How Can I Know If God Will Forgive Me Again?

By Rev Paul Baxendale

As youth, we are sometimes caught in the clutches of the same sin time and again. We pray that God will forgive us and give us the strength to overcome the sin. However after taking that step of faith, we still find ourselves struggling to break free. We wonder how many times He will keep on forgiving us. Is there a limit to His mercies?

In these series of videos, Reverend Paul Baxendale helps us understand how one can know if God will forgive them again.

About Rev. Paul Baxendale
Currently, in his late thirties, Paul Baxendale serves as minister of St. James Burton and Holy Trinity, Holme (near Kendal). He is also the chaplain of the Burton Boys Brigade Company. Married for 18 years, Paul and his wife Jane have two sons, Peter and Stephen. His interests are football, reading, music, cooking, and spicy food.

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  1. mercy
    mercy says:

    Bro thanks for the message..its the right time…i all need to do is to come back,he’s waiting for me..he’s my father!!!

  2. mavic
    mavic says:

    indeed it’s very important to take this to heart for the lies of seflpity or the feeling of worhtlessness does sometimes deny us from this truth…….worst it denies the work of Jesus on the cross in mount calvary


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