Poem: After You Have Sinned

Written By Jonah Micah Balagtas, Philippines

What did you do?
You know you cannot undo.
What can you do?
You know you cannot run.

What does it take to say you are sorry?
For deep in your heart, you know He is angry.
You know you have made Him sad.
You failed His test and did something bad.

The Lord loves you,
And wants you to love Him too.
Now that you failed His test for you,
How can you show that you love Him still?

In times like this, remember His grace.
He does not condemn, when you seek His face.
He forgives sins and erases them too.
Simply because the Lord loves you.

When you sin and want to get out of
The guilt that is weighing from above.
Remember that grace is what He will give
To you, from sins you don’t wish to relive.

With the moon by night and the sun by day,
He wants you to find your way.
Not before the day ends or when tomorrow comes,
But after you have sinned, as He bids you, come.

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