The Perfect Game Plan: Unsung Heroes

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Day 20

Heaven’s heroes are usually unknown on earth.

READ: 2 Kings 7:3-11

Collecting the ball in his own half, he ran up the pitch and swapped passes with a teammate in the opponents’ box. Deftly dribbling past a defender, he cut back to the lurking Tardelli just outside the D. Despite a clumsy first touch, Tardelli managed to strike the ball across goal into the far corner of the net. History was made as Italy won the World Cup against Germany in 1982.

That was Gaetano Scirea the libero (sweeper), a player who could defend as well as attack. “Gai” was a quiet man who shunned publicity even though he had won for club and country every major football trophy in his day. It was only after his retirement that his genius was widely recognized. Like all unsung heroes, his focus was on doing what is right.

The Bible records an account of four unknown lepers who did the right thing. Outcasts from their besieged city, they discovered a deserted enemy camp. Rather than keeping it a secret and eating their fill of rations, they decided to “go back and tell the people at the palace” (2 Kings 7:9). These outcasts actually saved the inhabitants of Samaria from dying of starvation.

Anyone can be an unsung hero. When we choose to live by God’s standards and acknowledge Him, we begin to make better choices and put the needs of others before our own.

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