Song: Finally Alive

written and performed by Asiri Fernando

Finally Alive
The wind blows wherever it pleases,
You can hear its sound
But you can’t tell where it’s coming from
That’s the way it is with those who’re born of the Spirit
They’re purified and set free
Into pleasures forevermore

*And now I’m alive
because of you, I’m alive
because of you, I’m alive
Finally alive

I was a sinner, oh a great sinner was I
But you loved me, oh you still loved me
I was thirsty, lost and wondering
But you found me, you pursued me and found me

Repeat *

You took the nails,
and broke the chains,
I’m free, I’m free

You became my sin
and bore the wrath,
I’m forgiven, I’m forgiven

Repeat *

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Finally Alive
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About Asiri Fernando


“I’m 25 and I’m studying for my Masters at Trinity International University situated just outside Chicago. I hope to graduate next May and head back home to Sri Lanka, to work for Youth For Christ. I love youth and I’d give my life to see them know Christ and enjoy the riches of God’s kingdom. I’m a singer/songwriter. Singing is my passion. Though I love the city, the best part of the day for me is to go out into the fields and talk to God. It amazes me everyday at the privilege we have to talk to the all-powerful King of kings who created the entire universe.

I love to think about Jesus, His death and His love for me. I love sports and I play cricket—it’s like baseball but better 🙂

John Piper has written a book called Finally Alive. It was while reading this book that I wrote the song. The song is based on John chapter 3 where Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again.”

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  1. Nickey
    Nickey says:

    This is a truly beautiful and inspiring song. My prayer for you, Asiri, is that you continue on the path that God has prepared for you and that you continue using your gifts to minister to others and grow spiritually. How good it is to have a gift that is also a hobby and a passion. When times get rough, you can soothe yourself with it as well and use to help you push forward, while also edifying others. I wish you the very best! Que Dios te bendiga…may God bless you!

  2. Asiri Fernando
    Asiri Fernando says:

    Hey Nickey thank you so much. Really happy that you were inspired by the song. Thanks for the encouragement and the prayers too 🙂 Will do as you said. It’s a great GREAT joy to sing about the greatest love the world has ever known. And to think that God delights in us singing to him is also an awesome feeling. God bless you too:)

  3. eric
    eric says:

    hey asiri,

    May I have this song? Just want to use it for personal use.

    Thanks for the wonderful song. God Bless you=)


    Hi Asiri

    Iam from south africa also love My Lord Jesus Christ and i must say the words of your song are very true and powerful words, It is so true and it also reminds us of the importance of Jesus Christ death on the cross how gratefull we can be to now live under Gods Amazing Grace.
    Anyways a great song that will definitely have an impact on the unsaved to open their hearts to Jesus. May God Bless you with your ministry work in Sri Lanka and that you will gain more lives for the Kingdom of God.

    • Asiri Fernando
      Asiri Fernando says:

      Hi Gareth.

      Thanks 🙂 Really happy that God spoke to you through the song. Yes! we have so much to be grateful for. God bless you too 🙂

    • samuel mwaura
      samuel mwaura says:

      Hi Gareth..

      Am from Kenya and I love South African worship music.. my favourite South African musician is Jonathan Butler.. He sings guitar.. jus like Asiri.. i must confess that i have an affinity to acoustic worship..

      Speaking of Asiri’s song.. Finally Alive.. its speaks volumes when men can confess their love for the Father.. Christ himself openly declared his love for the Father..

      Everything that Christ did.. he did it to the glory of the Father.. Asiri’s song speaks of the love Christ will have for us as he introduces us to His Dad.. Scripture says that for the joy set before him.. Christ took up the Cross.. bore not only its nails and the splinters on his back..

      No!! it was more that that.. The Romans picked this from of execution not jus for the pain suffocation brought the body.. more that that.. Dying on a Roman Cross was jus their way of publicly shaming offenders..

      Why.. they died with almost next to nothing on.. Job said it this way, “Naked i entered into the earth.. Naked i shall return.. the Lord gives.. the Lord takes away.. Blessed be the Name of the Lord..”

      Jesus bore the shame of dying for us on a Roman Cross.. so that when the Son of Man is lifted.. He will draw all men to Himself.. Therefore.. scripture says to Kiss the Son.. and because we kiss the Risen Son.. not the crucified one.. we do not Betray the Son of Man with the same kiss..

      No!! we embrace the Son who chose us .. we did not choose Him.. The Son chose us while we were yet in sin.. while we had nothing to offer.. he chose to Lay down his life.. He became the Good Shepherd.. who Gave up His life for His Sheep..

      Now.. we are no longer like sheep who have gone Astray.. doing our own desire.. now we Desire the Good Shepherd.. We are the Sheep of his Pasture.. that Know His Voice.. And Follow..

      Asari.. this is for you..

      Psalms 23.. A Psalm of David..

      vs 1 The lord is my Shepherd.. I shall not want

      vs 2 He maketh me lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the Still waters..

      vs 3 He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the Paths of Righteousness for His Name’s sake..

      vs 4 Yea! though i walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death.. I will Fear no Evil: for Thou Art with me, Thy Rod and The Staff.. the Comfort me 🙂

      vs 5 Thou Prepares a table be fore me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou annoitest my head with Oil.. my cup runneth over..

      vs 6 Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.. and i will Dwell in the House of the Lord for ever..

      Lev 16:4.. The priesthood of every believer..

      vs 4 He shall put on the holy linen coat, and he shall have linen breeches upon his flesh, and he shall be girdled with a linen girdle, and with the linen mitre shall he be attired: these shall be his holy garments; therefore shall he wash his flesh in water, and so put them on..


    • Asiri Fernando
      Asiri Fernando says:

      Thanks a lot Samuel, for the long comment. Psalm 23 is the first Psalm I ever learnt and I love it:)

    • samuel mwaura
      samuel mwaura says:

      Hi Asiri…

      its a learning curve.. am learning to shorten my sentences..

      Love your song 🙂


  5. vasiti
    vasiti says:

    love d song reminds me dat no matter what we have to give thanks to GOD for d breath of live n im loving every breath GOD gave me n i thank him so much

    • Martha Ambi
      Martha Ambi says:

      that was a great song. others say there is no hope for our generation because of the prevailing cases of imorality. but i say with people like you there is hope. always be available and the Lord would keep and increase you. you’ve challenge me to great works.

    • samuel mwaura
      samuel mwaura says:

      Hi Martha…

      Its good to see that the Lord is touching lives through this song.. it speaks volumes when on puts pen to paper n out comes this love song.. in praise of the Great Jehovah!!

  6. samuel mwaura
    samuel mwaura says:

    Encounter with God…

    Psalm 63:1-2; 6… I have seen you in the Sanctuary… I have beheld your Beauty!!!

    O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. NIV

  7. Ishan
    Ishan says:

    Heyyy Asiri… you have such a gifted talent..And we all knew that since we were kids…. Great job bro… So proud of you…. Cheers…

  8. Samwise Gamgi from Formation~
    Samwise Gamgi from Formation~ says:

    DUDE!~ Asiri~
    Intense man! Sounds amazing!!! DUDE! speechless… use it ALL for His glory brother… I’ll see you on Thursday~ and on the mission field. I’m not kiddin man. haha let me listen to this song again.

  9. Joy and Daniel Kim
    Joy and Daniel Kim says:

    thanks for sharing your beatiful song and testimoney.i wanna share your song with my two sons.your testimony touched me alot your love for Christ and friends live in Sri lanka now. they are korean also christian.God bless you

  10. Verona
    Verona says:

    Wow! This is really an inspirational song! May God continue to bless you Asiri, as you use the talent He has given you to be a blessing to others. This song ministered to me at a time when i was losing hope. Praise be to God!!

    Verona (St. Kitts W.I)

  11. resda
    resda says:

    Your song it’s very inspired me, it’s remind me that whatever happend we must always be gratefull especially the love He gave.GBU.

  12. Faith-Lois
    Faith-Lois says:

    Hello Asiri,
    You may not get to read this,but congrats. You should be graduating this month.
    You see,thats the feeling i have that makes me know that christianity is true. Real. Thats its the one way to the Truly merciful,compassionate,almighty God.
    I write a few songs,but cant play nothing! I like your song& i’ld want to know the tune.

    • Eve
      Eve says:

      i totally agree Faith-Lois. The all mighty god has helped me to write songs and stuff like that. Although i am only 10 years old, God has helped me follow through writing songs and I am getting so clos. Also all my friends think i have an amazing voice and my mom ses that i can enter bgt ( britans got talent) next year!!!!! How cool???????? 🙂

  13. Day Day
    Day Day says:

    It is indeed your another great piece, Asiri!

    I’m amazed by your arrangement for the whole song. Thank you so much for your effort in adding band accompliment for this song! It’s hard work! And, the song became more alive (^^)

    I’m also encouraged by your heart to work for Youth For Christ. May God bless you more than you’re a blessing to others (“,)


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