It’s Gonna Be Okay

By Debra Ayis, Nigeria

Lost in a pit of despair
Stuck in the mire of hopelessness
Of self-loathing, guilt, and depression
Mercy found me
Where no one else could reach
Sunk so deep in a well
Far from human redemption
Your love reached down
Right into this heart of mine
Bringing light, healing and salvation
Quenching my thirst
Giving me a reason to dance
Hope, rejoice and live again
You found me
When no one else could
In a confused world
That has lost direction and definition
A world turned upside down
You have made things right again
Making sense of life and living
I look into my heart and up to the skies
To the One who was, who is and is to come
And I know everything is going to be okay

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  1. Ijeoma emenam
    Ijeoma emenam says:

    As someone has said, freedom is not free. The salvation that came free for me and everyone cost Christ His blood.Thank you Jesus for redeeming us for yourself.

  2. Seraphim555
    Seraphim555 says:

    The understanding of Messiah’s KNOWLEDGE of oneself is the most terrifying , at the same time, liberating thing there is . You’re terrified when you’re unfaithful and go astray again . At the same time , it’s one of the most comforting , loving thing possible, because one gets a sense of God’s jealous Love over His possession and you know you are wanted . You’re still learning but it’s awesome .


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