Tonight, I Pray

I wrote this poem as a response to what God showed me during one devotion time. In most of my prayers, I address God as Father. It’s my favorite address of Him, reminding me that I am His child and that I can “plead my adoption into His family as my stronghold” (Charles Spurgeon) in times of trials as well as success.

Father, your work I sense
wherever I am—
in the well-known cities as well as the far-flung villages;
day and night you labor for you neither slumber nor sleep.

Father, your voice I hear
prompting souls, hands, and feet
to play a part in your mission and be used for your purposes;
oh, what favor you have shown to this unworthy servant.

Father, your love I experience
no matter my sin;
you persist like no other, you chase me with fervor.
My time you long to have, my attention you pine for.

Father, as you speak
I believe, help my unbelief.
Rouse me to faith, give me an increase of it;
Propel me to action, help me obey.

Father, as you lead
I follow, help my uncertainty.
Assist me to fashion my ways after yours,
to build my dreams on you, and to reflect your character.

Father, as you use me
I submit, help my unwillingness.
Let me walk where you lead, in victory amidst difficulties,
unwavering amidst hesitations, dangerously amidst ease.

Father, I appeal these
for your children;
that we will be strong warriors, engage in the battle.
In the enduring name of Jesus, I utter this prayer.


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