Poem: By Your Side

Written By Chris Roe, United Kingdom

By your side
There is peace,
A quiet place
Of beauty and realization,
Where wisdom
Seeks reason and understanding,
Where myth is laid to rest
By the reality of knowledge.

By your side
There is hope,
That arrogance and greed
Will not destroy,
That selfless love
Will prevail.

By your side
Life is sacred,
A future
For the children
To unfold.
By your side
In your presence
There is love.

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  1. Samuel Mwaura
    Samuel Mwaura says:

    The Bible says that while we are with the bridegroom we will not fast …. Talking of when the Pharisees asked Jesus why his disciples are without washing hands ???

    Again by his side we have peace that surpasses human understanding …. Peace I give u not as the world does but my peace I leave with u !!!

    When he appeared to his followers after the resurrection he told them be at peace it is I in the flesh … I am not an apparition for ghost do not have flesh and bones ….

    Again the Lord was with his disciples and after talking to them of the trouble they will face and encouraging them not to fear trepidation he breathed on them the holy spirit and they received !!!


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