Be Still, My Heart

By Jude Dias, Walk The Same

Read: Joshua 1:9
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

My family members, especially my dad, aren’t the most sociable people. So the son they raised—me—had a pretty isolated childhood. I hardly met or hung around other kids, which explains why I was terrified of other people. I’m not kidding: I was actually terrified of normal people. When we did have company at our home, you’d find me hiding under the table or crouching behind the couch. Although I have become more sociable today, I can still remember how terrified and panicked I was when people came. For some reason, I would think that they were monsters coming to get me.

To this day, my heart races and thumps away like crazy when I feel fear. But now, it doesn’t take long for it to calm down and settle back into its natural rhythm. The difference is that I know God is around me: He is alive, He is at work, and I am never alone. The Bible shares many instances of men and women of God going through situations where fear played a major role in that particular season of their lives. However, we see them moving forward because they had their eyes fixed on God. No matter what lay ahead of them, their hearts were focused on their pursuit of God and what He promised.

When we truly accept Jesus into our lives and allow Him to take control over all things, we can rest assured—our hearts can remain still even when the world around us shakes and rumbles. Nothing of this earth can touch our hearts within which Jesus lives and breathes.

So step forward and keep moving. There is nothing that can overpower you.



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