The Perfect Game Plan: Slide Tackle

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Day 17

The fuse of joy is lit by the match of timely help.

READ: John 6:32-40

Football fans know the slide tackle is executed by a defender who usually comes in from the side, goes to ground, and slides in with a leading foot to try and take the ball off the feet of an attacking player. Because of the way it is carried out, contact is unavoidable and the attacking player invariably falls over the defender. Some see that as dangerous, citing statistics that slide tackles are responsible for a quarter of all football injuries. But others argue that, when done properly, it is one of the most effective ways in stopping an attack.

From the very beginning, sin has dominated mankind. Exploiting our desires, it brought untold sufferings and eventual death to all (“when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death” —James 1:15). But two millennia ago, heaven, in a high-stakes maneuver, did a “slide tackle” on sin, rendering it powerless to condemn us to death. God’s Son, Jesus, went to “ground” literally, leaving heaven for earth to do His Father’s will. Becoming a man, the Son of God took our place and died on the cross. Our debt of sin is paid in full by the death of One without sin.

To those who believe, death no longer threatens. Jesus has set them free, giving them eternal life. What a perfect “slide tackle” that stopped sin in its tracks!

World Cup Trivia
Can you name the countries that represented the African continent in the 2010 World Cup? When was the first match decided by the “golden goal” rule in World Cup history? In which FIFA World Cup tournament did Pele first appear?
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