Patience in Waiting

Do I look for him? Should I send him a text message or call him?

To all you single Christian ladies out there, have you ever felt this way towards the guy you like? It’s like you can’t get your mind off him and you think about him every single minute. When you’re in church, he becomes the person you want to impress. Instead of God, he becomes the one you care about most.

There is nothing wrong to having feelings for a guy. God made us male and female and He created us with emotions and desires. However “don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you are ready” (Song of Songs 2:7 THE MESSAGE).

Someone once said, “Dance with God, and He will let the right man cut in.” So ladies, while seeking for God’s guidance, seek to be transformed by Him too. Get close to Him, pray for a deeper revelation of His love for you—a love that no man can give.

God knows the desires of your heart and has planned everything out for you beforehand (Psalm 139:16). Because of His love, and because He is our Abba Father, He will only give you what is best for you.

Written By Edna Ho for YMI

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  1. Yos
    Yos says:

    I also, but I am a man, waiting for marriage someday. Now, my relationship with Jesus becomes better. I trust Jesus Christ for this thing.


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