out next month in November …I draw the members a lot especially Jungkook. I asked mummy if drawing is wrong and she said it depends on what I draw…yesterday I draw Jungkook abs in fake love and after she talked to me I kinda regret finishing that drawing…..Mummy doesn’t know that I’ve read smut, told or insinuate jokes in a sexual way when my friends and I are joking. She doesn’t know about my Stan account where I simp or always keyboard smash about BTS… I have many questions and can’t get answers so I came here…1) can I still like BTS while try to develop a relationship with the Lord? I never read the Bible before and the last time I sang a hymn was when I was in primary school around 9 or 10 years old….I’m gonna be 16 in a couple months….2) can I still draw Jungkook and the members? 3) can I still listen to their music? Like fake love or blood sweat and tears? Can I still watch their mvs? Can I watch the baepsae videos? You know what I mean….4) if I can save money can I buy merch and albums still? I’m poor and can’t afford anything but if the opportunity ever comes can I buy their merch? I got a second piercing in both my ears recently. Jungkook has 5 piercings so I have 4 and was planning to get another one next year… After talking with mummy I took out the earring and I’m gonna let it heal cuz she said if we have any piercing we can go to hell…but I still have the first piercing the one everyone has when they were a baby…I don’t want to go to hell for something as simple as that….I am genuinely confused and don’t know what to do can you all please help me?? I have nearly 10,000 photos of BTS in my phone mostly are of Jungkook…and the number increased rapidly because I saved many photos of Jungkook in my time. He just looked so good >_< and saved many GIFs of him in that "sexy fit" Y'all please help me I don't know what to do. Can I still do the things I do or do I have to completely stop all my hobbies and interests? No longer like anything? Or anyone? Or even love? Please help me

    • Junah
      Junah says:

      Halooo… I hope you’re doing great today love. I am a Christian and I like bts music too. But I refrain myself from being called an army because I can be army for Jesus only.

      I sometimes think about “having Idolatry” because if the person replace God in your heart then thats the time that we commit Idolatry. So what I did is I prayed and I worship the one true God. I told God about what I feel and just give it to him everything that confuses me. And of course the Lord answered me. He gave me 5 things to remember.

      1. He knows me even before I was born.
      2. He made me fearfully and wonderfully.
      3. He bought me with a price -Jesus blood.
      4. I did not choose him, He choose me.
      5. He told me to bear much fruit.

      We need to know who we are and whom to serve so that the devil cannot deceive us or lure us or confuse us for who we are.

      Its okay to like and to listen kpop music but do not overdue it. Rather, let us continue to pray and give time to the Lord.

      God bless!!!

    • Elis
      Elis says:

      Hi Alkar! I just read your comment. I would love to help you. I imagine what you must be going through and how confused and sad you must be, but don’t worry God loves you and will always forgive you! I want you to know that you are not alone, the Lord is with you and will always be there, I know that you feel that you are doing something wrong and you blame yourself and you don’t know which way to go. If you read this commentary, I want to help you and God wants to help you!

      <> Psalm 23

    • Jenny
      Jenny says:

      I understand your situation, I have recently trying to get out of the k-pop universe. At first, it’s still hard, the temptation of wanting to watch their mvs and know all the latest news is hard. These are the things I did to try to get away from them.
      1. I deleted Vlive, werverse and other apps I would get bts information from, trust me it was so hard to do it, but one day I decided to do it, it was now or never. Deleting these apps are so helpful because I would a lot of info from these, for example, their latest mvs and e.t.c. This helps you will see your growth after that.
      2. Pray to God so he can help you leave this addiction, he will help you. Don’t be scared to ask Jesus to help you, I prayed a lot so God could help me leave my addiction, it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed about the process over the proccess you will fail to try to leave your addiction, but God will always take your hand and help you on the way.

  65. jenny
    jenny says:

    I need help i am confused as I am a kpop fan and i need help. is it bad to listen to them? is god pleased with me hearinf them?

  66. Reez
    Reez says:

    Wow! These comments. It’s like I’m looking in the mirror. I Want Jesus more than anything now. This world cant satisfy me. Those idols are just that. IDOLS. And God wants us to get rid of idols. God bless you guys.

  67. Junah
    Junah says:

    Praise God!!! Darling, I’m a kpop kdrama fan as well. But God reminded me 5 things.

    1st – He knows me who I am, who I will become before I was born.
    2nd – He told me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    3rd – He bought me with a price – His blood.
    4th – I did not choose him, but He choose me.
    5th – He told me to bear good fruit.

    We need to understand who we are and whom to serve. Its okay to listen, attend concert but we also need to know our limitation. I praise God that you use your passion about KPOP to share the gospel of Christ. We are called to minister. Why not?

    Always pray and Always make time for the Lord. God bless!!!

  68. Olaylia
    Olaylia says:

    Hi everyone.

    I don’t know how many people willread this since this post was made quite a while ago, but I need to share this.

    I was a K-pop fan and a Christian a year ago. I was obsessed with TXT and my bias was HueningKai. I watched so many of their videos and so many of they’re lives that I got behind in studying and my grades dropped. I also spent less time with God.

    One day at my church’s worship service, I asked God why I wasn’t hearing Him. I heard a voice from within telling me that K-pop had taken over my life. I repented of my sin for idolising K-pop fans and placing them above God.

    So I cut down on the obsession, bit I still couldn’t hear God. One day the Holy Spirit prompted me to search the msaning behind TXT’s debut song, Crown. I did so and found a website that revealed satanic symbols in the music video and lyrics. I started doing my own research on satanic symbols and colours that they use, and most, if not all, are used in all K-pop music videos, and their song lyrics are spreading lies.

    God saved me from getting consumed by satanism and free masonry, which is evident in K-pop. I beg anyone reading this, PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO K-POP. Keep you mind clear. God tells us to love Him with ALL our heart, ALL our soul, ALL our mind and ALL our strength.

    This is not just in K-pop, there is satanic symbolism in English pop too, with Billie Eilish, Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber, etc. Be creful what you fill your mind with!

    I recommend watching the following videos for those that would like to do their own research about satanic symbolism in K-pop. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself…

    And this channel

    And this video for what effect music and movies have one people…

    • Chiba
      Chiba says:

      Hey Olaylia, I’m a Kpop fan too, and I’m seriously in love with Jungkook. I don’t know what happens to me but it really feels uneasy when I can’t watch BTS’ Vlive or if I couldn’t stream their MVs on the right time, or if any of them replies to a fan on weverse, I really get angry. I know something wrong is happening with me, I can see it in the change of my behaviour and thoughts, in my habits and my overall personality. I’m so addicted to them, and it’s been a while since I’ve been reading fanfictions on YouTube and it has seriously changed my mind and soul. These things have drastically changed me as a person and opened up my mind to certain things I never knew theh existed. I know everything about them (not just BTS*), their symbolism, their messages, the truth behind their lyrics. But I just can’t seem to let them go. I seriously need help..

  69. Elis
    Elis says:

    Hello to everyone who is reading this comment! I really wanted to share my story with you and anyone else who may be in a difficult situation regarding k-pop.

    Three years ago I met the one who is now my best friend, she is a super fan of BTS and she was always insisting me to watch videos of them and listen to their songs. I always avoided BTS and k-pop in general, I knew there were certain fans who were obsessed with idols and group members and I didn’t want to belong to that kind of fandoms (something that actually happened to me with all the boybands, One Direction, or singers like Justin Bieber). Well, a couple or three months ago I decided to do some real research and analysis from a Christian point of view and find out what their music was transmitting etc. I wanted to see it from all possible perspectives to have a complete opinion. After months of research I can say that BTS has a philosophy of Carl Jung, that is, in short, according to Jung we all have a shadow and inner darkness and we must learn to accept it, something that I no longer began to like. However, I continued with it.

    Something that surprised me a lot was his new MV, ON, since it had many biblical references I analyzed it and found it really interesting.
    By this I mean that the message of BTS is not Christian, but at least it doesn’t talk about things like sex, drugs and other things that are present in most other songs and singers. They have a message and they convey something. I also did a lot of research on the k-pop industry and fandom bigotry. I really think there is a big problem with regard to the obsession of the fans and I think it is due to the enormous attraction that BTS exerts, its dances, the colors, the message, the story, all of this makes it very easy to become obsessed with them and very fast.

    The message I want to give is that God has given us the ability to discern good from evil, light from darkness. If you feel that you pay more attention to a group of kpop than to God, God is there, waiting for you to talk to him, to spend some of your time with Him. I know that a lot of times we don’t realize it, or maybe we get so obsessed that there’s nothing else for us anymore, but we have to remember that God forgives, and he’s always going to be there. You are the only one who can decide whether to accept it or not.
    For any BTS fan or other kpop group that needs to talk to someone and feel they need help, this is my email:
    God bless you!

  70. mele
    mele says:

    I really needed this!! I felt like I was sinning when I listened to kpop…I will pray for all kpop artists!!

  71. mele
    mele says:

    Hii, so I was born and raised in a very strong christian family nd i started listening to kpop in dec. 2020 because of my cousin. I noticed how right when i started listening to kpop I started to not pray, stop reading the bible, I got mad easily, I did sinful stuff…etc. I came across a tiktok that was saying “look at you letting the devil take over you”…right then and there I noticed how I put kpop before God!! I felt so bad and prayed to God to forgive me!! now I pray that all people will turn to God, which i know cannot happen because people were born with different beilefs which is really sad because their are so many good people out their that dont know God!! I hope I go to heaven.

  72. Aylin
    Aylin says:

    I also love K-pop, and although I don’t think the Lord wants me to get rid of K-pop completely in my life, He definitely has been reminding me that I need to idolize them less and focus more on Him. K-pop doesn’t pull me away from God, and I avoid listening to songs with bad messages or curse words and just songs I feel convicted about, I do find myself sometimes desiring to watch the newest TXT or Enhypen video and skip out on praying. I even used to go to idols like Soobin from TXT or Hoseok from BTS for comfort and happiness but now I’ve been going to God for comfort, so He’s definitely working in me. I’m not as obsessed as I used to be, but please pray that I will be able to put God first! I want K-pop to simply be a hobby, not my entire life.

  73. Diana
    Diana says:

    Hi there, I am Christian, so can I ask u guys something maybe u can help. So I am Christian but can I listen to kpop songs or pops songs? pls i need help

  74. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Hi, God bless you there 🙂

    If you read this it’s for a reason, 6 months ago I discovered BTS, at first it wasn’t much of an addiction I just liked the way they sang and looked. But then I began to put them first in my heart instead of Jesus, instead of reading the Bible or praying I would stream their mvs and their reality shows. I started with bts and then went on to TXT, next on I went on with Red Velvet, which discovering Red velvet was something that also changed me in many ways.
    For example, I began to find myself ugly and comparing myself with them, of course, they are beautiful and stunning, I think we can agree on that but, we have to keep in mind that they are humans just like us. BTS, TXT, and Red velvet did not satisfy me, I would scroll through TikTok and see that people would stan so many kpop groups, so I wanted to do the same. I discovered so many K-pop groups that I now practically know the whole kpop industry. And that made everything worse, I began to spend so much time looking at them, that when I would go to church they were the only thing I could think of.
    One day I somehow opened my eyes, and told Jesus to help me get away from them, we need to understand that they are humans too, they have sins and make mistakes every day. We need to understand that God needs to have the first place in our hearts. I understand it’s really hard to let go because you get fond of them, I get that. But if you pray to God asking him to help you, he will of course help you, the process of trying to get away from K-pop is hard but not impossible.
    In the process of letting go of kpop I fell down many times, for a while I would spend 2 weeks without anything kpop related but then I would get into it again, that will happen it’s okay, you need to fall so you can get up. You will stand up strong with the help of Jesus. What I encourage you to do is, pray just pray.
    Pray as much as you can because with that you will receive love and consolation. I hope this may have helped you, if you need to someone just email me 🙂

    Before you go here’s one tip that may help you.

    Do you have Vlive, Weverse? or any kind of app where you get kpop information from? Here is what I recommend doing, delete those apps, yes it’s hard I know but if you do it temptation won’t be too close to you. Maybe you may delete them for some time and then download them again, it’s okay but you have to get rid of them, don’t just only delete them because I told you to, first pray to Jesus so he can help you do it. Social media does not help you get away from kpop, so I would recommend getting away from them or just deleting it. Remember it all takes time, your passion for kpop won’t stop in a day, it takes time but through that time you won’t be alone, your never alone, you have Jesus who holds your hands in the darkest time.

    Anyways I would love to talk to someone who needs more advice or just needs someone to talk to, I’m not here to judge I’m here to help you and be your friend:)

    God Bless you and your family.


  75. I
    I says:

    Can I email the writer of this article? I also struggle with this so much and I need a sister I can talk to about this issue 🙁

  76. Eva Russell
    Eva Russell says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your encouraging testimony. I admit that I am a huge fan of the pop/rock star, Gwen Stefani, & have been since I was 13-years-old. Not only is she gorgeous & talented, but also seems like a nice person compared to many other celebrities in Hollywood. Besides her being romantically involved/married to the country singer, Blake Shelton, whom I believe are an amazing couple, the fact that she’s fairly vocal about her faith (she’s Roman Catholic) makes me admire her even more. Christmas album called “Christmas Eve,” when she sings about finding Jesus on Christmas Eve. Personally, I believe she is one of the only secular musicians I believe I can still listen to, without stumbling in my faith. In fact, the only time the Lord convicted me about Gwen Stefani is when I found myself becoming too obsessed with her. Like, for example, if I start having feelings of depression, whenever I don’t see an update from her on my phone or on my social media platforms, that’s when I’m like, “OKAY! I think I need to back off a little bit!” That’s why I ended up turning off the notifications on my phone to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Because I remember when I use to live like an idolatrous before I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior, & I’m not trying to return to that lifestyle. It’s alright to appreciate the beauty of culture, yet we must be careful not to allow them to take God’s place in our hearts. Blessings, my brother! <3

  77. Via
    Via says:

    I’m literally crying while reading this, I have this current faith crisis where I’m examining my heart if I’m guilty of idolatry. I’m obsessing over BTS and God kept telling me to create boundaries because its becoming unhealthy for me and my relationship with Him. I’m currently in a withdrawal phase where I stopped watching videos, deleted all photos and images (and playlist that makes me remember them). And what you said is true, it puts you into anguish and despair. I’m a stay at home mom and watching their videos is like a breather for me (after taking care of my baby and doing my work, chores, etc.) But then, there’s an unhealthy price that comes after it. It compromise my sleep, my time with my family, sometimes I’d rather want to watch BTS videos than spending time with His word.

    Thank you for this, it helps me a lot. I’m so relieved that I’m not the only person who feels like this.

  78. Kay
    Kay says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. I am in year 7, and throughout years 3-7, I have been crazily obsessed with K-pop. Every time I tried to pull myself away from it to come to God, I always found my way back to it. It seemed like a never-ending game of hide and seek. I would try to delete my playlists and stay as far away from them as possible, but I always returned to them as soon as my favorite band has a new song. But I soon realized that hiding from K-pop isn’t the right thing to do. Opening up about it to God, and sharing how you have been idolizing it helps. He will help you understand that K-pop isn’t the world. I was a K-pop stan, and all my friends would call me a K-pop know-it-all. And, one day I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t want to be known as the K-pop know-it-all. I wanted to shine my light as a Christian and show my faith to all my school friends. Also to my family. You see, my family is not Christian, and I was talking about K-pop 24/7. And I realized that I was not sharing the light of God with my family, or my friends. So one day I prayed to God to help me (that was yesterday) to find you and I prayed to seek out your ways and to find a way to know Jesus more, and to not be obsessed with K-pop, and let it take over my life. And he showed me this website, and I learned a LOT. Thank you to whoever created this. It showed me that K-pop isn’t bad if you have your limitations. So, thankyou for creating this website. God bless you.<3

    • Atenea
      Atenea says:

      Hi Kay,
      I’ve been convicted as well, and I’m also working through my addiction. I agree with you and this website, it’s been a blessing. Praying for all of us, have a great day

  79. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Thanks for writing this! I struggle also with this. And yes it can be challenging rededicating yourself to God. It seems like there are so many distractions that take us from our faith. Praying does help and you also keep the faith and I encourage you to never back down. I am overjoyed I am not the only one who struggles with this. I want God to be in my life as well as my number one priority. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony.

  80. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I am much less fanatic about kpop now than I was before. It really helps to put God first and focus on HIM rather than just being too immersed in kpop. And yes it helps me mentally as well. I don’t feel so bad about my body. I can love myself more for who I am. And it is good that some kpop idols are familiar with the faith. It really shows they are vulnerable just like us and need God too.

  81. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I am overjoyed that you wrote this. It is a relief to know I am not the only one dealing with this problem. I am not obsessive like I was before. I have been praying more and putting God first. It helps me mentally too. I don’t body shame myself like I once did and I accept myself for the better. It is very good also there are some kpop stars that claim the faith. It shows their vulnerability and that they need God just like everyone else.


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