The Perfect Game Plan: Supersub

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Day 26

Surprises await us at the end of life.

READ: Exodus 7:1-7

It was World Cup 1990 in Italy, and Romania was battling Cameroon in the group stages. Going into the interval, the score was 0-0. When play resumed, right at the hour of the match, Cameroon’s coach jerked his thumb and up popped Roger Milla, aged 38. He scored twice to send the Romanians home.

In the match against Colombia, Milla came off the bench and put two more past the goalie in extra time. Cameroon ran out 2-1 winners.

Milla was again brought on at halftime when England was leading 1-nil in the quarterfinals. Thanks to his assists, Cameroon was ahead 2 to 1 with 8 minutes to go. However, Cameroon could not hold on, eventually bowing out 2-3 to England. But what a “supersub”!

Sometimes we feel our best years are behind us and we can no longer contribute meaningfully. At 80 and 83 years old, Moses and Aaron may have been thinking such thoughts (Exodus 7:7). But God had His own plan, using them to set His people free from the most powerful nation in their day.

Now a Moses or an Aaron we may never be, but God can still use us for a grand purpose that He has prepared us to fulfill. In the light of His promised presence (Exodus 4:12), give yourself to God and be His “supersub.”

World Cup Trivia
What was the fastest yellow card shown? Which teams are known as the Bafana Bafana and The Black Stars? Who was the youngest footballer to play in a World Cup? Why did Brazil change the uniform from white and blue to yellow and blue?
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