Prayer of a 21st Century Young Adult

By Megan Low

Using the five fingers as a prayer guide.

(Thumb—those closest to us)
Father, I thank You for those who support me,
Who keep me strong in my weaknesses.
For my family and friends I pray:
Grant them peace in this day and age.
Help me grow into the spouse I was made to be
That we may celebrate each others’ company,
Or keep me single to know You more.

(Index finger—those who guides us)
Place me among elders who love You above all
But let them observe and not judge.
Reveal who You see in me, not what I’m mistaken for,
May they take pride in how You have worked in me.
Guide me to follow their good examples
And avoid the mistakes made.
Help me to share with others what they’ve invested in me.

(Middle finger—those with authority over us)
As for those in positions over me, Lord,
Hear my petition, I pray:
Keep them accountable to You.
Help me Lord to submit to them and treat them with respect
For they are under You, and place over me by Your will.
Give us wisdom, Lord, to constantly live out Your love
To those to whom we are responsible
And to those for whom we are responsible.

(Ring finger—those weaker than us)
And for they who are not so richly blessed,
Comfort them as You have always comforted us
Let us not lose heart, come what may
This city, this nation, the whole planet is Yours
Are not all of us precious in Your sight?

(Little finger—ourselves)
Finally, Father, rule my heart.
Let me glorify You in all my work.
Remind me of all I have learnt.
Clear my mind of needless thoughts
Teach me to wisely use all I have—
Your strength, energy, time, and resources.
Let every action please You, Lord.
Keep me safe from the uncontrollable,
Guard me from dangers that tear us apart.

All of these things I pray,
In Jesus’ Name.

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6 replies
  1. kimberly murray
    kimberly murray says:

    hello my name is kimberly murray. i am a mother of three children. i have two girls and one boy. my son jermaine is in the middle of the two girls.on october 2 2012 iwas told that my son was hit and killed by a metra train on 53rd st in chicago IL. my family’s heart is broken and we need prayer from all of the children of the most high GOD.The Lord has carried us this far.and i truly appreciate him being in our lives i just ask for the strenth to move on from this hurtful place. so i’m asking for prayer for my family. for the word of GOD states that when two or more touch and agree on anything in my name i am in the midst.In Jesus name Amen. thank you for reading.The Murray’s

  2. TD Mac
    TD Mac says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Kimberly. I’ve already prayed that our kind and loving Lord will comfort you and your family with His divine presence. May He strengthen you and yours with His divine power. May He surround you with loving family and friends to help lift you up at this time when it is hard to lift up yourselves. I pray that while this is a terrible time He will help you to grieve and be comforted, providing for you in this your time of need. God Bless you, may your good memories sustain you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  3. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    I’m really touch by your loss. I pray the good Lord will comfort your family. Each day shall carry pleasant surprises for you henceforth. It is well with your girls and husband in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    (Matthew 6:27, 33-34,Isaiah 55:8, 40:8)
    Sad to hear the bad news,hope that won’t affect your trust in God,may God help us to know him better,avoid places of sin,help and protect us from sin,fogive our debts and help us to forgive others,pray in the name of our Lord Jesus,Amen.

  5. Gracelia
    Gracelia says:

    Hi kimberly, I will be praying for you. Loss of Love is truly one of the biggest trial i think. Long for the day you meet your son in heaven. Amen!


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