The Perfect Game Plan: Almost

Day 13

“Almost” can turn out to be the most disappointing word in life.

READ: Acts 26:19-29

The sad image of Bayern Munich defender Samuel Kuffour repeatedly beating the ground in utter frustration after his team’s loss to Manchester United in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final remains deeply etched in the memory of many football fans. Bayern was leading 1-nil at the end of 90 minutes, when referee Pierluigi Collina signaled three minutes of stoppage time. Then somehow, against all odds, United managed to come back to put two past the German team with only seconds to spare. By any account, it was a heart-wrenching moment for Bayern’s players and supporters because they were so close to winning.

That moment mirrors the painful disappointment of those who will almost make it to heaven on judgment day, a warning to all who persist in rejecting Jesus.

Are you persuaded to believe in Jesus? Then stop delaying and acknowledge Him while you may. Don’t follow King Agrippa who, although he was deeply moved by the apostle Paul’s challenge to believe in Christ, decided not to do so (Acts 26:28).

“Almost” will never be good enough on judgment day. In fact, it will make matters worse, knowing you once had an opportunity to trust in Christ but decided against it.

The weeping and teeth-gnashing on the last day will be over more than a piece of transient silverware. It will be over the eternal demise of your soul.

World Cup Trivia
In the game dubbed the Miracle of Bern, Germany played against which team? Who received the Golden Ball award in the 2010 World Cup?
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