By Priscila Stevanni, Indonesia

When I was younger, my piano teacher used to say, “No matter how little time you have, say hello to your piano everyday.” Of course, I hardly paid attention to her advice and was often lazy to do it. Now, I know better.

During the times that I actually practiced, I was always able to play the given song well during my piano lessons. However, when I compromised on practice, I could feel that something was amiss when I played. I felt less “connected” to my piano .

I have come to realize that practicing every day helps my fingers to become familiarize with the piano keys. As such, I could produce better sounding melodies. When I left my piano untouched—even if only for a few days—I lose that “connectedness.” It would seem like I have forgotten the character of my piano.

Our walk with Christ may be likened to practicing the piano. Communicating with Him everyday helps us to remain sensitive to His voice. An intimate walk with Christ will allow us to know His character more deeply and understand His will for us. Conversely, an on-off relationship with Christ can cause us to become “disconnected” with Him. Hence, we will find it difficult to distinguish His voice from the other voices vying for our attention. May we seek to establish a more intimate walk with Christ!

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