What Should I Do When I Fail?

By Noel Daniel G, India

Many a time in the course of living, we are enraptured by our successes one moment only to turn depressed by our failures the next. Is it good to be tossed between being carried away and crestfallen? No, is the Christian’s answer, simply because followers of Jesus should always dutifully attribute our successes to Jesus and earnestly invite Him to shed light on the lessons we ought to learn in our failures.

King Uzziah became the king of Israel at the tender age of 16. When most youngsters are more focused in enjoyment than responsibilities, he was entrusted with the mandate of leading the nation in God’s ways. He ruled victoriously for many years with God’s guidance. However his downfall began when he “sinned against the Lord his God by entering the sanctuary of the Lord’s Temple and personally burning incense on the incense altar” (2 Chronicles 26:16). Those actions were inappropriate of him as burning incense to God was restricted only to Aaron’s descendants, the priests. He let success go to his head and flouted God’s rules. Immediately leprosy struck him on his forehead and he lived the rest of his life in isolation in a separate house. Yet if he had repented, God would have forgiven and healed him, but he allowed failure to harden his heart.

Will we, like King Uzziah, let success swell our heads or failure to numb our hearts? Or will we cling on to Christ the solid Rock? Let us be humble always, attributing all our successes to God and accepting failures by returning to God in repentance. For “God opposed the proud, but favors the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).

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  1. Mike Whitney
    Mike Whitney says:

    Loved this article because for many years I struggled with this very problem. Warren Wiersbe said: “If you are elated with praise you will be devastated by criticism, if you are humbled by praise, you will learn from criticism.” That has become my prayer to be humbled by praise so I can learn from criticism. It helps to think this way.

  2. Dan wainaina
    Dan wainaina says:

    this has in deed inspired my moves in relation to my success it remind of the quote humble yourself before God and you shall b uplifted and after upliftion to still hold my status. thanks

  3. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Sorry ,is the word that i should say,due to my weaknesscthat fail to response to GOD’S WILL at home,work(encounter with difficult suitation and people) or other matters,like distributing gospel to public or sing to praise GOD with musical instrument.our LORD JESUS always forgive us,HE understand us.GOD BLESS

  4. M
    M says:

    I feel failure has hardened my heart and I don’t know how to change that. I worry that God has passed me by and prayed so much over the past 2-3 years, that now I just feel numb. I failed. I know my failings and faults but to make peace with it all. What does it mean to repent? And how do you know when that has happened?


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