Song: Resist

On 10 July 2009, the YMI team received an email, which thrilled us. A youth group from a small country church in Texas, United States, sent us the link to a music video that they’ve produced. Nearly 50 youth contributed to the project in different areas such as song writing, acting, script writing, lighting, set design, props, and song recording.

With no official budget for the project, the youth pull their resources together and came out with this stunning music video!

(Song by Shane Clements and Matt Ward)

You’re alone, outside it’s cold and dark,
Inside your soul is falling apart.
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide;
Sometimes you feel like you could just die.

Here we are—saw you had a fire burning,
But all we see your heart turning,
Always doubting His existence,
Now all we see is your resistance.

To you this life is just a game,
Deep down inside you know something has to change
Before this life fades away, fades away.

You walked away—looking for the love you can’t find,
Leaving everyone else behind.
Doing things you said you’d never do,
In all your lies can you find the truth?

‘Cause Truth has a name, please don’t resist Him now.
Please don’t resist Him now.

Your life is not a game,
It isn’t even yours anyway.
Just one look at His hands, and you’ll see you’ve already won!

He is the One, He is the Son of God, an end to your resistance.
He is your Hope; He is the Love you could not find, the Light you cannot hide.

He made a way for you, conquered the grave for you, He lives again for you.
His name is Jesus! Please don’t resist Him now, let Him restore your soul,
Your broken heart made whole. He’ll do it all and more. His name is Jesus!

Please don’t resist Him now, you’re welcome to come back home.
We’ve loved you all along.
Arms open wide for you, tears that we’ve cried for you,
Because He died for you,
Because He died for you.

Jarod O’Flaherty – Director, Videographer, Editor (27-year-old)
Shane Clements – Songwriter, Lead vocalist (20-year-old)
Brianna Smith – Lead actress (17-year-old)
Russell Routh – Lead guitarist (18-year-old)
Krystin Jurries – Script editor, Prayer warrior (17-year-old)
Nathan Ellison – Lighting and Equipment, Supporting actor (16-year-old)
April Walker – Supporting Actress (16-year-old)

Check out our interview with the team members next week!

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