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  1. fishy
    fishy says:

    This is the final HOME post! Hope you enjoyed the manga! Drop us a note to share your thoughts about HOME 🙂

      RANEEQUE says:


    • YMIblogging
      YMIblogging says:

      Hi Raneeque,
      We will have a new comic, illustrated by Jing, on 1 Dec. Keep a lookout!

    • Muhammad
      Muhammad says:

      The specialist I would most like to work with is an Obstetrician. I have two chedirln of my own and learned quickly that each birthing experience is unique and very different. I think it would be amazing to go to work every day, and never know what will happen. I also love babies! After I had my youngest child the doctor advised me not to have any more chedirln so I feel like getting to go to work every day and see babies being born would be magical, but I would also get to go home and sleep peacefully! I am not sure how else to explain my wanting to work with an Obstetrician, but to say I have always thought it would be fascinating. Another specialist I would like to work with is Psychiatrist. I have a family history of mental illness and also addiction and have found all of my psychology classes intriguing. I am captivated by what goes into making each person who they are, and listening to every person’s story. I want to help people that are having struggles with their everyday lives find some kind of peace and happiness.I know we are supposed to pick one or two specialties we wouldn’t want to focus on, but I do not want to work under any surgical specialty. Blood does not make me squeamish but cutting into the body does not intrigue me. Cutting into another person’s skin is not on my list of top jobs I would like to do. I have great respect for neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons, but it not something I want to help with.

    • Amreen
      Amreen says:

      The specialist that I would want to work for would be a Family Practitioner, for a cpuole of reasons. I have had some experience working for a family practice clinic previously and I found that everyday it seemed like patients were coming in with something new. Starting out as a medical assistant for a family practitioner I think would be a great place to start out as a new medical assistant as well since more then likely you would gain a little experience in each area, and would also open the door if I wanted to work for another specialist down the road since in a family practice like setting the medical expertise of individuals varies and would help me grow.One of the specialist I would not want to work for would be a proctologist this practice deals with the colon,rectum, and anus. I think in this setting as a medical assistant I would not really enjoy the job of making sure a patient is prep and ready for a colonoscopy procedure, nor would I want to look at the scope pictures while filling the medical records. If I was to work in this office setting I would need extra incentive to want to do that everyday.

    • Pohkas Fangus
      Pohkas Fangus says:

      Hi esther,

      Yup. We are currently working on some new ones. Hopefully, by October, we could post them here. Do pray with us and all the illustrators involved. Meanwhile, in mid August, you would be reading a short comic done by a Singaporean. Chinese kungfu style. Do keep a lookout!

  2. Avelyn
    Avelyn says:

    Awesome drawing!
    Loved the plot development and characters even more 🙂
    I agree the twist ending’s slightly abrupt though. Would be nice to exapand Francis’ inner transformantion a bit more.

  3. Wesley (Belgium)
    Wesley (Belgium) says:

    same here. Just finished the comic in 2 days. Didn’t expect it to go that fast, the reading I mean. It’s fun to read and so real. Though I also expected a continuity. It just ended too fast and the question raised: Why? What happened to Mark all of a sudden that he believes?? Coz he says: “I don’t want to belief.You are not real to me God.” but then: But this pain and grief is all too real..” So the feelings are real,but what did God do?? I wonder, I really wonder.

  4. Wesley (Belgium)
    Wesley (Belgium) says:

    Guess I missed the last page. “IF YOU ARE REAL. PLEASE GET ME THROUGH THIS” And God DID. That’s the answer. God took the grief and pain away and replaced it with joy. He showed Francis a new path and finally he chose to be a pastor like his dad. Too bad the writers didn’t elaborated a bit on this. But no blame, coz what he or they did, it’s been amazing. The story, the designs… it really touched me and I couldn’t hold back in waiting to read more. Wished I had this kinda expectancy when I would read my bible. May God bless you guys and continue to support you in the projects you have planned. I’m curious to read more. God bless you

    • YMIblogging
      YMIblogging says:

      Hi Wesley,
      Glad to know this comic has stirred greater interest for you to read God’s Word. The illustrators are currently working on new graphic novels inspired/adapted from the Bible! Check this spot for updates!

  5. Ariana
    Ariana says:

    It was hard trying to figure out how to read this hehe but eventually I figured it out 🙂 Can wait to read more!
    Good job!

  6. elsie
    elsie says:

    ohhh..this is good! nice drawings and storyline. Faith in Christ makes us winners! indeed. thank you for this good piece. =) brightens up my day with God’s words. Glory be unto God. *smile*


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