We don’t have to take turns coming to Him, nor must we wait for just the right opportunity. At any time and in any place we can lift our voices to the Lord with full assurance that He will hear us. And He does more than just receive our requests–He comprehends, He understands, and He perceives exactly what His children ask for in faith. So pray. God listens! — Richard De Haan

You’ll never get a busy signal on the prayer line to Heaven.

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  1. Irin
    Irin says:

    God Provide His ear 24 h to hear my burdens, sadness, hate, anger, cheer heart..happiness.. . He is high and Holy… TOo big to imagine but very close with me.. only a prayer away

  2. samuel mwaura
    samuel mwaura says:

    Prayer is the essence of life for us Christians.. just like how we can’t spend a day without communing with our earthly father, how we cherish dad. Our Heavenly Father is this and much more. He is our Creator, our Breathe of Life, our Soul Sustainer

    He is the Bread we need to live.. He is the song we sing.. He is much more than the sun n the moon.. He is much more than the stars.. He is our whole Universe 🙂

    We need to speak to Him always.. He likes hearing us speaking to him in Love.. We can express the Hope we find in him..

    Blessings 🙂


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