It’s All Worth It

By Hannah, 16, USA

YMI note:
Hannah wrote this article on her way to (place)*. She was reminiscing on the time spent with her old friends in the United States, while getting ready to make new ones. The song “With Everything” by Hillsongs United came on the car stereo and she started thinking about all that she has left behind—her childhood friends, material comforts—to settle in a new culture and environment.

Hannah wrote, “It was all stupid of me to be thinking and feeling like life wasn’t fair. Everything is for Him and everything that I had to give up was all worth it because that small sacrifice might give a new sister or brother eternal life. My worldly desires of having friends and fellowship and American food pale in comparison to the privilege of furthering His kingdom and being His servant.”

It’s all worth it when you realize that life is all about Him and His plan, not about you and yours.
It’s worth it when you’re in the middle of nowhere, out of your comfort zone and homesick.
It’s worth it when you have to leave your best friends and the people who know you best to a place where no one speaks your language.
It’s worth it when the plans you have for your life don’t work out because He has better plans for you.
It’s worth all the hurt.
It’s worth all the tears.
It’s worth all the pain.
It’s worth not having certain material things.
It’s worth all the plane rides.
It’s worth not getting to see your cousins and friends grow up.
It’s worth not having air conditioning or heater.
It’s worth being in a different time zone.
It’s worth not being able to go to the concerts or events you want.
It’s worth being made to eat ridiculous food.
It’s worth the nasty squatty potties.
It’s worth not having the kind of fellowship others have.
It’s worth not having water sometimes.
It’s worth the struggle in communication.
It’s worth leaving everyone and everywhere you get attached to.
It’s worth crying every time you tell your testimony because it hurts to think about it.
It’s worth not knowing where home is.
It’s worth not being able to drive.
It’s worth not being able to go to MacDonald’s and get a burger.
It’s worth it to have people staring at me and touching my hair.
It’s worth the never-ending car rides.
It’s worth not being able to see, touch, or hang out with my best friends.
It’s worth being known as the foreigner or the one that’s different.
He is all worth it.
His kingdom is worth it.
My worldly desires do not at all compare to Him and His kingdom.

For He has said to me, “I’m with you, My daughter… don’t be discouraged, don’t lose heart. The battle is Mine, not yours. Follow Me.”

*The location cannot be mentioned due to the sensitive nature of the work being done there.

2 replies
  1. alex
    alex says:

    Read Matthew 5 on the Beattitude. It will be strange if our Christian life is too comfortable or godly living have no impact on those around us. Suffering for being a child of God is part of the calling I have answered on the day I gave my life to Him. No pains can compare to the surpassing rewards that were installed for me when I meet Him face to face.

  2. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Thank you Hannah for sharing this. I have been going through the thoughts about my own desires and what I feel should be done to better serve our God. Yes walking into the unknown and leaving the security of what I feel I can expect and control is extremely frightening however I do have a calm tranquil though also. That thought to know that our God, creator of all, knows what is best for me and working through him will make all the difference in the end.


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