The Perfect Game Plan: Talent Scout

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Day 12

Like clay on a potter’s wheel, the human heart waits to be molded.

READ: Ephesians 1:4-11

I think I’ve found you a genius.” Those were talent scout Bob Bishop’s famous words in a telegram to Manchester United boss Matt Busby in 1961. The genius? Football legend George Best. At that time, little did the skinny 15-year-old Ulster lad know that those words had set him on course to football stardom one day, paving the way for him to become Manchester United winger, Northern Ireland national team player, and European Footballer of the Year.

Superstars do not just burst onto the scene. Many owe their illustrious careers to some keen-eyed scout who spotted them when they were just scrawny kids and gave them the ticket to fame and glory.

There is another Scout who is always out looking for people He can turn into saints and send on the road to glory in heaven. Despite our present loathsome selfish nature, He aims to transform anyone who is willing into a perfect being (2 Corinthians 3:18). Even angels will pale in comparison!

Our Scout is God, and the ticket to glory is His Son Jesus. When you choose to believe in Jesus Christ, you are not on your way to some transient fame but to glory everlasting.

Nothing beats the message, “I think I’ve found you a willing candidate for glory.”

World Cup Trivia
In the 1934 World Cup, Brazil did not play in the first stage. Why?
Did you know…
that the first FIFA World Cup mascot appeared in the 1966 competition in England and that it was a little lion named Willie?
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