Poem : When Life Hurts

Written By Desiree U. Angeles, Philippines

Oh Lord, is this our punishment
For turning against you?
Chaos and natural disasters everywhere
Misunderstandings abound, scuffles in the air.

Love seems to slowly fade
It’s no longer the paradise you’ve made.
Living in a complete mess, where lost souls dwell.
We have ourselves to blame, into sin we fell.

Restore our faith in You, Oh Lord
Teach us your ways; may your Spirit revive our souls.
Lift us from the curse of sinful living that binds our being
Redeem us, Oh Lord; make our hearts your home.

Let your love cover us, that pain and suffering be no more.
Replace hate in this world, with care for all to share.
Let your will be done in our lives, set our feet upon the Rock of Salvation.
And with the songs of praise, forever we will sing,
“How great is the God we serve!”

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