Worried much?

Worried much?
Tell us YOUR stories – what caused you to worry and how you managed to overcome it!

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  1. Maj
    Maj says:

    I was having my finals. And i did not like the subject I was studying so I waited till two days before the exam then I began to study it.

    But on the night before my exam, my city had a blackout. And I was so worried because I could not study at all! I thought I would have failed my exam and have to re-take the whole year again.

    But thank God after 3 hours of holding a torchlight, I managed to get some studying then and also continued on studying till my exam the next day.


  2. Nonie Soontronvipart
    Nonie Soontronvipart says:

    I was assigned a final group project to do on a Thursday in class and it was due the next day. I didn’t get much done in class while my other friends were done or almost done. When I was home, i realized that there was so much to do left and that I cant really contact with my friend in the group, so I was worrying about many things. Will I finish my project? How will the presentation look like? Will my friend be able to present the project? I was very worried.

    But then the next day (Friday), the teacher gave us a little more time in class and I got the presentation plans ready on that time.

    Thank God for everything! From getting the project done, having time for preparing the presentation and actually getting to pass the subject with an excellent grade.

    God really showed me that worrying doesn’t get me anywhere, and that I should trust in the Lord for what he has planned for me 😀

  3. Jen
    Jen says:

    I worry a lot and this cause me to another problem, me being insecure of the people around me. I always think about things like “Why are they better than me?” It’s harder than anybody thinks it is, it’s an ongoing battle in our minds.

    But then I prayed to God asking him to make me appreciate what I have, to help me focus on the things that He has given me and for the things that I want to have or the goals I want to accomplish I pray for those to happen in His time. We are all created by God, in His image and likeness. We are all beautiful, appreciate the little things that we have, pray, digest the word of God and stay postive 🙂


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