The Perfect Game Plan: Tardelli’s Scream

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Day 29

An explosion made in heaven is joy multiplied by a million.

READ: Psalms 98

When Marco Tardelli scored the defining goal against Germany in the 1982 World Cup final, his celebration displayed pure ecstasy. Fists clenched, mouth open, and head wagging, he let out a long scream as he raced across the pitch. The years of disciplined training, the hard-fought qualifying matches, and the dream of glory finally came down to that one moment when he lashed in the winning goal from just outside the box. Marco had to let it all out.

Did you ever wonder what life might be like if all the wrongs were put right and there was “no more death or sorrow or crying or pain” (Rev. 21:4)? The joy of winning the World Cup for country and fellowmen is wonderful, but a far greater joy beckons. A day is set for God to judge the world and reward His followers. What joy will erupt when King Jesus Himself places the unfading crown of life on His faithful servants even as they stand transfixed by His unparalleled glory! What excitement awaits them as they head into eternity with Him who can satisfy their deepest longings!

That day is going to be like no other. The years of battling with sin and imperfection and grief will give way to pure joy.

World Cup Trivia
Name the goalkeeper who saved the most penalty shots in a FIFA World Cup match. Under FIFA’s rules and regulations, there was a rule that was in force for only two World Cup finals. What was it?
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