Interview: Shane Clements

Music Video: Resist — Interview with the key team members

Shane Clements— Songwriter, Lead vocalist (20-year-old)

shane_clements2 How was the project/script/song conceived?
Jarod came to me and told me his idea. He said, “Can you write a song to go along with this script?”

How do you feel about being involved in this project?
I feel honored to be a part of this project. God had a plan and used the people involved for a reason.

What do you hope could be achieved through this project?
I hope that if someone who is hurting, suffering or in pain, and is looking for hope see this music video, he or she will see Jesus.

Could you identify with the character in the song?
Nope. However, many youth and adults I have talked to can relate to the character. People do not have to be told that there are things in this world that cause pain, hurt, and eventually lead to spiritual death. They have an inkling of its reality. But, they need to be told that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Do you see yourself doing more of such similar projects? Why?
I would love to do more projects like this one. It proved to me that regardless of what happens along the way, God is in control. If your intentions are to glorify Him, He will take care of you!

Shane plays the guitar, mandolin and banjo. He loves Bluegrass music and enjoys leading worship.
David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, MercyMe, and Sean McConnell are amongst his top favorite musicians. He aspires to play music for God and to work towards a Bachelor’s degree.

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