The Perfect Game Plan: The Best Team Ever

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Day 23

What we need is not a magician, but a real leader in life.

READ: Matthew 28:16-20

For world football supremacy, most fans have their own dream team comprising their favorite players. Imagine pairing the likes of Pele and Maradona in their prime, or Beckenbauer and Scirea, or Cruyff and Charlton. What a formidable team they would make, possessing the ability to give any opponent more than a serious challenge! But great players are just half the story. We need an extraordinary coach as well. Ah, if only we were God.

But Jesus did put a “dream team” together in the first century, handpicking 12 men to carry out His mission. Surprisingly, they were just ordinary folks—mostly fishermen and a despised tax collector—yet they were tasked with a mission that would impact the eternal destiny of mankind. And they turned the world upside down, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and leading thousands to turn away from sin towards God.

These men may not have had silky skills or a cultured touch, but what they lacked in ability they made up for in faith. They went beyond their fear and lack of talent by simply trusting their “coach” (Jesus) who came in and turned things around. Are you finding the challenges of life daunting? Surrender to God. He specializes in turning nobodies into winners.

World Cup Trivia
Who was the oldest Italian captain that lifted the World Cup? When was that? Who was the player who scored the first goal in World Cup history? Which country did he represent? How many countries participated in the first World Cup?
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