Break Free from Online Addiction

The Internet has become a large fixture in many of our lives. Although it can seem to be indispensable, what happens if we give it too much of our time and energy? What happens if we make it our idol?

In these series of videos, Reverend Paul Baxendale helps us understand how one can break free from online addiction.

About Rev. Paul Baxendale
Currently, in his late thirties, Paul Baxendale serves as minister of St. James Burton and Holy Trinity, Holme (near Kendal). He is also the chaplain of the Burton Boys Brigade Company. Married for 18 years, Paul and his wife Jane have two sons, Peter and Stephen. His interests are football, reading, music, cooking, and spicy food.

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  1. sierraD
    sierraD says:

    I was looking for love, and I looked to a friend, a friend that hurt me… I looked to him for security, stability and comfort. I tried to make myself believe that he loved me… and that he could care for me more than my loved ones who had cared for me for so many years before, and even more than God, who I felt was letting me down. I felt like God wasn’t there for me, and I felt like my friend could be there when I needed him to be. But he wasn’t; he wasn’t there for me… he couldn’t be there for me, and he turned his back on me. And God was there of course, where He had always been- waiting for me. It hurts because I am still looking for love where it isn’t and falling into the same old traps. But I keep trying to remember and believe that God is looking after me, and can provide the love I need. It feels really strange to think like this, I would never have called myself ‘needy’ before, but now I can see that I am looking for attention and acceptance as love. And it’s not. Love means so many things to me, and really just encompasses all my greatest needs. I’m not even sure that this relates to the video discussion, but I do know that love is my deep idol. It is the goal I aim for in all things and I don’t think I have quite found it in its purest form… though I continue to search for it – in Him and in me.

    • YMIblogging
      YMIblogging says:

      Dear sierraD,

      Thank you for your honest and thoughtful sharing! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t relate, we’re just happy that you shared. May this be a blessing to others who have read it and who understand your thoughts completely! 🙂

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