The Perfect Game Plan: Stop Complaining

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Day 28

The path with no obstacles leads to nowhere. Real reward is at the end of the difficult road.

READ: James 1:2-4

In the 1966 World Cup quarterfinal match in England, Portugal found herself staring down the barrel of defeat, trailing 0-3 against Korea DPR. Lesser players would have given up, but not Eusebio, the tournament’s top scorer. Almost single-handedly the famed “black panther” turned the game around, bulging the net 4 times and helping Portugal come away 5-3 winners!

We often feel sorry for ourselves when the chips are down, complaining and blaming bitterly. But grumbling will lead us nowhere except southward, causing us to view life from the basement.

Eusebio would not be distracted. The 3-nil score-line gave him a punch-up instead of a knockdown. The Bible goes even further by declaring that in every adversity is an opportunity for the perfection of character (James 1:2-4). It promises that we can benefit from the situation as well as deal with it.

Those who trust in God see both the problem and the unique opportunity inherent in it. With God’s help, they can work to resolve the problem and learn to be better persons in the process. This is the sort of motivation we need in life that could bring about a real turnaround.

Remember, the next time you find the chips are down, it’s time for a turnaround, not time to grumble.

World Cup Trivia
Who won the FIFA World Cup for Germany first as a player then later as a coach? Which was the first African team to qualify for a World Cup finals competition? What was the name of the horn that was a favorite with the crowd in the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Which countries will host the next two FIFA World Cup tournaments? Which team in the 2006 World Cup finals tasted victory for the first time in all their appearances? Who were the first FIFA World Cup winners?
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