By Weng Ern, 19, Malaysia

“But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” —Isaiah 40:31

I’ve known this verse for a long time, yet I didn’t really know what it means to “wait on the Lord.” It just didn’t make much sense to me. Waiting for God? Why wait for Him?

I’ve always wanted God to provide things, answer my prayers, in my time and in the way I want it. I treated God like a genie who could be called on to do things for me. Now, I’ve come to realize that when we pray, we are asking God to act in His time, in His way. Waiting is more than just suspending activity; it’s about trust. I’ve learned that we need to wait and trust that His timing is best for us. In fact, His timing is not only best—it’s perfect.

God has planned for the right things to happen at the right time. Waiting for Him to act is like waiting for our parents to come and fetch us home after school. We know that they will come; they will not forget us. It’s the same with God. He has promised never to leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
—Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

When God is silent, it is an indication that He wants me to wait. He desires to build up my faith. During this waiting period, I must trust that God is listening and He is working—regardless of whether I see it or not.

Admittedly, there can be times in life where it can be challenging to put our faith in God. There are times when we feel that God doesn’t hear us, as well as moments when we feel that He’s asking too much of us. If you’ve experienced this, don’t fret, you’re not alone—I have had that feeling lots of times. There were times when I really felt like giving up. I knew that at those times, the devil was rejoicing because my faith in God was quivering.

When we wait upon the Lord, we lift our problems to Him and let Him take control. He is able to lift us up on eagles’ wings and help us soar through the storms in life. He will give us the strength to wait upon Him.

Finally, waiting upon the Lord is like waiting for a bus to come. We know that it will eventually come; we just don’t know exactly when. Similarly, God’s deliverance will come, eventually. This has taught me that life is a journey of faith. Let us look to the Lord for His strength, seeking His face always as we remember the wonders He has done. Let’s us fix our eyes on Him, and press on together.

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  1. Jacquelina
    Jacquelina says:

    When I read until the first line of the first paragraph I scrolled up to see who wrote it, and it was by weng ern, no wonder it seemed like i read it before.

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      GOD’s word encourage,move,help,touch,motivate,reach,enpower us to wait for HIM with power to win the battle,amen.GOD BLESS

  2. Vu
    Vu says:

    Very encouraging words, thanks gor that. I look at my life and see where I should have waited but I never seem to, I always seem to give up then be dissappointed then go back to Gods word. It’s a viscious circle that I want to get out of.

    • ymiblogging
      ymiblogging says:

      Hi Weng Ern!

      Actually, we are seeing more and more new visitors to our site. So we have decided to republish certain articles which were more popular so that the new visitors will be able to read them too 🙂

      The YMI Team

  3. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Thank GOD,vacancy for short term employment starts friday to sunday(3 days per week),hopefully be employed,also thank GOD,able to help a Christian financially,pray in the name of our LORD JESUS,to help quit smoking,amen


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