ODB: The Good And The Bad

September 22, 2013

READ: 1 Kings 14:7-16 

My servant David . . . followed Me with all his heart. —1 Kings 14:8

Recently, I began studying the kings of the Old Testament with some friends. I noticed on the chart that we were using that a few of the leaders of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah are labeled good, but most of them are labeled bad, mostly bad, extra bad, and the worst.

King David is described as a good king who “followed [God] with all his heart” (1 Kings 14:8) and is an example to follow (3:14; 11:38). The bad kings are noted for their willful rejection of God and for leading their subjects into idolatry. King Jeroboam, the first king to rule Israel after the kingdom was divided, has the legacy of being remembered as one of the worst kings—“who sinned and who made Israel sin” (14:16). Because of his bad example, many kings who came after him are compared to him and are described as being as evil as he was (16:2,19,26,31; 22:52).

Each of us has a unique sphere of influence, and that influence can be used for evil or for good. An unfettered faithfulness to God is a light that will shine brightly and leave a legacy of good.

It’s our privilege to bring glory to the Lord. May others see His light shining through us and be drawn to His goodness.

— Cindy Hess Kasper

Oh, make me, Lord, so much like Thee,
My life controlled by power divine,
That I a shining light may be
From which Thy grace may ever shine. —Robertson

The smallest light still shines in the darkest night.

Source: Our Daily Bread