The Perfect Game Plan: Disappointment

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Day 15

Disappointment is a tough cookie. You need a real focus to beat it.

READ: Psalm 73:17-26

Although they put up a brave front, you could see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. Each had paid a high price to play in the World Cup. The rigorous training aside, some had uprooted their family and taken a pay cut in order to play for a club that they believed could enhance their selection chances. But when at last they were selected, the unthinkable happened—a serious injury forced them to withdraw! What a terrible blow and doubly so if the games had been their last hurrah!

We are all affected when realities do not match our expectations. But how deeply we are affected depends on what has happened. A temporary setback may cause just a passing distress, but a permanent loss can crush and shadow us for years.

In Psalm 73, we see someone struggling with disappointment. Because of the circumstances and people in his life, Asaph nearly lost his foothold (v.2) and wondered why he was living righteously (v.13). But when he sought God for an answer and carefully reexamined the focus of his life, he snapped back into perspective again, declaring, “Whom have I in heaven but [God]? I desire You more than anything on earth” (v.25).

Are you troubled by disappointment? Then let God, not your expectations, be the focus of your life.

World Cup Trivia
What was the name of the official song of the 2010 World Cup finals? Who was the oldest referee to officiate a FIFA World Cup final? Who was the recipient of the fastest expulsion in a FIFA World Cup match?
Did you know…
that the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa was the coldest on record, with the match between Brazil and North Korea played at -1°C?
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