When Troubles Surround Us

By Dr.U.Jasmine Packia Priya, India

We read of the story of Hagar and her child in Genesis 21: 15–19. Hagar, with Abraham’s child, was sent away and left to wander in the desert, helpless and overwhelmed with grief. She had used up all the water she had for herself and her child. And now, her child was dying. Not wanting to see her child died before her very eyes, she placed the boy under one of the shrubs, then sat down from him at a distance of about a bowshot, and started weeping. She lifted her voice up to heaven.

God heard her weeping and opened her eyes to see a well. God had provided for her, but she was simply unaware of it because she was so overwhelmed with grief.

Similarly, many times in life, we are also so overwhelmed with grieves, problems and emotions that we fail to see God’s provision for us.

May we not get discouraged when we face troubles, instead let us remember that we can always pray, and He will surely open our eyes to His deliverance and His blessings.

If you are walking through a similar desert experience, take heart and move on—trusting in the Lord, for He will answer you and provide for you.

May you be blessed by the Lord as you obey Him in all your ways!

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  1. canamer
    canamer says:

    Certainly I feel like I can relate somewhat to Hagar’s situation and so I would appreciate prayer in this regard.

    I’m in a desert of my own. Although I’m surrounded by people that doesn’t help how I feel on the inside. I’ve been fighting a very difficult battle with mental illness for many years now. It seems to be getting worse, not better. And, quite frankly I’m tired of fighting.

    To the world, I look normal and for the most part I act normal. People see what they want to see. I’m generally well-liked among my sphere of influence. But, the reality is that my life is a complete nightmare.

    The unseen is literally suffocating the life out of me. There is still very much a stigma alive and well these days and so mostly I suffer in silence.

    Thanks for your prayers.

    • Jasmine Packia Priya
      Jasmine Packia Priya says:

      Praying for you canamer.. read Psalms 121.. our help in any situation comes from the Maker of Heaven and Earth and He will never leave us nor forsake us..You only need to be pleasing to God and you need not please everyone around you … there is always this one person who loves you more than your mother or father or any other…our God.. He loves us more than anyone else …just make a small prayer in every single situation…you will taste HIS love in ur life and get healed from ur illness slowly and gradually… let God do the job of healing ur heart and mind…. read Isaiah 54..

  2. deehan1
    deehan1 says:

    Well, even though I don’t know what its like to suffer from mental illness, my heart and prayers go out to you and for you because I can only imagine the difficulty that surrounds you, but have faith and trust in God just like the blog states. I’ve faced tremendous adversity as well. I’ve been faced with several life-threatening situations, unemployment, relationship issues and a host of other circumstances and it does take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually. But in times of great distress; the very moment when our faith is on the line, try to remember not only Hagar, but others in the bible like Job, Moses and Joseph. They all endured things that we probably could not today and they did it all with the help and faith in God; standing on His word and promise. My faith has been tested severely and there were times when I thought I was cursed or looked at as trash in His eyes, but I would bring myself back and remember that this is just a test of faith. The test is temporary, but His promises are forever!!!!


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