How Do I Know What God’s Will Is For My Life?

By Rev Paul Baxendale

As youth, we often wonder about our future and the path to take. We pray that God will reveal His plans to us concerning our education, vocation, relationships, and so on. And after taking that step of faith, we still find ourselves laden with a lot of questions. We wonder if we have discerned His will correctly. Is there a way to help us navigate through the choices? How can we know what God wants us to do?

In these series of videos, Reverend Paul Baxendale helps us understand how one can know God’s will for their lives.

About Rev. Paul Baxendale
Currently, in his late thirties, Paul Baxendale serves as minister of St. James Burton and Holy Trinity, Holme (near Kendal). He is also the chaplain of the Burton Boys Brigade Company. Married for 18 years, Paul and his wife Jane have two sons, Peter and Stephen. His interests are football, reading, music, cooking, and spicy food.

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  1. Oyedotun kehinde
    Oyedotun kehinde says:

    I thank God for this hour to see second to the last day of year twenty ten. I thank every member of this YMIblogging, God will uphold everyone of you, in Jesus name. Amen. Merry christmas and prosperious new year. Cheer!

  2. Calvin
    Calvin says:

    Wow!!!This is what I really need it now, really love YMI blogging…..there are so much resurces that touches us,young people’s life.Thank God for people like you.May God Bless you in your work.=)

  3. Tabita
    Tabita says:

    … not sure but…..if u r having a strong fellowship wid God then He guides u about ur future n through scripture reading n spending quality time with God, u’ll know abt His Will

    • kamdem maurice
      kamdem maurice says:

      prayer is the key of life and it j keep us in relation whiut god. and we must ask god tu ful us whit the holly spirit andf ask the holy spirit tu instruct us, learn us what to say and how tu saay it. is only by talking the language of holly spirit that u will win the devil because is alanguage he dobnt undeerstan so will ask all of us to find the holly spirit

  4. Amber Julius
    Amber Julius says:

    i could know God’s will for my life by trusting God that whatever would happen in my life is according to the plan of God…sometimes i became sad and regret for the bad things in my life, but the christian behavior teaches me that i should have the firm believe that its the GOD’s plan 4 me.

  5. kamdem maurice
    kamdem maurice says:

    let us never forget that god doesnt not always give us what we ask or what we want but he give what we need because he is the one who create us and knwo ur neds not so?

  6. Trisha Paul
    Trisha Paul says:

    Sometimes i used 2 think nd i used 2 ask God ” Is this the way that i must go ?” ” Why is this always hppening 2 me ? ” but in the end i realised that all the incidents that has happened in my life is all for a good cause . I learnt that God ‘s plan for a person ‘s life is amazing nd I also learnt that he is never wrong in his decision . God is great . God bless everyone

  7. kamdem maurice
    kamdem maurice says:

    be blesses in this new and psecial day. i m feeling god have a special thing for u today. just be ready; i alsow na tell u that in life problem we seek we never solve it but the problem who come alone get solution to it by himselve; god is higher and i wan u to do this experience any time before sleeping meditate ona verse in the bible beleive it and in ur dream the verse will talk tu u and make u knwo god prjet for ur life ok?
    in jesus name i trust

  8. somto
    somto says:

    you can know God’s will for your life through the holy spirit, but at times it can be difficult when your will is in the way, the best thing to do is totally surrender. God bless you RBC, I love you guys, keep up the ministry.

    • YMIblogging
      YMIblogging says:

      Thank you for the love, somto! We are very encouraged by readers like you too 🙂

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