Compassion, Not Charity This Christmas

Submitted by Cindy Tan, Malaysia

No colored twinkling lights, no tinseled decorated Christmas trees, no Christmas carols, no Santa Claus. That was the first Christmas in the world. Jesus, the Son of God was born into our world in a stable because there was no room for Him in the inns. The world did not anticipate an event that would change history or life. On that night, more than 2000 years ago, God did something that remains beyond our full comprehension. He brought hope to our sin-ridden world.

Prior to receiving God’s gift of salvation, I, like many of my friends look forward to Christmas for the gifts we would receive. When I became a Christian, I began to understand the significance of Christmas—it is the day where God gave mankind the greatest gift of all.

John 3:16 takes on a deep meaning when read in the context of Christmas: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son . . ..” Because of His overwhelming love for each one of us, God gave His Son, Jesus Christ. Recently, our Sunday Service speaker spoke on compassion and charity. He reminded us that compassion is different from charity. Compassion is continuous unlike charity, which is a one-time act. As I thought over it, I realized that it was God’s compassion that brought forth Christmas’ joy. Today, His compassion still goes on. As such, we who have experienced God’s love and compassion need to spread this Christmas joy to those who have not yet beheld God’s grace.

Let us run to the altar, catch the fire of God’s compassion and decide to make a difference in the lives of those outside the four walls of our church not only this Christmas, but also every day. Christmas must go on throughout the year. As we do that, we will enjoy a truly blessed Christmas!

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