The Perfect Game Plan: True Value

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Day 7

All standards are relative until the real one shows up.

READ: Matthew 13:44-46

The football world was in an uproar when the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen in London while on exhibition as a build-up to the 1966 World Cup. Chairman of the exhibition Cecil Richardson was surprised that the thief only went after the £3,000 trophy, leaving the surrounding stamp exhibits valued at £3 million untouched. It appeared that the trophy’s iconic appeal motivated the thief to steal the less valuable prize.

Jesus told two stories in Matthew 13:44-46 to illustrate how valuable the kingdom of heaven is. Like the priceless pearl and the hidden treasure that cause a man and a merchant to part with everything they possess, the kingdom of heaven when properly assessed will effect a radical reaction in the life of the seeker as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. The superficial glitter of earthly treasures easily blinds many to the true value of things that are spiritually discerned. Only those who see and understand the difference between passing fancy and eternal reality can shake off that deception.

The thief thought he saw more value in the Jules Rimet trophy than in the stamps, but when it comes to the kingdom of heaven against the wealth of the world the conclusion is a no-brainer. Which are you choosing today?

World Cup Trivia
Who, in 1930, presented the first World Cup trophy that was later named after him? What was the match ball’s name in the 1990 World Cup? Who was the player who scored the one-thousandth goal in the FIFA World Cup finals’ history, and at which game did he score?
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