ODJ: true value

January 14, 2013 

READ: Luke 16:1-13 

If you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, who will trust you with the true riches of heaven? (v.11).

Johannes Gutenberg had an idea that would change the world, but he needed money to finance it. He contacted his neighbour, Johann Fust, who loaned him the cash to build his first printing press. Gutenberg initially made money for his loan payments by printing indulgences for the Catholic Church. The job paid well, but Gutenberg had higher hopes for his new machine. He wanted to print Bibles—magnificent books with Gothic letters that resembled a scribe’s meticulous style. But his 1,200 page Bibles took too long to produce and sell, and in 3 years he was bankrupt. Gutenberg handed his press over to Fust, who used it to publish a wide variety of books throughout Germany and France.
While he must have been annoyed to watch someone else make money from his invention, at least Gutenberg could be pleased with the way he went out. It may have been bad business to print Bibles rather than indulgences, but Gutenberg had no doubt which was more valuable (Luke 16:10). Ironically the world agrees, for the same Bibles that once bankrupted Gutenberg are valued now a huge fortune each. 

Have you faced a Gutenberg decision? Tired of taking advantage of others, you chose to value the Word of God above all else, and you discovered there is a cost to following Christ (v.13). Perhaps you gave your best advice, even though it meant steering your customer to another shop. You charged your normal fee, rather than rip off a client who might pay more. You chose to marry your fiancé you live with, knowing that marriage would cut your government benefits in half. 

Jesus said that your financial sacrifice is a down payment on everlasting wealth. Because you have been faithful in the ‘little things’ of “worldly wealth”, you will be entrusted “with the true riches of heaven” (v.11). Now that’s a deal!

—Mike Wittmer

Read Ecclesiastes 5:10-20 to learn the problems that inevitably come with money.
When have you paid a price for following Jesus? Why is it important that our faith cost us something?
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  1. Oba Aina
    Oba Aina says:

    Thank you for this enxcouraging piece. God truly rewards our sacrifice of love in His name. There is nothing too much to give as sacrifice to theLord. But He does not want sacrifice stained with sin. I pray Lord to help me give a living sacrifice which is pure and holy in His eyes. I am encouraged and challenged.

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