real love

By MeL Scribe, Australia

Real Love
Then how, my friend, can love be measured?
It is not compared by distance, quantity, or volume.
It cannot be confined from the ends of the earth to the centre of the sun,
It is not something to be counted in tens of millions,
Nor can it be expressed and poured into a cup.

Love begins from but one person, as a small distant thought,
But it spreads faster than a mad wildfire, yet it heals, not destroys.
As it travels it leaves a trail of warmth in its wake,
Strengthening the weak and supporting the strong,
Encouraging the shy and emboldening the brave.

No, my friend, love is immeasurable,
Nothing can be compared to the vastness of love.
For love is eternal, as it is not of this dying world,
Created by God’s mighty hand to last forever.
And the strongest of love drives out fear.

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