Interview: Russell Routh

Music Video: Resist — Interview with the key team members

Russell Routh— Lead guitarist (18-year-old)

russell_routh2 How was the project/script/song conceived?
Well, we wanted to reach out to those who didn’t have a relationship with God and those who need a recommitment. So we worked hard on the song and video to bring across the message of God’s redeeming love.

How do you feel about being involved in this project?
Great! Music is my life and doing it for God just makes it that much better.

What do you hope could be achieved through this project?
More saved lives.

Could you identify with the character in the song?
No, I can’t. But a lot of people live their lives in vain. They follow ungodly and worldly things and worry about how they look. They need God in their lives and the push factors to help them recognize this reality.

Do you see yourself doing more of such similar projects? Why?
If it reaches out to people and helps them with their relationship with God then, yeah, I can definitely see myself doing more of such projects.

To Russell, music is the air that he breathes. He enjoys playing guitar and dreams of becoming a musician. His favorite bands are Anberlin, Chasing Victory, Planning Yesterday, RED, Haste the Day, and Building 429. Russell can run up to 15 miles and he is extremely crazy about sports.

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