The Perfect Game Plan: Coming Off The Line

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Day 19

A half-hearted commitment is no commitment.

READ: Mark 10:17-23

With just minutes to go, the Stags went for broke, throwing everyone forward, including the goalkeeper, in order to keep their hopes alive. Shoving and tugging, the players fought to position themselves for the corner kick.

The Rhino goalkeeper came for the ball, then changed his mind and started retreating as players rose to meet it. But it managed to evade them all and fell to Fathi Sunny, the smallest man on the pitch, who sneaked in behind the struggling bodies and thumped in an unstoppable header past the stranded keeper.

Changing your mind after coming off the line can be disastrous. The rich young ruler in Mark 10:17-23 found that out when he looked for Jesus, seeking to inherit eternal life. He had lived a moral life and believed his wealth was a sign of God’s approval (vv. 19-20). He thought all he needed to do was just a little more good and heaven would be assured. Could Jesus help?

But he was challenged by Jesus to give away the symbol of his confidence—his wealth (v.21). Human efforts can never satisfy God and earn us eternal life. That is why life everlasting is a gift from God. The young ruler needed to follow Jesus.

Sadly, he “came off his line” to meet Jesus but left empty-handed. How would you respond?

World Cup Trivia
The Uruguayan team is known by another name. Name it. Who was the Italian player whose missed penalty in 1994 led to Brazil winning the World Cup for the fourth time?
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    Answers for today question:
    1. The Uruguayan team are also refers to as “Le celeste”.
    2. Roberto Baggio is the Italian player who missed a decisive penalty in 1994 world cup final against brazil.


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