An Introduction | King David & King Jesus

By David Wong, 21, Singapore

The Old Testament is often seen as filled with commandments, and the New Testament filled with grace. However, that is not a holistic picture. Both the Old and the New Testament point toward the gospel and Jesus Christ (Luke 24:27).

Hence in this series on the life of King David, we will observe how his life points toward King Jesus. For the purpose of our study, we will restrict it to the key events happening in 2 Samuel 9, 11, and 12 only.

In this 5-part series, we will look at the relationship between David and Mephibosheth, the infamous story of David and Bathsheba, as well as Nathan’s confrontation of David’s sin.

A note from the writer: These were bible studies that I taught previously in a class setting. They have been compiled and presented here. Some of my teachings have been drawn from the book, A Heart Like His by Beth Moore.

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