Interview: Jarod O’Flaherty

Music Video: Resist — Interview with the key team members

Jarod O’Flaherty—Director, Videographer, Editor (27-year-old)

jarod_oflaherty2 How was the project/script/song conceived?
I have done numerous “live action” videos for the church but never anything with a clear message. It was usually just capturing an event and then playing it back. After seeing a movie put together entirely by a church, I felt God put it in my heart a desire to try something similar at our church. The story came to me pretty early and I could only picture it as a music video. I spent a week in prayer before mentioning it to anyone besides my wife. After praying about it, I talked to Shane about writing a song and then Brianna about playing the part.

How do you feel about being involved in this project?
Being a part of this project was a blessing. It was amazing to see so many people join together with a common goal in mind. I had the unique perspective of seeing through every aspect of the project. Hence, I could see all the ways in which God provided and pull everything together. I’m greatly encouraged by how each member offer what they could as a way of glorifying God.

What do you hope could be achieved through this project?
It has always been my hope and aspiration that at least one person’s life, whether we hear about it or not, would be changed forever after watching the video.

Could you identify with the character in the song?
I could certainly identify with the character in the song because, although it was from a girl’s perspective, the idea of chasing relationships instead of Christ mirrors my own testimony. I believe that for this reason God really laid the story on my heart.

Do you see yourself doing more of such similar projects? Why?
I certainly want to do more projects like this and I really hope this one is simply the “tip of the iceberg.” I think it is an amazing ministry tool in the 21st century and something our church could do to impact the world.

Jarod is an avid American Football fan. His hobbies include video editing and movie watching. Music bands that make him go wild are Hillsong, ES Posthumus, John Williams, and Family Force 5.He desires to make more videos that reach the masses with a powerful message of Christ’s mercy. He is married to his High School sweetheart, and is the proud father of three lovely girls.

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  1. marcie
    marcie says:

    What you guys have done is great! Are there plans to do new projects? Please update them here!

    It encourages me to know there are like-minded youth out there (at the other end of the world!) who desires to make a difference for Jesus.

    Thank you!

    • Jarod
      Jarod says:

      Thank you for the kind words! We do not currently have a second project in the works, but its certainly something we are open to if God has it in His plans. Right now we are still watching to see what He does with this video.

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