A Little Every Day

By Debra Ayis, Nigeria

I die a little every day
But not my soul, my spirit
Only my flesh, its desires
I choose to serve my sire
Picking up my cross
And pushing through the crowd
At the end, a crown to attain
I die a little every day
To achieve victory
In every struggle and fight
No matter how life seems tight
I will always win
Even if it seems a loss
To the physical eye of mortal man,
I am continually soaked
In the sweet rain of joy and victory
I die a little every day
To renew my mind
At every waking dawn
Freeing me to fly
From the very clutches of sin
I die a little every day
Throwing weakness and fear
To a long forgotten past
I instead dorn on courage
An unshakable faith
Strength beyond measure
Receiving authority and power
All in this walk – of life.

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