Mid-Youth Crisis

Written by Shari Mitchell, Trinidad and Tobago

Right now I’m in the middle of what I would call a “mid-youth crisis.” Nearing the end of my undergraduate degree, I am beyond confused about my next step. Should I gain work experience? Should I begin a Masters Degree Programme? These questions have boggled my mind practically every day this past week as I compared the different possible routes to secure a stable future. Have any of you felt this way? Confused? Worried? Anxious about your future?

Your situation may be different. It may refer to the loss of a job, risking a change of careers or even deciding to avoid bad company. But today I say to you (and myself), it is time to stop the worrying! Don’t we believe in a God that is good and sovereign over all? While pondering over the future, Psalm 55:22 came to mind. It says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall” (NIV). Phew, what a relief! What a verse of encouragement and hope! This verse simply declares that we, as children of God, should cast every single one of our cares—no matter how big or small—to our Lord and He will take care of them for us. This also includes bringing our aspirations, anxieties and fears to Him. He will never let us fall in defeat. Hence we ought to act upon our faith and depend on Him for life. It doesn’t get much better than that!

God is always there and eager to guide us through this process called Life. At times however, many of us forget His promises and want to take matters into our own hands. We try to fix problems on our own and plan our own unique methods of escape. Even when we collapse in defeat after Plans A to Z fail before our very eyes, we would still refuse to go to the Cross, as if saying, “Don’t worry God, I’ll take care of this one, you’ve done enough already!” Friends, let us never forget about our God who is there to help and guide us through our valleys daily, promising to never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). So it is my prayer that we will all learn to trust God with our lives. Isn’t it awesome to know that once we surrender our worries, fears and anxieties to Him, our next step is to simply rest in His peace, knowing with absolute certainty that He will get everything done according to His perfect will?

Christ won the war for us when He died on the Cross as an atonement for our sins and rose again on the third day. He is the victor and hence we are victorious, but the battle is still raging between the Devil’s army and us. Let us not allow the Devil to fool us with thoughts of defeat, confusion and depression; but instead let us lay claim to the sovereign promises of God.

Thus, from this day forth, I am going to cast my fears of the future to my Lord, and trust Him to guide me according to His plan and purpose for my life. I hope that you will do likewise too.

Be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the LORD.
—Psalm 31:24

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  1. alei
    alei says:

    Totally agree with you..
    youth like us facing problems every whether in our study, social life or so on…
    it’s very hard to face this journey of life…but, we should thankful and graceful because we have God, Father that always be with us…no matter what we, whether we disobey Him or forget Him..He always been faithful and never leave us….He keeps His promise and walk with us in every circumstances.

    Put God first, our past, presence and future…it’s all in God’s hand =)
    Trust Him and keep faith…for nothing is ever impossible for God!

  2. Hasi
    Hasi says:

    This helped me a lot!!!!!!
    I’m always worried bout wht I’m going to do aftr ma A/L’s n I’m pressured bout it most of the time!!!!! but now I guess I will do my best n leave the rest to God!

  3. Yoan
    Yoan says:

    I’ve been there, and never regret what God had chosen for my life. In the beginning I was wondering which job to choose and He reminded me about Abraham when God told him to leave Ur to an unknown place. Trust God is the key and He will provide everything else.

  4. juann
    juann says:

    thanks for sharing this article.
    ya, that’s right. god plan is better than what we plan like in the book of isaiah 55:8-9
    The Lord says, “Your thoughts are not like my thoughts. Your ways are not like my ways. The heavens are higher than the earth. In the same way, my ways are higher than your ways. And my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.” The Lord himself said these things.
    no matter what path we choose, He will still with us and guide us.

  5. Yemi
    Yemi says:

    Yes Yes shari… this is so true we need to know that no matter what the situation spells it reads VICTORY.. I think as christians and I can testify we get caught up trying to handle our “business” and we forget that God doesn’t call us to handle our business instead he calls us to cast all our burdens.. cast everything in his hands and trust in his sovereign power!.

    Be encouraged i’m encouraged each time I look at the cross it reflects hope. Let our hope in God be alive. As for me too.. i finished uni this year what to do next year is such a blur i have so many options ……. but I know that only one of these will be best for me so i must pray and seek the face of GOD

  6. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Thanks for writing this!

    I’m facing the same confusion about my next step for the future.
    Reading this make me realize I’m too worried and trying to solve everything with my own.

    Now, I will let Jesus guide and plan my life.


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